Nokia Unveils Lumia 925 Smartphone


Merely days after announcing its highly anticipated Windows Phone the Lumia 928, Nokia has come back and given the Smartphone world another blow (in both good and bad ways) in the new Lumia 925. The phone isn’t substantially different from the previous 920, 928 flagships but finally brings a sleeker, slimmer body.


This is the first phone in the Lumia line-up to be made of aluminium. This is not a full metal body since the back is still made of polycarbonate plastic but nonetheless gives the phone a fresher look. The phone is also notably slimmer (at 8.4mm) and lighter (139 grams) compared to the 10.7mm and 185 grams of the Lumia 920.

The design also puts it in the same league as the HTC One and iPhone 5 since those too are made of premium quality materials.


The Lumia 925 packs a 4.5 inch PureMotion HD+ display (same as the Lumia 920) with resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels. That’s large enough for most people but is still a far cry from the 5 and 5.5 inch flagships of Samsung, HTC and LG.

It’s an AMOLED ClearBlack panel so the blacks must be pretty good. Protection is done by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Pixel density is 334ppi.


And here’s the star of the show. No, it doesn’t bring anything exactly new to the mix but is still one of the very best in the market right now. The Lumia 925 features an 8.7 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and f/2.0 aperture.

There’s also a dual LED Flash at the back unlike the Xenon one found in the Lumia 928. Just like pretty much every other flagship, it is also capable of shooting 1080p Full HD videos.

Nokia has added the Smart Camera app in the phone though which adds modes such as Action Shot, Motion Focus, Burst Mode and Best Shot along with some editing. And there’s a 1.3mp front-facing camera too.

Software, Hardware and connectivity

The phone again doesn’t bring anything substantially different here. First of all, it features the exact same software, i.e. Windows Phone 8 as others along with some ‘special’ Nokia apps. Under the hood, it features the same dual-core 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor with 1GB RAM and Adreno 225 GPU.

It also offers the same rich connectivity as its predecessor. To start off, it uses micro-sim for data. Then there’s Bluetooth 3.0, microUSB 2.0, Wifi Hotspot, 4G LTE, GPS and NFC. The phone features a non-removable 2000mAh battery. There’s wireless charging too but it’s enabled via an additional accessory so it won’t exactly be used by many. The Lumia 925 will be available in Silver and Grey.

Comparison with Lumia 928 and 920

As written several times earlier, the phone is virtually the same package as the earlier Lumia 920 and 928, except for the design and lack of Xenon Flash. But the design itself is a huge plus since the weight and thickness of the Lumia 920 made it a big no for a lot of people.

In the end, here’s the specs roundup:

  • Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon
  • Operating system: Windows Phone 8
  • Display: 4.5″ AMOLED WXGA (1280×768), 2.25 D sculpted Gorilla 2 Glass, ClearBlack, High Brightness Mode, Sunlight Readability, Super Sensitive Touch for glove and nail usage
  • Main camera: PureView 8.7 MP with Optical Image Stabilization, Autofocus, short pulse high power dual LED flash, most advanced lens technology, 1080p HD video at 30fps with Optical Image Stabilization. Includes Nokia Smart Camera mode.
  • Front facing camera: 1.2 MP wide angle
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory; 7 GB free SkyDrive cloud storage
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery, Wireless Charging supported via an accessory cover

Pricing and availability

The phone will be available in June this year for $610 (around Rs. 65000). That puts it in the same line as every phone else in the market including the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

There will be two questions to answer then before buying this phone: How much do you really want a Nokia & Windows Phone and can you live with a phone with a dire lack of some important apps and features. If yes, then this is the phone to get and if not, then you can find pretty much any phone you want in the market for the same price.

  • Why Nokia always confuses with the no.s 920, 928 and now 925 soon hell of 92x there should only be 1 flag ship and followed by name rather than no.s

    • Given that Price is ~same..then

      Yes your statement here is just like ” quard-core S4 is loser infront of dual-core win-8.. SGX544MP3 is loser infront of 225 GPU . As per Qualcomm, “S4 Gpu is four times faster than the Adreno 225 which is found in all the high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphones”

      So,if S4= i7 then this Lumia 925 = Core2duo..

      lol what a comparison!

      Nokia want to encash its name…but sadly its digging its own grave by producing expensive yet empty products…

      • U did completely wrong comparison.
        Under desktop computing there came only 1 major OS i.e. Windows. And When we are talking about core i7 & core2duo we don’t mention OS because it is an obvious choice

        Here the situation is a bit different. Latest Android is demanding more powerful hardware and WP8 isn’t.

        Even if one competes both these mobile OS side by side then there came lot of differences as roughly in Android JB 4.1, 2GB RAM is equivalent to 1GB RAM of WP8 which makes them of no match.

        The point is WP8 requires less resources to perform a task and Android JB does demands more and more.

        And as u wrote “SGX544MP3 is loser infront of 225 GPU”. It can be possible in this case as both OS are different by consuming juice from hardware.

        In short Lumia 920 & SG S4 both are performing head2head just because of different OS.

        • If i accept your point then what is problem with Nokia do develop high end phone? Just give us high performance phone like S4. i have no concern with OS, concern with hardware. This is impossible that with low spec hardware you can beat high spec hardware with only OS like WP8. But nokia is looser and cant do it just make crap things with new name to fool customers …

          • Mate, first try to do same tasks on both lumia 920 an galaxy s3. I m sure u will see significant difference in performance. And u can easily judge by urself that lumia 920 is outperforming s3. Hardware wise s3 is superior in every single way but android JB requires more and more powerful hardware to work like charm.

            • I dont care about software, i just want from nokia to give me high end phone like samsung or HTC. i will use my favorite OS to use it and you are making a point that with software u can boost hardware performance so talking in air. Different OS can show little change, if this is point then hardware technology war comes to end and every one is tunning software. My dear friend a/c def software is just manipulating hardware. Can u think top class technologies with nokia, like full HD display 1080p, 441ppi density and Octa core processor? Nokia is just looser, cant make big things, only make crap things and sell it big price !

  • nokia is digging kaber for itself . they don’t think about customers … go to hell nokia

  • People here dont realise that windows phone does not require quad core or 2 Gb of Ram like android does. i tried GS4 and it was laggy as hell compared to lumia 920.
    in the long run android will fade away while windows phone will succeed.

    • ”windows phone does not require quad core or 2 Gb of Ram” but hd games/apps do

    • GS is general purpose high end device, you can do any thing with it while nokia is for basic things that why fell everything is good in nokia. its really for childs !

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