ICH Case: SC Directs CCP and LDI Operators to Appear Before Court

ICHSupreme Court of Pakistan, during a hearing on ICH petition yesterday, has suspended Sindh High Court’s stay order that was granted over ICH and directed Competition Commission of Pakistan and LDI operators to appear before the court on next hearing on March 27th, 2013.

Petition, filed by Brain Telecom, against International Clearing House in Lahore High Court was moved by Supreme Court to CCP and higher court had directed the commission to resolve the case with-in 15 days.

CCP, following SC directives, had issued show cause notices to LDI operators but on other hands some LDI operators had moved to Sindh High Court and had got a stay order against proceedings of the CCP by concealing facts.

After the expiry of the deadline, Supreme Court has now directed CCP to appear before court – along with LDI operators – to explain that why the case wasn’t concluded in due time.

LDI operators – for obvious reasons – are lingering the situation to make sure the inflows of revenues coming from international incoming calls.

ICH case, that was initially moved in Lahore High Court, is making rounds in all sorts of courts and Pakistanis living abroad aren’t offered any relief who are still paying higher amounts for calling their FnF in Pakistan.