Girls, This Can Happen With You If you Let Someone Record Your Video

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

videoIncrease of camera phones – that are available at very low prices now – coupled with lack of awareness is landing our youth in serious troubles. Especially the girls, who easily allow their friends to record their videos, at times the private moments, and ultimately they end up with situation they never had imagined.

We did a post in past, telling the girls to not to allow anyone – be it your friend, cousin or anyone other than your native family – to take your pictures or record your videos. Don’t let anyone – i mean anyone, even your fiancé or husband – to record your private moments.

Same applies for MMS, never ever send anyone your private pictures or videos.

If not followed, this can be disastrous. Reason: Even deleted videos from your phone can be retrieved and may land into wrong hands.

Make it a rule, not to allow anyone to record your private moments. And follow it strictly, even at the cost of your relations.


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We need to aware our family and friends, especially those living in rural areas. Though it might not be appropriate – or we may not be at ease – to tell them all this directly, but a good option is to email them with links to such articles that explain the destruction of private videos and they will read the consequences themselves.

ARY News recently did a show, inviting a girl who is being blackmailed by his friend over a video and she has to obey all his evils. Plus a father whose daughter committed suicide for same reasons.

Watch this video yourself and share with your family and friend:

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  • I also shared this on my profile and pages .. this should be spread all around our social circle as this is most common issue these days .

  • HAHAHA… Larkio Ko Maza Aisy He Nahi Ataaa… Barti Dates Lagati Han.. Ab sikho Sub Date Lagany Wali larkiaan..

    • date lerko k sath he marti hn to hmaisha lerki q kasoorwar hti ha jbk islam to dono ko saza deta ha but hmari societey being a male dominant society sirf lerki ko kasoorwar thehrwati ha…..

      • yup. I absolutely agree with you. normally what happens, if someone submits the case. Police try to protect the convict. At the same time I’d say Its very unfortunate that our teenagers and even university students don’t understand the consequences of such relations. but its a harsh reality no matter how bold and modern girls are. they always stand at losing end in such disastrous situations.

      • If you watch the video again & read the post without any prejudice, you can see that the whole video is condemning the boys who do such acts……..

        WTH is this male dominant society???? I think you should go & taste the so called “NON-Male dominant” societies of west where you have to work day & night without any relaxation & the stories you will hear of harassment & rape cases without any guilt shown by society. Fashion hi ho gya hai ye sentence bolne ka k “Male dominant society”. Who condemned the girls??? not even the father….

      • ye sab Islam se doori ka sabab hai, larka bhi barabar qasoorvar hai, jabhi Allah Ta’ala aur Rasool sallalaho-alaihe-wasallam ne aurton ko gheir zarori ghar se bahar nikalne ke lye mana kiya hai, mostly larki ko approach larka karta hai agar larki first attempt me inkaar kardey to Allah uski madad karega lekin agar zara si bhool hue to yehi anjaam hoga, ALLAH ta’ala hum sabko naik hidayat de AAMEEN

      • dono martae ha . aur yeh society female dominant ha .aur kisi mulk main larkio ke lia koi quota nhi ha . larka beshak jitna qabil ho .lekin larki quota par job aur admission lain jati ha. yeh discrimination kyon nhi nazar ati aapko .meetha meetha aye aye ,karwa karwa thoo thoo ? double standards .

      • simple na mare date..aqal naam ki cheez nahi kia..but i prefer safe date,,us k lie tips muhayya kar sakta ho,,haan ofcorse per ek shart,,dono miaa biwi ho…lol

      • ezat larki ki khrb hoti hai smjhata hai zaman kasurwar nhi kerta.. mard ko fark kam perta hai ise larki zda nuksan uthati hai…….. try to understand this… maro dates anjam b agay hoga trust a trust worthy person jiski shanakht asan nhi..

      • to date per jati kyun hai ? aur video net per dalwani hoti hai ? apny fiance k sath kahi ghoomny nahi ja skti ?

      • asal main lrki kasoor war nhi hoti hmesha name jo khrb hota hai lrki ka hy hota hai lrka aj yahan mun maray ga kal kahen or lakin lrki ki life effect hoti hai buht..

      • wo punjabiyoon k magaseeray main male ko kuch nahe kahan jataa pahtoons k magaseeray main male our female dono ko goli maar dey jati han

      • ye kya baat hui male dominating society

        larki allaow na kare to koi kya utha k le jayga date pay

        HA dono k liye barabar saza hay islam me but is se ye kese sabit hua k larki shareef hay

        AAp is had tak jatay he q ho k aesa mamla ho 1 limit honi chaiye

        Ab ghalat hoagaya to bhugta sahi hua phr

        pahlay janu janu karo or baad me ronay se bahtar hay islam jo had batai hay us me raho kabhi aesa nahi hoga usay cross karogay to u will have face these type of devil act

      • cz larki jb tk khud ko dhanp kar rakhy gi larki larka dono bachy rahen gy. Masla tb ata hai jb larki khud ko expose krti hai. Or ye tm b or me b achi tarah janta hoon k aj kal ki larkion ko expose hone ka kitna shoq hai. Ab khud soch lo kise qasur war kaha jaey.

      • male dominant???? good jab tak ladkio ko yeh lagay ka k society male dominant hai unhain yeh ehsas nahi hoga k yeh kaam ghalt hai,,, bt khair kehny say kbi b nahi badla jaskta sab fitri hai

    • To larkay khud kya karte hain?? Larkay hi larkion ko is kaam main phansate hain ap ye baat karke saara ilzaam larkion pe daal rhe hain aur larkon ko encourage kar rhe hain humari society hai hi aesi jahan larkon ko khuli azadi hai magar larkion ki har choti baat bhi issue ban jaati hai

  • We cant get rid of evil/negative ppl/thoughts in any respect either of any nature, but must try our best to safeguard ourselves to play in the hands of such ppl/thoughts.

    May Almighty Allah, preserve our’s honor and dignity! Ameen

  • Astaghfirullah…. Pata nhii us larkay ka anjam kia ho ga future mei jis ne aik metric class ki bachi ko prostitute bana k rakh diya….

    • yeh program asli nhi hotae .paisa deye kar actors hire kia jatae ha.lekin achi baat ha logo ko awareness ho jati ha

  • It’s our culture (which we inherited from Indians) and our interpretation of Islam which makes such black mailing possible in the first place anyway.

  • Husband wagera ke to aur baat, yahan to “har kisi ka freedom” walay log bhi rehtay hain. Aisay freedom main to aisi baatain hoti he hain jis main koi rokay to jawab dia jata hay “main azaad hon mujhay koi nahi rok sakta ye meri azadi hay ye mera haq hay”

    angrez muashra bhi aisa he tha jesa aj kal Pakistan main burger logon ka mahol hay. Laiken angrez muashra ab agay bhard chuka hay, wahan to raat 2 bajay bv ghar ayay husband ye nahi keh sakta late kion ai. balkay husband kay zehan bhi “freedom” he ho chukay hain unkay zehan main khayal he nahi ata bv ghar kion nahi ai. ya to husband bhi khud kahin aur pohancha hota hay :D

    khair, mera Allah he hamaray mulk ko “freedom” pasand logon say bachayay, jin kay liyay Islam tang nazar mazhab ban chuka hay, Islam ka sun ker naak charhatay hain. ayashio main masrof hain, zehan main shayad khayal nahi ata zindagi sirf aik chance dia gaya hay.

    na koi pehlay rukka aur na ap nay is dunia main hamesha rehna hay.

  • LArki ki razamandi se hwa tha sab kuch larka or larki ko islamic saza milni chaye take agli nasal aisa na kara, ye un logo ke sat hota he jo Islam se door hote he

      • dono ko hi milti ha . larki ko shooro main mil jati ha .larkae ko bad main .allah ki lathi be awaz hoti ha .jab parti ha to koi nhi bachta .allah hamain aisae kamo se bachae .

  • Aamir bhai, Girls should not let anyone go so far. Line must be drawn well before this video phase. Why to go with some one in a lonely place?

    PS: Night Packages of Mobile companies are also responsible. They have made it very easy for the kids to get closer to each other to that extent.

  • I’m not going to watch this video. bcoz I can’t. and I commend such men. this is something never should be tolerated in our society. and yes girls should aware of it.

  • Hahaha… Lolz at this… Yani kay Date Maaro KHAIR HAI per video nahi banao…. Hasi aati hai ye dekh ker…ARY kay per clear likha hua aa raha hai.. “PYAR KARO… AITEBAAR NAHI” … what a loosers… Where is it allowed to go out with a NA MEHRAM… ? I think this is what we should be telling and teaching everyone rather then “PYAR KARO per AITEBAAR NAHI”…..

    • agreed .uni main yeh kaam aam ho raha ha.thee thee tha tha karke larkia larko ke sath bethi hoti ha aur ziada tar burqa wali larkio ko yeh kaam karate hua dekha ha . burqa pehanane se koi sharif nhi ho jata .bandae ki apni nature bhi hoti ha.

  • JazakAllah for this blog post

    We are still confused between western and eastern culture and in between, although we have heard horror stories, we don’t stop when our conscious warns us against going any further. Then one such person becomes guest at such programs which are good in one sense that they are creating awareness but on the other side, they are asking all the wrong questions (don’t want to go that much in detail).

    Part of the blame goes to our parents because, lets admit, there are less than 1% parents who actually teach their kids what their private parts are and what is the value of private moments. Most of the people I have seen stuck in such situations where some “dogg” has captured something and now they are being blackmailed into doing horrible things against their will have no “friends” in their immediate family to share their horrible or soon-to-be-horrible stories with. I still remember the face of one girl who was blackmailed to come out of her house against her will to have a group-orgy with unknown people just because someone from his immediate circle shared and morphed his family photos into porn photos and threatened to distribute them if she does not comply. *sigh*

    Again, JazakAllah for the blog post, I hope all people could take such measures and protect their and their loved ones privacy.

  • nice initiative but title of this post is wrong. it should have been “Girls This Can Happen With You…”

  • Jazak Allah Aamir sb ap ne aacha kam kia hai Allah se dua hai k hamare ghar r bahr wale is shar se mahfooz rahein r meri un behno se guzarish hei k wo is neik kam m apna hisa dalein r baqi behno ko motivate karein k jo ghalti unho ne ki hai wo koi r na kare

  • Astagfirullah, Sister should change her SIM and should ask her parents that somone is teasing me or disturbing me so that I am changing the SIM.

  • lack of proper guidance …..dammn , at-least boys should stop their friends for such shameless acts….if our advice will be the cause to save someone’s life , then may ALLAH keep us away from such incident in our own lives as we are also the art of this society….

  • This is very sad situation in our society i mean muslim society but change title name as “girls please wait for marriage then date with your husband otherwise this can happen with you”

  • .
    میڈیا کو شرم آنی چاہیئے:
    ایک لڑکی جو پہلے ھی تباھی کی منزل پہ کھڑی ھے۔
    ابھی وہ انٹر میں ھے یعنی عقل و شعور کے اعتبار سے نامکمل
    اس کے والدین کی مرضی کے بغیر (صرف اپنے پروگرام کو چٹپٹہ بنانے ک لئے) پہلے سے تباہ حال لڑکی کو مزید برباد کرنے پہ تلی ھوئی ھے۔
    کیا چہرہ چھپا دینے سے شناخت ختم ھو سکتی ھے ۔ ۔ ۔ ؟؟؟
    آواز اور لہجہ بھی شناخت بن سکتا ھے۔
    گویا تھوڑی بہت جو بچی ھو وہ میدا کی نظر ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔

    دوسری بات یہ کہ ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔
    اتنا کچھ ھونے کے بعد بھی لڑکی کا حال یہ ھے کہ
    حجاب تو کجا، سر پر دوپٹہ بھی نہیں ھے۔
    کیا ھو گیا ھے زمانے کو ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ ؟؟؟؟

    ایک مشرقی اور کم عمر، غیر شادی شدہ لڑکی
    میڈیا پر اتنے بے باک انداز میں ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔
    جبکہ اس کے ولدین ابھی تک اس کے کسی عمل یا خاص اس میڈیا کے عمل سے بھی لا علم ھیں۔

    کیا حال ھو گا اس کے والدین کا جب انہیں پتہ چلے گا یا پتہ چلا ھوگا کہ میڈیا ان کی بیٹی کی کہانی سے اپنا پروگرام چمکا رھا ھے۔

    میڈیا والو شرم کرو اگر زرا سی بھی ہو تم میں ۔ ۔ ۔

    اگر آپ کو اس لڑکی کی مدد کا انتا ھی شوق تھا تو

    رازداری میں اس کمینے لڑکے کے گھر چھاپہ مارتے،
    اس لڑکی کا نام آئے بغیر، اس لڑکے کا پروگرام بنا کر اس کو ذلیل و خوار کرتے÷

    توبہ توبہ توبہ توبہ توبہ توبہ توبہ توبہ
    اور کتنوں کے گھر اجاڑو گے تم (ملالی) میڈیا والو

    • bs kro yar wo apni marzi sy ai hy koi apk liye sochay yahan wo b sai nai hy ye hy jahil qom hmari aap k jesi .. hell

  • sorry!! but the problem here is not in girls sharing pics or being on camera. the problem is in the people who believe in the bulshit presented to them against their daughters/ wives/ sister etc.. please start trusting your women, not an outsider who wants to create slanders

  • yes you can approach to them
    through IP . if they are using cafes
    then time chek and IDz through some methods u can approach to em

  • What a fucking retarded message U ppl are spreading…!!! “Especially the girls, who easily allow their friends to record their videos, at times the private moments, and ultimately they end up with situation they never had imagined”. U idiots, ye kon sa Pakistan hy jidhr PRIVATE MOMENTS PF FRIENDS k bary main itna bataya ja rha hy… Fucking Morons…

  • lardkiyon ko sari knowledge deni chahy sub batana chahy unhy mardon k bary me, how they feel and how they act, duniya me kia horaha ha or ye training dena, gher k bardon ki ziammadari hai, early age sy unhy educate karain iss bary me, nak apny bachon ko unaware rakhain.

  • lardkiyon ko sari knowledge deni chahy sub batana chahy unhy mardon k bary me, how they feel and how they act, duniya me kia horaha ha or ye training dena, gher k bardon ki ziammadari hai, early age sy unhy educate karain iss bary me, nak apny bachon ko unaware rakhain.

  • ya ALLAH aese larkon ko ebrat ka neshan bna ,jo ye bho jate hain k un k ghr m b maan r behne hain,jo larkyon ko jhote pyar m phansa k dhoka dete hain amen
    AESE larkye aik bat zaror yad rakhe,k ye dunyan MAQAFATE AAML h jesa kro gye wesa bharo gye,chahe phr wo MAAN ki surt m ho ya BEHN ya BETI ki surt m ,aik na aik din wo chez ap k samne zaror ati h ,
    Dusron ki betyon ki izzt ni kr sakte tu atleast apniyon ki tu kro,ya bilkul………………….uffffff ALLAH hi hisab le ga aese larkon se

  • Well kis ne bola tah lrki ko aesa kaam krny ka…. agr kar b liya to video kis liye bnwaie :/

  • Apni Behen betiyon ko aitimaad dena chahiye unn par aetibaar karna
    chahiye magar kuch maamlaat mein check & balance zaroor hona chahiye. Larkon par bhi check & balance rakhana chahiye sirf girls par nahi.

    Mein agar apni koi pic ya video upload karta hun ya personal details net
    par share karta hun tau mjhe koi dar nahi hota magar girls aesa nahi
    kar sakteen. Larkon Ka kuch nahi bigarta. Magar Girls se agar koi ghalti ho jaye tau uska anjaam bohat bura hota hai.

    Girls iss maamlay mein bohat seedhi hoti hain. bohat jaldi kisi par aetibar kar leti hain.

  • kaiise lrky hotay hain aisy un k apny gar sis mother nhi hotin kia ??hm soch k dukh hota hai or wo kitny hewan hoty hain k kisi ki life khrb kar dete hain or sharm nhi ati inhain….YA ALLAH in bandun ko zinda zameen main gaarrr deee…

  • sahi hua iske sath iski izzat ko itna uchalo kay sali apni bhi qatal kerday ! batain suno zara iski pta nh chala yeh sab kese hogaya hahahhahhaha

  • uffffffff yar Pakistan me betio ki izat aise kharab ho rahi hai laanat hai aise hr lrke par

  • mujh se to yh video dekhi he ni ja rahi yaar ufffffffff bus yhi keh skta hu k Allah hamari maa behn ki izat ki hifazat farmaye ameen

  • bohat ala logo ko shram ani chiy kisi ki ma bhn hoti hai lkn agr kisi ko love hu b to aisay na karay

  • Larkiyaan aisi harkaten karen hi kyun video banwaana to boht duur ki baat hai. without permission of their parents kisi se milna hi sahi nahi hai aur oper se us mulaaqat ki video b bana li jaaye, ek gunaah aur saath me uska proof. Ahadees me yahan tak zikr hai k aap apne kiye gaye gunaah k baaray me ksi ko batayen b nahi kyunke us se gawaah ban jaty hain.

  • aap hazrat or khawateen agar sirf Surah Nisa tafseer k saath parhlen to in fuzul programs ko dekhney ki zarurat nahi paregi or waledan jab apney bachon ko Quran parhwatey he hain to us k tarjumey or tafseer k saath parhayen takey is cheez ki tarbiat jitni achi aap ka rab karta hai apni kitab me utni achi koi nahi karta. Please do consider this option on top most priority.

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