[Poll] Which Launch Campaign Was Better: Timepey or MobiCash?

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Mobicash_TimepeyTelenor launched Easypaisa back in 2009, at a time when masses didn’t know anything about branchless banking.

Telenor gets this huge credit for all the awareness we do have today about Mobile Financial Services, its usage and effectiveness.

When most of the homework for preparing the market has been done, Mobilink and Zong back to back launched their Mobile Financial services with-in one week with their unique style and ideology.

Experts think that Zong has been aggressive with its launch campaign, where it is not only educating the public but it is also using every possible marketing gimmick to outshine the competition.

On other hands, Mobilink is said be elegant, graceful but not as aggressive as Zong has got.

We thought of asking our readers about their feelings with both the launch campaigns. You can share your thoughts in below comments and participate in a poll below.

P.S. We are just evaluating the launch campaigns, service quality and product features are not supposed to be considered.

  • zeeshan

    Mobilink nay apna stander maintain kiya hay
    next time zong ka TVC ayga nachty nachy bill paid karo “yah hay zong style”

    • Salman Abbas

      Hahaha mein apne bill nachty nachty hi pay karna chahta hun.

  • Adnan Khalid


  • black

    definitely timepey!

    it relays the intended message in a very clear (layman’s) way; wherease,with mobicash ad campaign, mobilink looks like an over-achiever. There is no value added proposition as compared with other services, ads are way too long and mostly about melodies; so much so that it looses its intended message mid-way.

    • zeeshan

      Mobilink nay apna stander maintain kiya hay
      next time zong ka TVC ayga nachty nachy bill paid karo “yah hay zong style”

      • Yahan aik ad ko nahi target kar rahe, is particular service ki ad campaign ki bat horahi hai, I have seen TimePey almost everywhere. Zong wins this time.

      • black

        Zeeshan, Amigo, Its not about maintaining standards at the end of the day rather about grabbing the market share – and trust me, those corporate giants understand that more than anyone else. By the book, an ad campaign is termed successful if it bears fruit and the customers understand the intended message clearly.

        These are macro-economic services, intended for target market of working class who want to get their bills cleared swiftly or send money faster to their home towns. So, If Zong is going towards (less classy way) Its because it wants to relate to the target market of those people – and not the people wearing suits to work driving Honda Civic and worried about classiness.

  • megatron1122

    None, Telenor easy paisa the one and only one.

  • Fahad

    both of d cmpanies n33d courgmnt……. (y)

  • Umer Kayani

    Timepey has limited retail shops and i personally went to two franchises and they said they don’t have any Timepey account opening facility.

    For mobicash there are many retail shops which you can see your nearby.

  • zahid hussain


  • Both are good…

  • Hassan Naeem

    Timepey they get the advantage of name Time pey one can easily get what it is while as on other hand mobi cash what that mean :S

  • fksysko

    To me its not just winning the race of launch campaign. What matters, who is going to survive in this battle. And here is a free survival tip from me…..put REHMAN MALIK’s monthly in your priority financials and win the race.

  • timepay is more attractive to me

  • Asad

    Why Mobilink is soooo much interested in World’s ugliest foreign models????



  • Timepey

  • Saad Zaidi

    i hate every pakistani campaign that has indian imagery… Zong timepay was a good example, case based promotion. not original but better that Mobicash.