PM Orders to Block YouTube Again

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

youtube-logoAfter briefly restoring YouTube earlier in the morning after three months of ban, Raja Parvez Ashraf, Prime Minister of Pakistan, has ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block the service again as anti-Islamic videos were still available and easily accessible on video sharing website.

ProPakistani was able to confirm this with at least two Pakistani ISPs who have received directions from PTA for blocking YouTube again in Pakistan.

PTA had earlier emailed all internet service providers in Pakistan to lift the ban on YouTube, after which YouTube was reportedly accessible for majority of internet users in Pakistan.

Sources tell ProPakistani that restoration orders were probably issued in a hurry without ensuring the complete blockade of blasphemous content on YouTube. This is probably why PM has ordered to block the website again.

However, blockade of anti-Islamic content will be worked out again to restore the website in due course of time, the source opined.

Having said this, market experts are surprized and rather puzzled over unblocking and then re-blocking the YouTube within 24 hours. They believe that such hastily and confused decisions will only earn bad press for the country.

Mr. Rehman Malik, Minister Interior, in his tweets last night, had hinted the deployment of national URL filtering solution by PTA in near future, which will help elimination of all blasphemous content on internet in general and on YouTube in specific.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Muhammad Basit

    Rehman malik=Trololololol


  • Very Good Decision!

    Thumbs Up!

    • says the guy who probably uses proxy software to watch his favourite Katrina Kaif dance movies.

      • Akram Abbas

        Nope. I don’t use YouTube. muje zaroorat nahi hai is fizool cheez ki. Allah ka karam hai muje apne nafs par qabo karna itna to ata hai.. Aur muje behoda cheezein dekhne ka shoq nahi hai.

        I am a web developer.. but still I am not desperate of YouTube. qk I have many other resources.. like ebooks, books, vimeo, dailymotion, websites..


        Allah hidayat de hum sab ko

        • Salman Abbas

          $1000 you watch “behoda cheezain” often. :P

          • $2000 he watches behooda chexen on youtube atleast once a month :P

            • Akram Abbas

              Nope. … Totally wrong. I don’t use YouTube. bhai saab aap har kisi ko apne jaisa q samajte ho?

          • Akram Abbas

            Nope. …

            • Salman Abbas

              Ok.. brag about your impotence elsewhere.

              • Akram Abbas

                Alhamdulillah . I am a married man with 1 daughter. ab bolo? mein kuch bolo ab aap k bare mein?

                • Salman Abbas

                  As a unmarried man, I admit I watch “behuda cheezein” every few days. Ab boliyee kya bolna hai mere bare mein?

                  • Akram Abbas

                    to muje dukh hota hai k hai k eik Muslim jis ka naam Salman Abbas hai woh aise kaam karta hai khud k Nafs ko qabo nahi karsakta.

                    Aap ka imaan hai. aap jo b kare.. lakin dukh hota hai jo eik Muslim aisa proudly kehta hai.

                    To mein sirf yehi kahongha aghar aap yeh sab dekhte hein to. Aap ka imaan kamzoor hai. ab is baat ko aaghe aap discuss kareinghe to I will need to show proof from Holy Quran and Hadith k yeh behuda cheezein dekhna sab ghunah hai.

                    Aap muje eik choti soch ka samaj rahe hein. Lakin mein un cheezo se door rehna pasand karta hoon jo Islam se door karein humein.

                    Mein apne aap ka murder khud nahi karna chahta. It is like suicide.

                  • Saad Durrani

                    Agarcha, yeh apki zindagi hai aur ap jo chhay kerein magr uska izhar har jaga kerna akalmandi nai.

                    • Akram Abbas

                      Yes. that’s the point. Une jo karna hai karein. Un k Aemaal, lakin is tarrah Proudly kehna acha nahi hai..

              • rehanshehzi

                Hahhahaha… :D nice :P

          • Akram Abbas

            Shayad aap dekhte honghe. as a Muslim. I always try to avoid these things. And Allah k karam se, I can avoid.

            • Shahid Saleem

              We can all avoid those things and at the same time use Youtube. So why do you support a ban of Youtube?

              We can all find those things simply by Google searches and yet you do not support ban on all Google? Why? Some of those things are hosted on Google servers (like blogs on blogspot).

              • Akram Abbas

                Google is a search engine. and Videos are not hosted on Google search engine.

                • Shahid Saleem

                  Youtube is nothing but a division of Google.

                  Suppose a department store with an electronics department, clothing, food, etc. sells you a defective TV or the salesperson thre insults you. And management does not help you.

                  Will you just boycott the electronics department, or will you boycott the entire store?

                  THINK, MAN! THINK!

        • Ahmed

          People like you are responsible for blocking my access to constructive religious and educational material.

          If you are going and searching for such filth and blasphemous material, then may Allah guide you. Don’t make the rest of us suffer because of your immaturity.

          • Akram Abbas

            bhai kya sirf constructive religious and education material youtube par hi milte hein?

            • Hassan00107

              to bhai kaya koi our hai YouTube ke elava Jo eik hi video ko mukhtalif resolution ke sath(app ki device ke mutabik) dekhaata ho masal ke to par main Nokia 5130 ya low mobile par 144*176 resolution ke sath video dekh sakta ho??? ab har kisi ke pas smartphone to nahi hai na hi sab broadband afford kar sakte hai

              • Akram Abbas

                try Vimeo or Dailymotion

                • Vimeo and Dailymotion both have terrible video players and ads are automatically reload, most companies use youtube rather DM or Vimeo

                  • Akram Abbas

                    Vimeo is a good sharing website, it has download option etc.. anyways, that’s up to the person. But I like Vimeo.. clean and fast.
                    But I accept YouTube has much more content than Vimeo. Qk YouTube old hai aur Google ki product hai.

                    • Hassan00107

                      yehi ham keh rahe hai YouTube sab se zayada content hai aur humhe apni matlobi video sirf wahi hi milti hai baki sabka search karne par yehi result hota hai ” no video found ” to phir kaya faida un ka

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      I can find hundreds of videos that are on Vimeo that are anti-Islam. What do you mean by clean?

                • Hassan00107

                  I am talkink about low devices with 144*176 pixl

                  • Akram Abbas

                    behtar hai aap phir Books etc ka mutahala karein :) ya websites se.

                • Ahmed

                  So will you guarantee that I’ll be safe from blasphemous material there? How are they any different from other user-submitted content sites?

                • kya ap ne is ko cell pe try kya???
                  and kya in websites pe har type ki videos mil jaati hain???

                  mujhe to aj tak koi bhi dhang ki video nhn mili in pe….

                  • Akram Abbas

                    to aap ko sirf aghar learning hi karni hai to bhai YouTube par hi q? bohat si aur websites hein.

            • Ahmed

              It is THE place to get it. You can build your own little mosque, but you’ll be left out of the knowledge the rest of the world is sharing.

              And when you take away my right to choose right from wrong, you’re going against the Quran.

              لا اکراه فى الدّین

            • kya app ki dushmani youtube se he ya us blasphemous material se??
              a sensible option is to block that blasphemous content

              ap ke area me shareef log bhi honge, gali galoch wale bhi honge, tapori mawali bhi honge gunde bhi honge chor lafange bhi honge, neik imaandaar bhi honge, deen se pyar karne wale bhi hone… har qism ke log honge…
              to kya aap sirf un kuch gunahgaaro ki wajah se ghar se nikalna bnd kar dein ge?
              Then why blocking the whole youtube?

              • and other than that blasphemous content that should be blocked, let people themselves decide and learn what’s good or wrong for them…

              • and other than that blasphemous content that should be blocked, let people themselves decide and learn what’s good or wrong for them…

              • Akram Abbas

                blasphemous material… mein yeh aap se challenge karta hoon aap sirf YouTube mein blasphemous material block kar k dekhein… that’s an open challenege. apna server banain try karein.

                bhai har din new video upload hoti hai. aap kis Filter k tehad us video s ko block kareinghe. I would recommend this method, but it will not work. Think :)

                YouTube ko block sirf is wajah se kar rahe hein qk YouTube support kar raha hai Anti-Islamic Videos..

                • Saad Durrani

                  Agar kisi chees ka ilm nai ho tau phochlia kerte hain. If you find something objectional, use the ‘flag’ option. Furthermore, governments can ask YouTube to restrict access to videos and YouTube obliges in almost every case. Pakistanis have a habit of being holier than the King itself.

                • Shahid Saleem

                  What about Vimeo? They have anti-Islam content. Why do you not call for boycott of Vimeo?

            • Shahid Saleem

              Your question is dumb dumb dumb.

              You are a web developer. Why do you work in web industry when you know that 100% of sites are NOT religious or educational? You know just as well as everyone that many visited sites (even if they are not anti-Islam) are for entertainment or news or sports.

              Yet you never apply same reasoning with Youtube.

        • Jahangir

          Come on yar, Youtube pe sirf SEX dikhta hai kia jo keh rahay ho k tumhe apne nafs per qaboo hai?

          I am a web designer and there are millions of tutorials on Youtube jinko follow kar k mene buhut kuch seekha hai.

          Her cheez ka positive and negative hota hai, don’t just think that Youtube is bad… it is informative too.

          • Akram Abbas

            bhai aap achanak kahaan se agahe. Hum to different topic par baat kar rahe the. Aap start se comments dekhein meinne Salman Abbas se konsi baat kar raha tha. Kher

            Yeh ab aap apni short cut ya asaani k liye YouTube par tutorials dekh rahe hein, is se acha aap Books read karlein, jis par bohat deeply baat hoti hein. Kher yeh b aap ki choice hai

            Dear mein yeh kab keh rhaa hoon k Youtube is bad.. mein sirf keh raha hoon k aghar YouTube videos delete nahi karta jo k Islam k against hein to YouTube ko boycott karna chahye..

            • Hassan00107

              Wese bhi parrh kar aur dekh kar seakhne main bohat zayada farak hai

              • Jahangir


        • Shahid Saleem

          Do you use Google? Because Youtube is a brand owned by Google.

          Also, do you know that vimeo, dailymotion etc have LOSER restrictions when it comes to nudity than Youtube? And do you also know that the video we do not like to see on Youtube is ALSO on those sites?

          And yet you support Youtube ban but not Google ban or Vimeo ban?


    • rehanshehzi

      There is SO MUCH blasphemous material on the Internet as well.. Why not ban INTERNET too???
      What a medieval act from our govt.. You know one can actually do an Engineering degree from Youtube? You have lectures from stanford, harvard, UC berkeley, MIT.. etc.. etc… And let me break another news too.. if someone WANTS to see something blasphemous.. they would still be able to watch it.. there are 1000s of proxy websites, torrents, filesharing websites..
      Banning youtube is NOT THE ANSWER….!
      Grow some f*ckin brain people!
      This is humiliating!

  • Sahir Khan

    I break this news before you !!!! Chillllllllll

  • Kenneth

    Good one… another WWE maneuver by PPP

  • Adil Nizamani

    It’s not working anymore… Ek ghantay ki khushi :P XD


  • kncukerman

    good one!!! khulni he nahi chahiye….

  • Guest

    We’ve trolled in an extreme way my dear fellas

  • Ali

    We’ve been trolled in a really fucked up way my dear fellas

  • Billabadmash

    Good Step , First block objectionable content and feel free to unban it

  • Ahmed

    Who the f explicitly searches for blasphemous content? Shouldn’t the PM be tried and prosecuted for doing so?

  • Salman Abbas

    So many censorship supports in this pathetic country. Now I get why all sane people shift to foreign countries.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Unfortunately even that does not work out for us. For example see this cartoon:

      • rehanshehzi

        If you have been to europe or us.. you would know this is not true!
        atleast NIC card dekh ker qatal nahin kertay wahan per!

        • Shahid Saleem

          I have been and unfortunately things have changed. For example there was a news story about a woman who pushed a man on the subway in New York last week. And this weekend we found out why she chose him: he looked brown and she thought the man was possibly a Muslim.

          Just for looking brown. Just for being a Muslim. pushed to death.

          • Anonymous

            I’m American and I can assure you, we are completely aware every Muslim isn’t a terrorist. We are 100% religiously open/mixed. But that also means every religion is open to discrimination that you have to learn to deal with.

    • Anonymous

      I hope the Pakistani people will stand up for themselves on this one. Censorship is corrupt!

  • Z

    such material is gonna stick around whether you like it or not (actually not liking it is just gonna feed it and make it grow). banning just shows how immature you people are. grow up and learn to move on.

  • kiran khan

    Quoting my yesterday’s comment

    “rehman malik ka jab je chahay mobile band kae dea, jab je chahay you tube khol dea, jab je chahay twitter band, jab je chahay double sawari khol de … kya rehman malik kay susar nay larki kay sath pakistan bhe jahez mai dea tha ?”

    this time PM !

  • Faizan Shafiq

    wahtever, fk pakistan and use the SpotFlux :p

    • Saad Durrani

      Spotflux has a habit of crashing and dying.

  • Sphinx Khan

    Looks like the PM might ask for RISHWAT for opening Youtube :P .. thats how it works :)

  • Muneeb


  • H4wk

    lakh lanat PTA per and double LANAT raja rental per jinhoo ny 3 Months main khuch ni kiya OR tripple lanat Jew channel Per!!!

    • Hassan00107

      +lanat geo par aur pm par….now I have removed geo from my tv chanal list

  • Zain

    youtube open ho jaati tb bhi koi farak nahi prna tha…… nahi b open hui tb b kher hai… not because of proxy things… blky ajkl iski itni zarurat he nahi… lekin agr protest k tor py bnd kr rkhi hai youtube tu iska koi faida nahi aa rha khaass…

  • Sahir Khan

    Nokia Connecting peoples and Rehman Malik disconnecting peoples >>>>

  • Hassan Ali Khalid

    What the hell is going on folks . Why they did not make a decent decision to solve this matter. YouTube is very informative video sharing website for me bcoz I am a CS student.

  • Hassan00107

    dur fitte muh geo ka aur pm ka

  • Hassan00107

    geo wale khud video search kar ke dekh rahe hai dosri taraf is ke khalaf hai aur bharpor mazamat kar rahe hai

  • Orange

    Instead of watching youtube we should take some time to recite the verses of holy quran also perform five time prayers which will help you in the day of judgment this youtube thing or other non muslim websites wont help you.I also watch youtube but I want to get rid of it.

    • You don’t like it, don’t go there or watch it. Stop telling me how I, or others should live there lives, you are NOT mai baap of Islam so beat it.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I watch lectures by Islamic scholars on Youtube. So you are telling me to stop doing that???


  • Gulab Shah

    good work by pm

  • john micheal

    in ko koi to batay baneed karnay kia faida is kay bawajood sabh kuch chal rha hain

  • That is pathetic, lets ground all flights to Americas, and Europe as well while we are at it, it is those country where the blasphemous content is hosted right, and those countries aren’t doing anything to remove it as well. So lets cut all relations with Americas, and Europe, lets cut all financial ties with them as well. Stupid, and an illogical move. Free, and uncensored internet for all is the way to go.

  • Rizwan Gul Khan

    Rehman Malik please first think before taking any desicion. Blocking and Unblocking of Youtube in pakistan has become a joke which is a degradation for the representative and Govt of pakistan.

  • HailQadri

    Height of incompetence of PPP! No coordination between prime minister and advisor interior. Minister announces unblocking but PM blocks on same day! Is it to hide the incompetence of govt shown in many talk shows on youtube before the elections?

  • Maheen

    Ewein mei ade ghentay Kay liye khush ker Diya

  • Pissed Off too

    Is mulk ki matt mari gai hai aur baki kasar religion nay nikal di hai !!

  • rock-it

    youtube is just blocked to avoid political awareness in country for general elections coverage through general public in country the have nothing to do with anti-islamic content. there is lot anti-USA anti Jews or Christianity etc which is never blocked on youtube…. kb jago gy Pakistanio… we emotional nation

  • Osama

    This is pakistan………. :)

  • Taha

    useless..people still seeing utube thro different softwares…so why ban… we love mohammad he is in our blood….

  • rehanshehzi

    There is SO MUCH blasphemous material on the Internet as well.. Why not ban INTERNET too???
    What a medieval act from our govt.. You know one can actually do an Engineering degree from Youtube? You have lectures from stanford, harvard, UC berkeley, MIT.. etc.. etc… And let me break another news too.. if someone WANTS to see something blasphemous.. they would still be able to watch it.. there are 1000s of proxy websites, torrents, filesharing websites..
    Banning youtube is NOT THE ANSWER….!
    Grow some f*ckin brain people!
    This is humiliating!

  • Bijaya Ghimire

    It’s annoying!, why the governments try to control freedom in this era…

  • Blasphemous content on websites must be filtered, no excuses. But not by blocking the entire site. YouTube is used by students, hobbyists and journalists around the world. If you need to unblock and use YouTube properly in Pakistan, for whatever reason; read this tutorial:

  • Guest

    corrupt politicians, conversational media’s fundamentalists like Ansar Abbasi and blogs like these are the main culprits for the second blockage. The whole internet is full of movie in question, so why only YouTube is targeted for this dirty politics?

  • it is the right decision, we should appreciate it