PTCL Launches Smart TV Application for PCs

PTCL Smart TV AppPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) today announced the availability of its Smart TV PC application with which customers can enjoy digital quality live streaming of 125 channels on their DSL broadband connections without set-top box.

PTCL had previously offered the same app for EVO customers only as a pilot. Service is now extended to all PTCL broadband customers.

With this Smart TV app for PCs and Laptops, that can be downloaded from PTCL’s website, customers can watch live streaming of 125 digital quality channels on their PCs or laptops.

PTCL has said that Video on Demand isn’t available with Smart TV PC Application, instead only live streaming is available with this app.

How to Avail Smart TV App for PCs:

Customers can subscribe to Smart TV app viewing by calling 0800-80800. Along with, they will have to download the app from PTCL’s website.

Service Charges:

  • Smart TV with App for broadband customers is free of charge for first two months (from April 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2013)
  • Monthly service charges of Rs. 250 per month will apply from June 1st, 2013

Related Information:

  • All the existing and new PTCL customers can avail this facility.
  • PTCL says that Smart TV PC Application can be used with PTCL broadband only
  • Smart TV PC Application is comparable with Vista, Windows 7 and above OS
  • Running Smart TV PC Application simultaneously on multiple Laptops/PCs will not work.
  • Smart TV PC Application is offered free with Smart TV Jadoo Plus and Smart TV.

  • ali

    modem kay sath 4 hours say paangay kar raha honn, yah chaly ga kaysay!

    • aamir7

      did you get your subscription by calling helpline?

  • For those who already have SmartTV activated do not need to call PTCL they can simply download the app and it will work.

    • Azlan

      No dude! It does not work. I have Smart TV and recently downloaded Smart TV App thinking it might run from the word GO. But it does not. It fetches channels list successfully but once you select any channel to play, It keeps in displaying the blank screen while the selected channel name appears on its title bar.

  • can anyone tell me the resolution of digital quality channels ??

  • Waqas

    kya is se internet bandwidth use hoti hai ya direct ptcl line ke through hai?

    • Shahid Saleem

      Of course it uses internet bandwidth.

      • hasan

        No its not using internet bandwidth. its broadcasting from ptcl server.

        • Shahid Saleem

          You don’t understand the technology. Go away learn something first.

          It does NOT use TV style broadcast. It uses your internet connection.

          • lol gussa tu na karo samjha do bichare ko

            • Shahid Saleem

              Not your teacher, no patience for people who cannot self learn.

          • Imran Aslam

            bro definetly internet bandwidth to use hoti hi ha pr is app k liye alehda bandwidth increase key jaati ha. i.e agr 4mb connection pe router mein 4606 Down speed show hoti ha to ye service active krwane k bad 6000-8000 down speed kr dein gy, therefore no affect on internet bandwidth

            • Shahid Saleem

              So they increase the amount of bandwidth you have. That’s still different from “broadcasting” or whatever hasan thought.

  • Ammar

    Yaar me ne 250/month nahi dainay…koi free tareeka nikalo jaldi se.

    • zain

      i think u should be thankful to these few companies who are providing us with such services at affordable price in such circumstances of pakistan

    • Salman Abbas

      Is app ko decompile kar ke shaid mil jaey :D

      • The application is a simple wrapper over vlc , which accesses a specific ip (for each channel ) using udp for data communication.

    • Danish Jaffri

      Contat me @03004936705 if any one want Free

  • shiekh rasheed

    Wow. Good app by ptcl. Like a boss

  • Razzaq Khan

    This app was really needed in Pakistan, on the go customers will definitely enjoy this offer. And most importantly the price seems about right. PTCL is moving along nicely in introducing us to new features of the entertainment world.

  • Ali Sharif

    Smart TV PC Application Fee is Rs.250 per month

    Key Features:

    1. this application simultaneously on multiple Laptops/PCs will not work
    2. VODs are not available in Smart TV PC Application
    3. TSTV/rewind feature feature is not available

  • Helper- Pro

    Follow the below steps for speedy functioning of applicaion:

    1. Susbcribe for it by calling 080080800

    2,After susbcription, download the application from PTCL corporat website or PTCL official facebook page

    3. PTCL installer will contact you and help you in doing slight modem configuration.

    4. But you can always download the Modem setting manual and try by doing it by yourself and at the same time you can take 1218 helpline online

    5. Enjoy 125 channels

    Brothers these are not internet channels, it is something from PTCL’s own network so no delays

    PTCL rocks

    • Ahsan Raza

      can u tell me a way to flip channels on the smart tv app without going back to channels list like we do on a television … it is so annoying to maneuver through channels, load each one separately wait for it to load check if theres something good coming on the channel, if no go back … load another channel and repeat.

  • Aamir Ali

    Can I run Smart tv application on Windows xp . will I face any problem if broadband speed is slow.

  • Ali

    So this is not for EVO customers? only for DSL?

  • Rustam Achakzai

    It has to be said that this is a one of its kind App, timely and much more importantly it is very affordable. Smart TV on your PC`s is a bliss, I do not know how many times I thought this will happen. PTCL surely is the market leader, others are lagging far far behind.

  • Is it available on mac apple

  • Osama

    o bhaio koi mjhy btaye mera kio nhe chal rha yar…????? settings b karwa li hain helpine par call kar k but still facing a problem…..

    • talha92

      ptcl walon ne ap ki dishtv wali comment parh li hai aur wo naraz hogaye hein. ja k tata satellite waloon ko phone karein, ap ko wohi pasand hai na

      • Osama

        hahahaha bhai wo km sy km quality services ka dawa kar k wo daity to hain na yar….. and for your kind info i also post another comment please read it…

  • Osama

    Question: Can you install PTCL (Smart TV) and forget about normal cable TV?
    answer would certainly be NO, PTCL Smart TV service is so much problematic
    that no one would uninstall local cable tv. So that proves Smart TV is not
    reliable from PTCL.

    This is only because PTCL has worst worst worst and WORST customer
    support services. If you drop a complaint, without any action they keep
    asking you through automated system that (press 1 if you problem has
    been resolved)… such lazy no good haramkhor support staff.

  • Osama

    DishTV INDIA is better all of them. And it is legal to watch DishTV
    INDIA in Pakistan. Because its Indian Company. Dish tv gives 200 plus
    channels like STAR PLUS, STAR ONE, COLORS, SONY TV etc.

    • Faizan

      So dont support our local company and go fund India. What happened to the times when in school we used to read the events our soldiers who received Nishan-e-Haider and love for Kashmir is now replaced by “Aman ki Asha”, it sickens me.

      • talha92

        agreed this all jew tv and j-ew-ang group making aman ka drama……Osama have u ever though why Pakistani channels dramas etc are not available in India? you like Indian channels dear get them, then tomorrow if ur kids follow that culture then you will wonder where u went wrong!

        • Umair

          Well even in this smart TV of PTCL, you are gonna get Indian channels. But this is true it is better to fund a Pakistani company.

          • Osama

            bhai ji ptcl kon sa ba totaly pakistani company reh gae hai yar…. ptcl share ho chuki hai…………..

        • Osama


          Question: Can you install PTCL (Smart TV) and forget about normal cable TV?
          answer would certainly be NO, PTCL Smart TV service is so much problematic
          that no one would uninstall local cable tv. So that proves Smart TV is not
          reliable from PTCL.

          This is only because PTCL has worst worst worst and WORST customer
          support services. If you drop a complaint, without any action they keep
          asking you through automated system that (press 1 if you problem has
          been resolved)… such lazy no good haramkhor support staff.

      • at least some body care ‘s pakistan

    • HK

      higher in price also, 850 PK RS dish tv monthly subscription with only 150 channels approx.

  • Mansoor-ur-rehman

    installed app
    subscribed to ptcl
    modem config file is available on ptcl website
    channel list and result is preety good
    doesnt use much of bandwidth

    got 2mb connection and stream was goood with 150kb download
    u have to reduce torrent speed to 160 kb if u want to watch channels smothly
    everything esle is good
    there is but one problem unable to use it over wifi lan pc is working fine and also when im running smart tv on lan pc, wifi doesnt work can even open google on laptop……
    dont know if its some config issue of bug, if anyone figure out plz reply

    • fedex

      did can you please guide me on setting its hard to follow that pdf file

  • Naseer

    Does the stream lag?

  • Naseer


  • Faizan

    This will be great for people living overseas. If they can provide access to people in UK,US,Canada and even charge them $20/month. They will happily pay.

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  • Mazhar

    Dosto meray dost na internet lagya hoa hai aur hum share kar rhay hain.

    Agar uss ka connection par smarttv active karwain tu kia mai through Wifi yeh Service apnay Laptop par chala sakta hon?

    • Osama

      ji nhe janab ye service just at a time aik bnda he use kar skta hai not multiuser support…….

    • Haha bhot achay tv ki baat ayi to internet share karnay lagay hahaha

  • Helper- Pro

    Never ever compare cable TV with IPTV service in general, one is analogue , other is digital. One bad experience never kills the product. Try using it one more time and change your perception about the product.

  • HA

    You mean this thing won’t work with windows xp? m i right?

  • Can I download this app for free testing?

  • Mazhar

    Kia WIFI sa yeh service use kar saktay hain?

  • Umer Draz

    I totally agree with Osama’s comments here. PTCL is the most pathetic operator when it comes to internet, smart TV and not to forget the most pathetic customer services

  • fedex

    @admin yar modem setting ki video bana kar add kardo, will be very much appreciated , I am finding it hard to follow the instruction on that PDF file ..

    • Kashar ⎝⏠⏝⏝⏠⎠

      they made it hard :) simple go to settings and then wan add a new profile add vpi/vci values as 0 and 35 enable quality something click next click on bridging click next :) save and restart

      • fedex

        0 nd 35 or 0 and 102 ?

        • Kashar ⎝⏠⏝⏝⏠⎠

          for me it is 0/35 you can try 102 there is no damage u have to reboot ;) only

  • ahsan

    Can we unsubscribe this service after 31st may?

  • alamgir

    smart tv for dsl is is not working properly becouse its hannged always the chanel stop working after some time. in window 7 and also not working in window 8 i try it.

  • Aeeeeeeeee

    Kia bakwas ha :S it wont work on wifi !!!! u have to connect ur laptop wid ethernet cable

    • Kashar ⎝⏠⏝⏝⏠⎠

      Same problem :(

  • aadam khan

    i am telling you with my experience you can install ptcl smart tv app and can forget about normal cable tv because you can have uninterrupted live tv streaming even on student package :-D

  • Why one should spend 250 to watch tv with VOD and rewind service?
    There are a lot of website where you can watch live tv absolutely free of cost.

  • Hassan

    I have been able to make the service work on VLC player other than the one provided by PTCL. This allows for multiple computers to watch TV at the same time (on ethernet).

    BUT since its using UDP multicast so playback feature is not available. And it doesn’t work over wifi even after increasing multicast rate to 54Mbps. The video quality is just too good for wifi router to handle.

    • how you did it????

    • Hamy

      Bro I did that too and u can fast forward it in both vlc and ptcl app and yeah i got a method to record tv channels even in fast forward ;)

  • Nasir

    I applied for this service instantly on knowing about it. The service was enabled within 2 days. It required modem configuration, and downloading of Smart TV PC application from PTCL website. I have 4 mbps connection and the service is working like breeze on my PC. The channel quality is similar to digital receiver. A good variety of channels is available. No visible impact on browsing or downloads. Full screen view is remarkable, and it is without the annoying ads we have to bear on cable tv.

    PTCL may fine tune its application further to add features like channel locking to restrict your children viewing certain channels. For those suffering some quality issues, a lower quality stream may be selectable in the application. IF for certain channel electronic program guide is available on internet, application may be interfaced with it to make viewing experience more fun etc.

    Overall its an excellent new service by PTCL, and it is a must for every PTCL broadband user.

    • Nasir

      I am suffering downgraded bandwidth on browsing when watching TV on 1 PC. Even at times WIFI signal goes away.

  • Usman Shah

    i have been using, PTCL DSL since 2009…

    My first connection was 512 KB/sec (student package),, applied in 2008 December, installed on January 30th 2009 after 1000’s of complaints.

    (SNR in 2009 = 5.9db )

    I got up gradation in mid 2009 from 512k to 1MB,, i can sleept that night, internet is working on 4.2db image how worst was my line and though it was working.

    i got 2MB package and remove student pkg in 2011 august. find a line man , convince him to please change my line to some good pair. then i got a good pair to run 2MB (SNR = 9db),

    now in 2013, PTCL suddenly awoke and Insalled OFC(fibre) in our area, i dont know how, i upgrade form 2 to 4 MB (SNR = 33db) ,

    End Result … PTCL is upredictable.

  • arslan

    please any one can tell me settings for Sagemcom 1704

  • pc app working fine with lan. but any1 tell me how to run with wifi???

  • Please tell me, can I use this App. with Windows XP Service Pack 2?????

  • SS

    I already have smart tv. Downloaded the app and ran on Windows XP. It fetches the channel list but does not show picture. Anybody successfully running it on XP?

  • Zulfiqar Ali

    How To Modem Setting Smart tv apps for pc my modem Sagem [email protected]™ 1704.

    plz help me

  • Imran

    i have been order smart tv pc app on 13th of april but not been activated everytime i call them they ask me they are farwarding ur request but nothing happens they are facing some technical issue any idea ?

  • Salman

    My request for 042-37602809 to deactivate “Smart TV PC”. PTCL is not deactivating this free service.
    Even This service is not provided to me.

  • charlie


  • HK

    lots of comments, but anyone didn’t ask for channels list (names) nor anyone didn’t describe. so I m asking this. what channels are there in ptcl smart tv pc app.?
    are there 720p HD.?

  • Danish Jaffri

    you can also avail this service Free
    if dont know i’ll guide…

  • Ahsan waqar

    I am using PtclSmartTv service on my t.v..If, i will download this app and start using, will it cost 250 rupees, i am already paying 500 rupeesmonth for smart tv..???

  • bano

    hi would u plz tell through which chan

    eels of communication ptcl employees connect through each other

  • pure1

    Is there any method to record from PTCL Smart tv PC app?

  • Javeed Ahmed

    ab ptcl smart pc tv application ko kahan say download karen yahan to koi opation hi nai hai please tell if you know

  • hash

    I am a user of smart tv. I installed this application after much cursing the customer service center because of their misguidance towards the matter. Previously customer service operator told me that you can avail smart tv and smart tv app simultaneously and you can watch different channels. I had heard that you cannot connect more than one tv but I thought pc app would be different and this might work. But after installing pc application, I can only watch one channel on both devices which kills the purpose of smart tv applications for smart tv users..
    My question is ..Is there any way or any other service that provides pctv for pc? Because I have been double crossed by PTCL in that matter!

  • Sohail Khan

    Kindly Sir Koi Yeh Btay Kay Smart TV PC Ko Subcribe Karnay Ka Order Karo Tou Kitnay Dino Main Kaam Ho Jata Hai ??????