PM Orders to Block YouTube Again

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

youtube-logoAfter briefly restoring YouTube earlier in the morning after three months of ban, Raja Parvez Ashraf, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block the service again as anti-Islamic videos were still available and easily accessible on video sharing website.

ProPakistani was able to confirm this with at least two Pakistani ISPs who have received directions from PTA for blocking YouTube again in Pakistan.

PTA had earlier emailed all internet service providers in Pakistan to lift the ban on YouTube, after which YouTube was reportedly accessible for majority of internet users in Pakistan.

Sources tell ProPakistani that restoration orders were probably issued in a hurry without ensuring the complete blockade of blasphemous content on YouTube. This is probably why PM has ordered to block the website again.

However, blockade of anti-Islamic content will be worked out again to restore the website in due course of time, the source opined.

Having said this, market experts are surprized and rather puzzled over unblocking and then re-blocking the YouTube within 24 hours. They believe that such hastily and confused decisions will only earn bad press for the country.

Mr. Rehman Malik, Minister Interior, in his tweets last night, had hinted the deployment of national URL filtering solution by PTA in near future, which will help elimination of all blasphemous content on internet in general and on YouTube in specific.

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