Ufone Offers Unlimited WhatsApp Bucket for Rs. 30 Per Month

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

whatsappUfone has announced the availability of its new mobile internet bucket that will allow its customers to browse/use WhatsApp for entire month for just Rs. 30 – including taxes.

Ufone has said that this offering is result of a collaboration between Ufone and WhatsApp – that will enable Ufone users to use unlimited data for WhatsApp at fixed monthly charge of Rs. 30 or Rs. 1 per day.

For those aren’t familiar, WhatsApp is a mobile application, available for various platforms, through which you can send and receive SMS/MMS to/from other WhatsApp members via GPRS/EDGE for free.

Usually there are mobile internet charges involved while using WhatsApp, for which you will be charged a fixed monthly rate with Ufone’s this offer.

WhatsApp is available for following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian
  • Windows Phone

How to Avail WhatsApp Bundle?

  • All you need to do is simply dial *5858# and enjoy unlimited usage of WhatsApp for an entire month for just Rs. 30.
  • Customers will be subscribed as soon as request is received

Terms and Conditions:

  • Product will be available on prepaid commercial packages only.
  • Product will be available for only volume based GPRS subscribers.
  • Customers can download WhatsApp through the following link: http://www.whatsapp.com/download/
  • In case customer browses some other website, they will be charged as per their data plan
  • All charges are inclusive of Taxes

  • when its free why pay for it!

    • Sheraz Ak

      donnu why but yu remind me of a sardar asking why microsoft bought skype when its free to download :P

      • You should go ahead and pay ufone for this. GL

        • your problem is that you fail to understand the very simple english in which Ufone wrote this offer in. That is why ur thinking u need to pay to use whatsapp

          • Guest

            Have you seen the word in post which says Rs. 30 per month?

            • seriously you fail at English. It’s Rs. 30 to use WhatsApp on GPRS. If you use WhatApp on GPRS for a month you bill can easily top 100 or more depending on usage. The Rs. 30 means you only pay Rs. 30 and you can use WhatsApp all you want on GPRS for a whole month. Samajh aye?

              • Adlo

                dont forget when internet is turned on especially on smartphones other apps will start updating through which other than this Rs.30 Ufone will earn a lot more.

                • Muhammad Khalid

                  u hilighted the very main reason :)

                • Cgill

                  there’s a simple tab to turn auto sync off. Press it and saves you unnecessary data consumption. and you are good to go. other then that no service on smartphone used data.

              • anum

                or agr smart fone pe use kren tu watsup ko on krne k lia mobile internt on krna parega phr other deductions tu nh hongi is se??????

            • usaid

              Is package may kitny mb milegy

          • have just seen your mission statement on twitter “I make it incredibly hard for people to like me.”


      • Sharmuaaz

        i have more than 50 blnc , bt still m receivng a msg of insufficient balanc for this service??

    • Saad

      This service is not free actually, they give you 1 year of trial for the first time then they will charge for 0.99$/year …

      • Adnan Khalid

        there is solution remove the app and install it again it will increase the period desi tareeka :P

        • Cgill

          Shame on you. If you can’t do something at least Develpo a habbit to pay someone for his innovation. Its JST $1? Unlimited texting unlimited sharing. what more you want? And its 1 $ per year. For God sake. Pakistaniz. For God sake. Rs. 107 per year. Rs 8.917 per month. If a person can owns a smart phone but can’t pay Rs 8.917 per month. Shame on him. He should die by drowned himself in handful of water.

          • Ahmed Malik

            You should shame urself psychos why we pay urself so u can attack again on Gaza or other innocents ???

            • Cgill

              First thing first what make you think that am asking money for my self? And am attacking gaza? And 2nd thing Why you use the service if you thing they are aiding the gaza attack.
              Stop using all the teck, phones Internet services and all the foreign brands coz these all things somehow developed by non muslims and money goes to them in somewhay.
              Get a life you beatbox. If you can’t do anything atlest let other do. Stop bashing. And role your stuff and go to gaza and fight against Israel theres no use of bashing on internent on someone who jst said at least pay for something you used.

      • aliz

        lolz i have subscribed the service but it isn’t working .. i have complained twice .. but still i m using whatsapp through wifi ..

    • Madiha

      Yeah on zong sim wattsapp & Facebook is free

  • nice offer from ufone

  • techie

    app itself is free, but data charges apply when using Whatsapp. However, after subscribing to this offer; customers will not be charged for browsing the Application!

    • Guest

      Seems like you misunderstood!

      Read this again “All you need to do is simply dial *5858# and enjoy unlimited usage of WhatsApp for an entire month for just Rs. 30.”

  • Good offer… But whats wrong with S40 whatapp? We can not download this from site.

  • If we enable our network internet on smartphones like android, all apps will start using internet not only whatsapp.
    And I don’t think we can lock internet access to other apps without rooting phone? (loss of warranty)

    chalak offer ufone

    • Muneeb

      It’s a honest, good offer and better then nothing.

    • jawad

      aur maze ki baat ye he ke whats app ne next month se wesey bhi charge karna start kardena hey 1 $ per year lol

      • Airaj Noor

        Mujhe life time k liye free mila hy LoL…
        How? Ye mai kud bhi nai janta :-p

        • noor angel

          its not possible

  • Salman Abbas

    This app has full of ridiculous security holes, so don’t be surprised if someone is reading your messages. >.<

  • اظہر علی


  • Chaudhry Khalid

    Thank you ufone.

  • SSH

    please give some incentive to Viber users as well.

  • Shahzad Waheed

    other android applications start using mobile internet automatically and thus balance reduces. its a flop offer. i will not use it again

    • Airaj Noor

      To dear ye psbl nai k just utna hi load kro jitny mei ye pkg hoga otherwise smartphone aisy hi paise kha jaty hen.

    • Cgill

      Brother There are only few services which auto sync themselves (Gmail, calender, contacts, photos,Browser, app data) and there’s are simple tab to switch off auto sync service. Other then that no app in phone consume data. i used this offer all the time and my balances never reduces.

      These smartphones are quit smart :)

  • can we also send data foR free??? 0_o means pictures n videos

  • itni kiya aag … wifi mai hi use kar lete hain :P

    waise good offer for heavy users of whatsapp… thumpup

    • Airaj Noor

      LoL…. wifi bagl mei ly kr ghomte rao ge bahir? Ya nai jb whatsapp use krna hoga to bahir sy bhag kr ghr aana prhega k whatsapp use krna hy :-p

      • Cgill


        • Airaj Noor

          :-p daikh yaar aisy bhi kabhi hota hy?
          By the way my all friend I check that bucket myself just ye bucket karo aur use karo kui side mei aur bckt na karo chahe pic bhejo ya audio send honge mai use kar raha hon aisy hi ;) aur wifi bagl mei ly kar ghomne ki zrurt nai aur na bhag kr ghr mei aana prhega..
          Just avail this offer..
          One more thing ab ye bucket 50rupes mei ja chuka hy es mei twitter aur facebook bhi add hen wo bhi use karo :)

          • Cgill

            Yeah very convenient offer.

  • how to unsubscribe this pakage?

    • kuch batta do yarr kisya unsub karn ahai??????????????

    • noor angel

      yeh unsubscribe nai hota . apny time py he khtama hota h one month bad .

  • KK

    It doesnt work.. i subscribed to it and my msgs weren’t going so i had to subscribe to the internet package!! problem and money waste both!!

    • Airaj Noor

      O_o kaddu faida phir es pkg ka???
      Es offer sy kya faida hy?
      Kui theek sy bta skta hy?
      Agr kui ye pkg kr ly to es k sath internet ka kui pkg hona zruri hy???

  • Ameera Tariq

    i have a blackberry and iam using a prepaid sim…
    so can SUM1 PPPLLLLXXXX guide me on HOW TO ? :((

  • Aamir Lehri

    Great offer

  • Ainee

    In requirement section it is mentioned that the Product will be available for only volume based GPRS subscribers. Does that means i have to subscribe to any internet package before going for Whtsapp package ?

    • Airaj Noor

      Gr8 point nice question, kui ans kar skta hy detail sy????
      Mjhe bhi same question karna tha.

      • Cgill

        GPRS subscribers mean who the one who’s GPRS service is activated. Thats it.

  • ali

    hello..can any one tell me wots the mean of GPRS..

  • samnaqvii

    plz help me i cant add a friends number whoz in sirinagar on my whattsapp tht i use on ufone.

    • Cgill

      You don’t have to add number to whatsapp. Jst add his number to your phone contacts and if your friend have that number registerd on whatsapp your phone whatsapp wil automatically find it and add it.

      • samnaqvii

        thanks allot, yes it was saved but i couldnt see it on whtsap list , turned out the service on UFONE wasn’t free anymore, it consumes real credit. not even the Data plan that i subscribe.

  • amna

    Iz this service available know also plz suggest me because I wil be cuming to pak on 25 of dec til 23 ofnjan I onli need to use watsapp plz tel meabt this package iz it goood

  • Ramsha Yusaf

    I can’t subscribe this offer bcz ufone says that i have insufficient blnc to subscribe this offer although I have 43.73 Rs :/ :(……………………. what is this???????????

    • aamir7

      Call helpline to figure this out.

  • Bilal

    this offer is not for rs 30 it will deduct rs 50 from your account . . . always give correct information . .

  • Ǻșȋm Jâfrî

    Hi , if i subscribed the package and use above 1 mb .. then it will charge me of 19rs or will not ??

  • Madiha

    Can we not use printerest without internet package any pkg only for printerest app plz let me know