Telecom Labs in Pakistan

GSM-Lab-2Absence of Research and Development in a country tends to drive an industry towards stagnancy and in many cases force an enslaved dependency on foreign policy makers and strategy designers.

Talking about research, the argument that an unstable social and political scenario we often have in our country is discouraging for investors is valid. But this is not a thing to succumb to.

The Higher Education Commission, the regulatory authorities, the government, the ICT stakeholders need to come forth to not only rescue country’s economy but also to train the young engineers as architects of tomorrow.

NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi houses ZTE WLL equipment in its WLL lab. The equipment can offer on-hands experience to telecom engineers within the university; and thinking beyond, the university can offer proper WLL internship to anyone at large. One of the RF cards in the equipment has a glitch in it; its spare is not available, no one bothers to fix the flaw and thus the whole system stays useless. The amount of electricity expended to maintain the room’s temperature is equivalent to the cost of a new system.

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore is doing the much needed though. Way back in 2002-03 with collaboration with Huawei Technologies, UET Lahore established a training centre which is still doing pretty well; offering trainings without certifications. Someone told me ZTE Pakistan has also established a training centre there.

New to this thread is this GSM lab and training centre at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), established by Huawei and Zong.

It’s not much to do with R&D but nevertheless an excellent step. This lab is destined for study purposes. Press release says that the lab models complete GSM architecture. It houses a complete MSC, one BSC and one BTS, HLR and media gateway. The lab will also provide the platform for development of software, tools and patches to remove discrepancies. It will familiarize students with faults, configuration, security, network performance management of telecom infrastructure.

All in all, it’s a great initiative!

  • Adeel

    Lets c how much it would be fruitful ….. !

  • Being an It and Engineering Student
    I think Multinational Companies Should charter and Fund Those Universities Which Itself Cant Affort them

    AnyHow,Its Worth Investing in Youth

  • Ali

    Apart from that, you may ask Commsolutions to deliver professional trainings at your premises or privately.