Telcos Still Considering to Go Legal Against Ban on Night Packages

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Night-Packages-BanMobile phone operators are still considering to go legal against ban on night packages, after they decided to withdraw their petition from Islamabad High Court that challenged PTA’s decision for banning night packages, tell us highly reliable industry sources.

Sources tell ProPakistani that all five mobile phone operators have agreed on a point and are going to litigate against Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s decision for banning night packages, however, a different route is to be followed this time.

Cellular companies earlier had filed a petition in Islamabad High Court challenging the ban on night packages by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Sources, who wanted to remain unnamed, said that telcos withdrew their earlier petition due to unfavourable scenario after PTA presented transcripts of mobile conversations of night callers in high court as evidence. These conversations were of obscene nature.

Decision has been taken and an appeal from mobile phone operators is be filed in next two days, confirmed us sources.

It merits mentioning here that the ban on night packages was largely welcomed by parents, however, others had protested the decision who used to avail night packages for making inexpensive calls during off-peak hours.

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  • We just talked about this at our college. No matter what you do the people who want to talk with their “mehboobs” will still talk. Maybe by using some other method.

    Maybe if they think that these packages are ruining the youth they should just educate the youth instead of alienating them. My parents never stopped me from talking with “girls”. You don’t see me being desperate to talk with one.

    If you stop a kid from doing something, he will do it because he is curious.

    Saying “don’t do it because you shouldn’t talk with girls” is a bad answer. The person will want to know what exactly is bad about it.
    Saying “don’t do it because it ruins your social image, education, personality and behaviour” is a good answer, but not the truth.

    • Well its a matter of teachings of parents as they say Maan ki goud, pehli darsgah hai. What you will learn from there you will act upon the whole life.

      Give it a moment and think again!

  • night packages are not use only one purpose…….these are good
    packages for continue talk with families members………these are
    cheaps………..this is responsibilities of parents to monitoring the
    boys & girls….therefore this is request that please dont ban on
    night packages………

    • There are hourly packages for daytime too. People can use them to talk to their loved ones, relatives and for study. Night packages are spoiling our generation and inducing bad habits.

      Even human biological clock is set this way- night is for sleep/rest and day is for work. Interfering with nature can have devastating results.

      It is not our concern if telecom companies have low traffic during night time. They should include such operations and cost when planning. They have introduced night packages because they don’t want to incur losses- so these packages are for their own good- which is fine because a business works to earn profit for its stakeholders. But at the expense of whom? If these networks start getting high traffic during night, will they continue to offer these night packages? No!

      I am not against telecom companies or telecom growth. But lets put our country, its people, our future first. Spoiling our next generation is only going to take us down, while these companies will fly away with the profits.

      These companies are most welcome to introduce different packages which are win-win situation for everyone. They should not operate in loss, but they should not destroy our nation/society/community either.

  • I am totally with PTA on these matters! Night packages, chat rooms, gupshup corners- all of these should be banned. Lets use telecom for positive and constructive causes like financial services such as easypaisa, mobicash, timepey.

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