PTA Responsible For Delaying 3G: NA Committee

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

3G-AuctionPakistan Telecommunication Authority is responsible for delaying 3G auction in Pakistan, declared National Assembly’s standing committee on information technology, just a while ago.

Chaired by Barjees Tahir, the committee members maintained that assessment should be made to determine the extent of violation of rules by the PTA in auctioning 3G licenses. Members further agreed to recover the payments made to 3G consultants from Mr. Farooq Awan, the Chairman of PTA.

Earlier the Secretary IT told the committee that decision to hire 3G consultants had been made by the PTA chairman.

A recently published report on ProPakistani had also concluded similar findings, detailing the individuals who can possibly be involved in delaying 3G auction.

After these repeated delays, experts say that auction of 3G is impossible now, especially when elections are just few months ahead. They further opined that next best time to auction 3G licenses would be around June-July 2013.


  • bilkul us tara jab ufone ko nahi luanch hony deya ja raha tha. is thara 3G ko delay kya ja ra hai.

  • Even in Afghanistan 3G is available. Those people who are responsible for delay of 3G in Pakistan, they are the real traitors of Pakistan. This country would be beautiful if we had only gave the education of high moral values instead of Islamic teachings where beheading a head and other stuff taught to poor young children. I hope 2013 will bring an awesome change in political as well as economical situation of Pakistan. If and only if dictator won’t interrupt.

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