Nokia Asha 205, The Most Social Nokia Phone Announced

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Nokia_Asha_205_465Nokia has announced its Nokia Asha 205 phone, claimed to be the most social Nokia phone ever.

Nokia Asha 205 comes with single SIM and Dual SIM variants.

Nokia said that with its QWERTY keypad, it’s made to make messaging and connecting through social networks quick and easy.

Nokia Asha 205 comes with isolated keys and quick-access buttons for superior speed and accuracy. Super-social, the phone even boasts a dedicated button for access to Facebook, for the first time on a Nokia phone.

The Nokia Asha 205 (and the Nokia 206) sees the debut of a new sharing technology from Nokia called ‘Slam’, which quickly detects the nearest Bluetooth-enabled device and offers that device the files you will share with Slam.

The other person can accept and download the file sent by you instantly, without any need to pair the two devices, as you have to with regular Bluetooth sharing.

The owner of the other device doesn’t even need to have a Nokia phone or Slam installed. You can also share using all the normal options like social networks and email.

The Nokia Asha 205 is designed to make smarter use of the Internet, sipping data as it’s asked for, rather than guzzling it down unnecessarily. Notably, the latest version of the Nokia Xpress Browser is preinstalled, which uses cloud-based servers to reduce data volumes by 90 per cent, saving owners money. The browser is optimised for social networks and content discovery, making it quick and easy to make updates or read the content you want.

Owners will also find Nokia Nearby installed. While the phone doesn’t have GPS, it can make use of cell-tower co-ordinates to present a local map and identify nearby points of interest like cafes or landmarks. The app shares the massive database of places used in Nokia Maps, so they’ll never run out of places to go.

The Dual-SIM variant of the Nokia Asha 205 comes with Nokia’s unique Easy Swap technology. This means that you can change one of the SIM cards through a slot on the side, without even switching the phone off. The phone remembers the settings for up to five SIM cards, in case you’re juggling between several possible options for making calls or using the Internet.Nokia_Asha_205_Dual-SIM_02sm

Nokia Asha 205 Specs

  • Facebook Button
  • Nokia Slam, to share content faster and easier
  • User Interface: Series 40 Asha
  • Dimensions: 113 x 61 x 13mm
  • Weight: 94.0g (including battery)
  • Display: 2.4-inch 65k colour QVGA landscape QWERTY TFT display
  • Camera: VGA
  • Memory: Up to 10MB free user memory; up to 32GB micro-SD card
  • Connectivity: GPRS/EDGE, 2.0 mm Charger Connector, Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, 3.5 mm AV connector
  • Battery life:
    • Single SIM Model: 37 days standby / 11 hours talk-time
    • Dual SIM Model: 25 days / 8 hours talk-time
  • Estimated Price: PKR 6,000
  • Availability: From December 2012

    • dear it is for those who can’t afford. That does not mean if you can afford, so everyone can.. understand this situation

      • You can get an android Smartphone in the same price tag (even less) but the choise is yours that you choose crap S40 or the mighty Android!!!

        • Ok then I want to buy an Android ( 6K or less ) … it should not be chine made.. It should be original. Please tell me model number and from where I can buy that mobile. remember, it should not be chine mobile.

          • What you think where Nokia is made??? Buy any Nokia Phone New Model (you can buy this one) open the back cover and you will be suprised by “Made in China” written on the back. What you think about China Product?? Are they bogus and un durable just bcoz of low price. Zong here in pakistan used to offering a set named Huawie IDEOS U-8150 for just Rs 6,000. If you dont want China Made then what made you want instead??? here are some cheap android set you can choose from but they all are china made just as Nokia!!!!!

            1.GFive G Haptic Plus A77

            2.GFive Luminous E660

            3.GFive Fanse A57

            4.Voice V850

            5.Q Mobile Noia A100

            6.Huawie IDEOS U-8150

            all the listed phones came under one year warenty!

            • These are phones are very bad… many Android softwares are not
              supported. These have China parts, which are not really much reliable.

              know phones are made in China. but only made, but not have any china
              part. This Nokia mobile definitely have no any China thing. but, they’re
              assembled in China.. like I’ve iPad… It is assembled in China but
              manufactured in California.

              These phones which you provided me
              list are purely Chine mobiles. I had Voice V90 mobile, latest one at
              that time.. and trust me this mobile was totally useless.. hardly 10-20 %
              softwares were able to installed through Market.

              • You didn’t get my point from the start. My point was to compare S 40 with the power of android OS. In S40 you may benift with limited function but in Android you have a vast collection of apps and games in addition to added advantage of wifi, GPS Skype, (for voice n video call). Afterall the decision is yours; if you prefere qulity over features then go for Nokia but Remember I (till now) never heard of any Chinees Android Phone that has been reported any problem (hardware n software both)

  • nothing seem good for me coz this phone has nothing smart at all look at Display: 2.4-inch only hahaha 10MB free user memory only no wifi this is dumb phone i go with qmobile a6 its best phone

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