18 Years Old Student Invents a Device to Charge Cell Phones in 20 Seconds

18 Years Old Student Invents a Device to Charge Cell Phone in 20 Seconds
Eesha Khare, 18 years old American-Indian, from Saratoga in California

Have you Ever thought of fully charging your mobile phone with-in 20 seconds? If yes – then your wishes are going to meet reality very soon.

An Indian American girl, who is just 18 years old, has invented a super-capacitor device that could potentially charge a cellphone in less than 20 seconds.

Eesha Khare from Saratoga in California has developed this tiny device that fits inside mobile phone batteries that could allow them to charge within 20-30 seconds. This tiny device — that can pack a lot of energy into a tiny space — can keep powering cellphone for even longer duration than the conventional batteries.

Eesha demoed this tiny so-called super capacitor this week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and for which she won a prize of USD 50,000.

Eesha’s invention has already attracted Google’s attention, along with various other tech companies who have been trying for long for such a rapid-charging solution.

According to the Eesha, her device can last for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared to 1,000 cycles for conventional rechargeable batteries.

The gadget has, so far, only been tested on an LED light, but the good news is that it has a good chance of working successfully in other devices, like mobile phones, expert say.

“It is also flexible, so it can be used in rollup displays and clothing and fabric. It has a lot of different applications and advantages over batteries in that sense,” she added.

  • Zardari

    yet another hoax?

  • nice invention..I hope so it will bring a revolutionary change in the world of electronics

    • Nadir Khan

      and hope with the name of made in pakistan

      • Anas

        The Girl is Indian! What’s wrong with you?

        • Jerry

          but the production can be done in Pakistan

        • Namaloom Afraad

          Pakistanis have invented so many things. All we need is some cameras, videos, and some bloggers to spread the news.

          samajh rahay hona meri bat.? Pakistani students koi chiz invent kartay hein to hamaray blog walay naam tak nahi likhtay kahin :P

          • Copper

            And do you have an example of any “invention” by Pakistani students?

      • Shahnawaz

        It should be made for Pakistan…

    • Naaah not in the WORLD :D

      • Coz U Know Pakistani’s! :) They sell this gadget and Then other may upgrade them and make a whole new gadget which is even fast ! :)

    • Boyesa

      if its bought by apple then forget about revolution, then it will become premium :P

  • Waqar Hassan

    This is simply amazing

  • Imran Hunzai

    I guess Indians are spying :D

  • کنفرم کرو یار

    اللہ کرے یہ امریکہ کی انجنئیر آغا وقار پٹھان ثابت ہو۔
    سب بولو اٰمین

  • And your mobile’s battery life will be decreased by 70% :P Or maro shokhian.

  • Nadir Khan

    Please sell this Product around the wold with the name of made in pakistan . let pakistan earn money don’t give technology any country

  • ImHap

    She is an American. The word America means diversity. India has nothing to do with her. I am just thinking aloud.
    Her invention is too good to be true. But actually, it is true. I cant judge the practical applications of this device but i do not think there will be a problem.

    • rohan

      Hey pal, shes got indian brains!!….not american :) btw..i dont live in india either..but tht doesnt mean we r not indians.

  • Ahmad

    Jo be hai Pakistan mei boht kamyab ho gi ye product
    Q ke light aati he itni hy


  • fakhre alam

    plz start the production of this device in pakistan

  • khan

    The rewarded money is 5,000 USD not 50,000 USD.

    • aamir7

      Check the release again please. It says:

      Two Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards winners – Eesha Khare of Saratoga, Calif. and Henry Lin of Shreveport, La. – each received prizes of $50,000 from the Intel Foundation.

  • Farooq Khan

    Great revolutionary

  • Very nice …

  • shaƒiq

    she just made some changes, supercapicitor was discovered in 2010 , check this video http://vimeo.com/51873011

    • Saeed

      If it existed since 2010 then why on earth has it not been used in charging devices? This would either be the biggest invention of modern era or the biggest blunder!

      • Shahid Saleem

        For the same reason wireless electricity has been “invented” over 100 years ago by Tesla but isn’t used for anything but charging phones or other small devices today. There are operational & design flaws.

  • hasan

    that super capacitor has been discovered by a british scientist he even used the term charging in 5 seconds and that element is graphene i think and you guys can see his video on youtube but hey guys where the heck this lady gets the credit…???? any body???? is this another drama from indians

  • Ammar Abbasi

    All I can say is, “Shut up and take my money” :D

  • Abrar Nazir

    Good Luck! May you succeed with your invention for the welfare of humanity.

  • badar abro

    well done .and congregate.

  • Pakistanis have Talent but no one care ’em… :(

  • Muhammad Waqas Shahzad

    She invented a super capacitor which can hold enough charge to light a led for few seconds. This technology can be used in mobile phone by replacing battery with super capacitor .The advantage over battery is that super capacitor can be charged very fast. But its not going to happen any time soon. it will take around 5 to 10 years . Title is misleading.

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  • Engr Zeeshan Ali

    When u got the aim ” To work for the Humanity not for cast country bounded ” but for all you will got great ideas and power of implementation … We will bring true revolutions not by words but by our hard work and ideas… True Pakistani Thinkings

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    lol this news is all over the internet with same title

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    Well done….. Good NEws

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    its a good idea of saving time, because nowdays time is more important than anything else..

  • Zindagi Mag

    Sounds great! Hope it doesn’t damage the battery or heat up the device.