PTCL is Possibly Blocking Skype to Phone Calls

PTCL is Possibly Blocking Skype to Phone CallsSkype users in Pakistan have reported us that they are facing issues in making Skype Out calls.

This problem is specifically faced if users make calls from Skype to Mobile Phones or landline numbers on PTCL network. Skype to Skype calls work fine though.

ProPakistani has received several such complaints telling us that Skype to phone calls aren’t connecting on PTCL. They said that same service works seamlessly on other ISPs.

PTCL, however, is denying that it is blocking anything related to Skype services.

Skype support has said that they have also got numerous reports from Pakistan during past one week, suggesting that users are facing issues in making Skype to phone calls.

Skype said that its developers have investigated the problem and found out that issue is with ISPs in Pakistan that is causing disruption in connecting calls from Skype to mobiles phone and landlines numbers.

Skype, in a communication, said that Skype to phone calls are routed through regular telephone numbers, and hence voice data (using G.279 audio codec) must pass through the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). It further said that networks in Pakistan are possibly blocking voice data at PSTN level and hence this is something which Skype can’t control.

It merits mentioning here that VoIP calls are illegal and not allowed in Pakistan, however, Skype to phone calls were never blocked in the country before this.

There are countless users in Pakistan who use Skype services – and their unlimited packages – for making International calls. Small to medium sized call centres and tele-coaching and training centres heavily rely on Skype for making calls to western countries.

Thank you Ahmad and others for reporting this to us.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • That’s the problem of our people that they blame organizations without seeing its roots.This probability blockade is due to some skype technical problems not created by PTCL. There are many apps that faces technical problems for certain time that does not mean that they are being blocked.

    • Giving your conclusion entirely on this news is not good.However skype is not blocked, you can try it again and definitely it will have no problem.

  • I run a small software house. I can confirm this problem. We provide customer services over SKYPE and make outbound calls and we’re unable to make calls for 2 weeks now, not only SKYPE, but all major VOIPs which can be used to call to USA (landlines, mobile) are blocked by PTCL.

    We talk about india shinning in IT while our government is doing EVERYTHING to ruin our businesses. For years of complaining, we still don’t have Paypal in our country, now SKYPE/VOIPs are blocked too. Say Bye Bye to Outsourcing in Pakistan.

    • I would not agree to your statement as PTCL is a pioneer in presenting tremendous packages and products either for broadband or communication tool, it is always awesome.Why are you concluding on the basis of a single probability?

      • We just want propakistani to be worthy of the time we spend reading the articles. Is that too much to ask?

        It seems mediocrity is okay with you. I think that is how we ended up with the current environment in Pakistan: people like you.

  • Solution for All My Pakistani Brothers, to Use all The services of internet and stay away from dumb pak government’s dumb decisions on internet blockage.

    Solutions :: Buy a US/UK VPN which cost you no more than Rs. 500

    * Use Skype Calls anywhere around the world
    * Watch Youtube
    * Watch Netflix
    * Use Paypal
    * and alot more..

    • Dear Bruce Khan,

      This is really a good solution but VPN is a encryption solution that slow the bandwidth so you need to upgrade your internet bandwidth as well. This is im talking about for call center etc.

    • To enhance your business, you are blaming all our national organizations that are performing well.Your this act can cause damage to international reputation of respective organizations as the blog are read by all over the world.Above all skype has neither any problem to make skype to phone calls which has been discussing for long.

  • I run a business based out of Australia and need to regularly make calls for work … I just do not get how or why it is okay to just ban a service because you cannot compete with it with fair practises … PTCL and PTA is a joke

    • We should not drag this probability as serious discussion.That’s not the matter of discussion,it might be a technical problem by skype itself.Our problem is that we make responsible our organizations instead of the one that running the program wholly.

    • Why say goodbye. i mean did you read anywhere in the blog that Ptcl is blocking skype? Me apki jga hota tou esa kbhi mat sochta. Skype is working 100% right.

      • The whole article is based on the PTCL blocking skype calls. These are not Skype to Skype calls – these are their Skype to Landline/Mobile calls. You need to pay Skype for that service…

      • jabbar.. skype to skype call ki baat nahi ho rahi… aankhain khol k perho kia baat ho rahi hai… aur ager uss k baad bhi samajh nahi aaey to school dobara jana start kerdo

  • Its Already blocked from 1 week. As PTA block VOIP ports 5060, 5806 and lot others……..
    Using Brain Net White IP’s for VOIP now.

    • As you are complaining above, I would disagree with it because there were a time, when I experienced Skype for different ISPs and it has not any troubleshooting my dear.

  • Yesterday I reported the problem to Propakistani after talking to skype technical department. What the hell is with Pakistan. Where it’s going. Government and ISPs intentionally blocking the skype-out and hence denying it. What a joke. First they block youtube instead blocking and removing the blasphemous content. Main global ecommerce sites(Paypal, Ebay, Amazon) are already not working in Pakistan due to Corrupt government practices. Pakistan economy is already near to crash(almost crashed) karachi is burning. Now they block Skype-Out to earn extra money. Because they know many people use skype-out to make calls abroad hence blocking skype is much beneficial for corrupt/10%mister like people. They also want to earn some commission on each call i.e 10% or double. They already created (a new plan to earn extra money) International Clearing House. Shame on Corrupt and corrupt practices.

    • Sir this issue is with Skype itself. I am a student in UK and use this feature to call my family in Pakistan and I’ve been facing the same issue for a while now. Stop blaming PTA as even our collages reported this a few days back.

    • Skype and other VIOP services offer dirt cheap rates to consumers because they are eating up the revenue of the carriers causing heavy losses to them. They don’t have any agreement with the operators for revenue sharing and keep all the profits to themselves. PTA and PTCL now is blocking all the gray traffic and VOIP services in order to protect our revenues.

  • I have unlimited world subscription and US$ 10 calling credit in my skype account. We are subscribed to a 2 MB PTCL Broadband connection and I can confirm that Skype is not making VOIP calls (99.9% failure).

    First Test:

    Turned my iphone 4 ufone internet connection into a hotspot connection, connected my laptop through that hotspot, connected skype, and surprisingly Skype was dialing VOIP calls.

    2nd Test:

    Installed a proxy software in my laptop and used it over PTCL broadband connection. Logged into Skype and again it was dialing VOIP calls to landline and mobiles all over the world. As soon as I closed that proxy software and connected skype without proxy software, Skype was unable to dial any number.

    3rd Test:

    Used Mobilink Infinity wireless and Skype was able to dial VOIP calls as usual.


    I hope it helps…..

    • Its very lame to have a deep discussion of the topic which even do not exist.I have been experiencing skype for making calls and text messages for quite a long time but it never reported any error, so how it can be blocked?One time issue has been created as a hot topic by all of us. So, think before commenting:)

    • I don’t know why you people are analyzing all things on assumptions.If you have experienced a problem with skype then find the reason of the problem.Skype was facing some technical issues, not been blocked by PTCL and it is smoothly running now.

    • Skype program is running fine and have not faced any trouble during usage.It is wrong to say about its blockade across any servers.May be it is a temporary issue that are stated.

    • I’m also facing problem in making Skype Out calls from Skype to US phone numbers on PTCL DSL service. Another coworker is also facing the same issue.

      By the way, Google Phone is still working. ;-)

  • i am using Skype since 3 years but first time i had faced Skype to Skype call problem (KSA to Pakistan). This problem persists since 3 weeks.

    • Seeing your problem, I would suggest that you should try again to run skype because I also usually made calls to KSA and I have not observed any obstacle in this service.So, I would say that it is not blocked by PTCL nonetheless it would be a timely issue.

  • Hello,

    It is lame excuse by Skype. As we know all calls route through LDI and LDI accept G723 and G729 codecs both on SIP Protocol. As far as concern to Pakistani ISPs, I am quiet sure if you can sign in skype in pakistan then there is no blockage. Lets say RTP packets are blocked or UDP packets are blocked which is not possible because they both are using by various voice/video chat clients. However SIP port 5060 is blocked which purpose to make signaling between SIP Client and SIP Server. But skype is using 443 or HTTP tunneling ports so thats why you can login and can make a call to phone network. If issue is voice problem that is definitely Skype interconnection issue with LDIs. May be Skype is using GRAY channel thats why you arent getting good quality.

    I hope it make clears.

    • Sameer are you based in pakistan?

      PTCL is the only ISP which is blocking Skype VOIP. All other ISPs still going well…

      • Sorry to say. ALL ISPs are asked to block VoIP because it is only open for International Call Centers and LDIs.

        • sameer this isssue – if you are so concerned can we have a solution for this? should we stop calling and wrap up our business?

          • Waqar,
            Are you trying to dialout PSTN numbers through skype package ? or you are getting your calls from abroad on your skype numbers ?

            • Among all I found PTCL is finest service provider and for the matter of skype, it is not a big deal if it not run for a while.On my side it is running devoid of any error and interruption.

    • sorry friends, I think all of you are getting confused.
      Skype is not working on PTCL provided internet for phone calls but it is working with other ISPs like wi-tribe so people who are using wi-tribe are falsely reporting that everything is okay with PTCL.
      PTCL and Witribe and other ISPs are all different. Some block some things and some block nothing like QUBEE blocks QMobile youtube but PTCL does not.

      But PTCL and this stupid and careless government is only concerned how to take more money out of people’s pocket. SHAME ON ALL PARTIES CURRENTLY IN GOVERNMENT THAT INSTEAD OF PROVIDING MORE OPTIONS AND SERVICES TO MEET CURRENT BUSINESS CHALLENGES, THEY ARE ONLY FOCUSING ON MAKING MORE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. They don’t provide good jobs and those who have self employed them are also facing problems because of their carelessness either intentional or unintentional but government must have control over law and order and consumer based services.

      Hope this will help in clearing the confusion. Thanks!

  • Have also faced the problem of both the Video Call and Text Msgs in Skype in Samsung Smart TV last week. hmmm… Have any of you faced same problem with Samsung Smart TV Skype App?

    • Hi,I experienced both video call and text messages in skype but I did not see any issues as it is reporting here.We should not damage any national organization’s repute by stating such kind of probabilities.We have been already suffered from many local disasters.

    • You should try some later time because it was just a shorter time problem and I m currently using skype and it is running seamlessly and enjoying talk with my friends.

    • Aisha : Stop using such bad words for our national company. If you are not satisfied then go for another but please dont use these kinds of words. PTCL is best . Does any other company providing such user friendly offers as PTCL is offering ? Does any other company has the coverage like, PTCL has ? The answer is “5km” long Noooo. So always think about the better part of the picture.

      • What the hell are you smoking? PTCL is best?! PTCL has user friendly offers?!?!? Ever tried dealing with their billing/landline/dsl department?!
        On one instance I asked them to show me a written document over a policy they were dictating to me and I got the answer from one of your ‘best’ PTCL One Stop ‘user friendly’ lady with a smirk “Sir, this is PTCL” – i.e. no bloody documents – they make shit up as they go along… such as blocking Skype calls!

      • What are you smoking? PTCL is best?! PTCL is user friendly?! PTCL is one big ugly ignorant molvi (pretty much run by them) who likes to ruin people’s lives…

  • It has got nothing to do with Government of Pakistan ,PTA or Rehman Malik.

    It is a decision of PTCL (Owned by UAE). PTCL probably have got a new system to block VoIP Calls .

    • If skype had been blocked by PTCL then there would be some notifications to hold this practice but it not seems like that.Skype blocking is possibly the result of any technical issue rather than any permanent blockade. I am using Skype to call my friends in USA and it does not show me any problem.

  • Yes that’s true. I have emailed PTA for that. And they are looking in for this issue. I have got a response and they are working on it. as soon as I ll get some updates i will share with you guys. Happy calling

    • Thanks Waqas in Sialkot i am using PTCL Wingle and same problem is facing by me when i call from skype to another skype user in UK. if you receive any update so please share here for the information.

    • I usually called my parents through skype in Canada but never face any disruption during conversation.Last time also, it run well throughout.As you are facing the problem, it could be a problem by skype itself neither any blocking by PTCL OR PTA.

  • @ all – Thank you for reporting this. I was having this issue for last 1 week but thought the problem is in my device (evo or dsl). Now i know the deal :(

    Can anyone advise any alternative to ptcl evo usb ? Is wi-tribe any good or perhaps wateen…

  • I am experiencing this right now. I cannot call my family in the U.S. This started about a week ago. It is pretty much a disaster for me.

    • Softwares and apps might caught problems and errors but it is not blocked.I have experienced skype and it is running efficiently to call my family in KSA.You should try again and indeed it will run.

  • Guys please read the blog carefully. There is no proof what so ever that Ptcl is blocking skype calls. Lakeer kay faqeer mat banen. I am sure there is technical problem so why blame the national company. Think positive.

  • Skype is running well all over and it is useless to say that PTCL is blocking skype. There is no interruption faced while running skype.

  • I’d say this was solely a technical issue. Microsoft is updating its outlook and hotmail to skype , and this has initialized this technical problem for quite of the users around the world. As they have resolved it, I’ve been making calls without any hitch or delay. I’d suggest all of my brothers to stop making assumptions and show some positive attitude towards our deliberation.

  • While having conversation on skype either locally or internationally,it was seamless experience.Even my friends in the city have not reported any inconveniences occur during their conversations.

  • That’s not true reports,Skype is being used by many users in our country, and it has no disruption.If it would be so then there would surely be announcement by concerned authorities.

    • I second dashing khan. Our companies are not blocking skype at all. People should not believe on rumors.

      • Bilkul ye rumors hi hein. Q k mujy khud kbi koi masla nai hua skype me. Ksi b technical reason ko apni mulk ki company k sath relate krna theek nahi hai. Bey qasoor ko qasoor waar thehrana darust nahi.

        • Read the article – its based on using skype to call landline/mobile – not the free skype to skype call. The landline/mobile calling is a paid Skype service which has been blocked by PTCL. The free skype to skype works…

        • achay bachay tum school jana start karo dubara… tumhe parh k bhi samajh nahi aaya k yahan baat kia ho rahi hai…. we are not talkinh about skype to skype calls

  • Either making calls by skype to phone or to internationally, I have not experienced any blockade in a service.Skype is running well on all ISPs like previously.

    • Yes @1af187d4fe5e1df9d36cd8f2ebeccac3:disqus : I totally agree. I and my locality hasn’t face any problem in skype.
      All is working fine.

  • As of now Skype is still blocked for PC to Phone or Mobile calls (Anywhere in the world including Pakistan). Skype to Skype voice and video still working. This post is not related to Skype to Skype voice and video. So please don’t mislead other visitors by telling them that Skype is working fine. Its all about PTCL blocking VOIP for Skype. I have tried Mobilink infinity, Personal VPN (Proxy softwares to bypass your internet service provider) and ufone internet. All of them work like a charm. PTCL SUX.

  • I am under so much stress,people are not able to reach me from USA, I am having PTCL DSL & PTCL Evo service and this service work on neither of them, I just checked & the service is working fine on other ISP’s & even Mobilink EDGE, PTCL really is a pain in the a**, before this I always regarded PTCL highly, but they always like making things difficult for their users,

  • PTCL has blocked skype to landline/mobile calls,
    i checked it with WORLDCALL device, and skype to landline/mobile calls were fine, but when i tried again with EVO , skype to landline/mobile were blocked,

    so case is clear PTCL is blocking skype to landline/mobile calls .

    please guys, whoever is still praising their national company, you should praise them always but the fact is, they are ruining many businesses .

  • I am here in Sweden and talk to my family in Pakistan skype to skype. Thats working. But skype to mobile and landlines in Pakistan is not working :(

  • the blockage of VOIP on PTCL is driving me insane. these bastards don’t get it that we are using these services to run our businesses in such bad economy. instead of facilitating the customers, they are acting like moral police, blocking each and everything.

  • The truth behind this the Skype services are just block to make happy India. Skype is the way for people of Pakistan to work for example some are software companies they are providing customer services to their customer all over the world through Skype because it’s a cheap way some people are running call center in Pakistan in call center they are basically providing customer services on behalf of other international companies. To make India more happy the PMLN banned the services because India don’t want Pakistanis people to work for international companies. They want that all the call center just work in India. As India don’t want that Pakistani people use PayPal because that is used for buying and selling all over the world through ebay and the office of PayPal as well in India so the indian don’t want it. The Nawaz sharif is an agent of India he just think of him self or his business with India. All the things that creating panic and terrorism in Pakistan is still running. Like Geo net work, TTP etc.. But all the thing that give the hope to the people of Pakistan is Going to banned. I just pray my country and his people live happy and Allah killed and destroy the enemy of Pakistan

  • PTA is blocking illegal grey traffic but itself using grey method to route traffic.
    I am seriously looking for other means of communication to my family. Skype is no more working from KSA to PK like before.

  • PTCL is definitely blocking landline calls from Skype, using a VPN solves the issue, but why we spend another 500 per month on VPN + extra headache, shame on PTCL you losers. Pakistan is a bad place to do business and work, our own Govt is creating troubles for us, better go so Singapore, low tax rate and incentives for professionals.

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