Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Surpass 2.18 Million

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that Broadband connections in Pakistan had surpassed 2,178,833 mark, by August 2012.

According to latest stats issued by the authority, broadband subscribers reached 2.18 million, adding 39,657 subscribers in the month of August 2012.

DSL remains the top technology for broadband market with 896,325 subscribers with EvDO to follow with 637,782 subscribers. WiMAX operators had 597,618 subscribers by August end 2012.

Stats suggest that EvDO remained the top seller in August 2012, a trend that has been followed in recent past.

More details in below graphs:




  • abobobilly

    So many subscribers, and yet they still manage to ignore the Importance of Upgrading their damned Infrastructure.

    It seems they measure their performance with “financial” figures while giving not-so-much importance to Non-Financial factors.

    I can bet that out of this 2.18 million subscribers, MORE THAN 1.5 Million will be TOTALLY Unsatisfied.

    Although they are really trying hard to “improve” customer relations but it still feels like not much effort is being done to THE BASE. (for example, Wiring Structure)

  • Fahad

    nt agr33 wd dis analysis………..
    dey hav 2 imprv their srvices 2 build strng realtn wd customres……….as custmrs r nt cent % satsfied……….

    • shaheerk

      What the heck have you written?!

      Of course, unless your incapacitated by writing in proper form owing to your age, it is common etiquette to use full words.

    • Ali_Amjad

      You drunk or something? Write properly if you want people to understand what is going on in your mind.

  • PTCL sucks!!!

    • Hassan Naeem

      Tell me something interesting :P

    • Waqas

      sucks? its totally disaster, I cancelled my order without activation. :D why? because even after 1 week of buying their connection. there was nothing called internet in their service. the problem with ptcl is that they got new management, but old idiots in middle and lower levels of company, you know fuckistanis (those who are f**king this country while calling themselves patriots )

      • You are right, PTCL convert my dsl pkg to 2 mb without informing me by their records, but i recieving 2 mb billibg for 3 months but i was recieving thr speed of 1 mb. i had complaints so many times but no response i can get. then i will change my speed by a friend’s friend who is in ecchange then my problem solved.

  • Waqas

    wimax, means that wateen has good share in market

    • Witribe and Qubee are also using wimax technology that is actually the 4G in cellular technology.