15 Election Rigging Videos From Pakistan That Went Viral on Social Media!

Polling time in Pakistan for Election 2013 has ended. Election results and updates have already started to pop-up, however, social media is already filled with many unpleasant rigging videos and images from today’s elections.

Election-Day rigging isn’t new in Pakistan but filming such incidents and exposing these rigging videos to entire world is a new phenomenon.

Despite the fact that mobile phones were not allowed inside polling booths, it was observed that presiding officers didn’t bar the voters from carrying cell phones. And hence every citizen was equipped with a camera to film rigging videos that they witnessed inside the polling stations.


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Interestingly, majority of these election rigging videos surfaced from Karachi and Hyderabad. These rigging videos were first shared by individuals who filmed them and soon they were replicated all over Facebook and Twitter.

These election rigging videos have been shared by thousands of users and now everyone knows the hidden reality of election-day rigging.

We are presenting few of Election Rigging videos for you here:

A Man Opening Rigging the Ballot Box in NA-251

Very Clear Video of Election Rigging from NA-219 (Hyderabad)

Female Voters Presenting Bangles to Police

Fake Voter Caught in Lahore

Election Rigging Caught by Rangers

Poll Rigging in NA251 (Karachi)

Ballot Boxes Kicked and Felling Apart On Roads

Election Rigging in Punjab

A lady Protesting and Shouting Over Rigging Incidents in Karachi

Rigging Exposed

Karachi Police Doing Nothing and Sleeping during Polling

Election Rigging Video from NA-253 (Karachi)

Another Election Rigging Video from Karachi

Ballot Books Found on Karachi Roads:

Election Riggin

Ballot Papers Spread on Roads in Karachi

Election Rigging

Ballot Box and Papers in the Fields


And lastly check this motivating video, confirming that Pakistan saw different elections today; a man brought to Polling Station on stretcher to cast vote. While on his way back home – after voting – he is applauded by everyone present in the polling station.