Minister Interior Sb, Can You Please Get Me a Refund for Suspending Mobile Services?

Mobile Phone ServiceWhile I am not sure that suspending mobile phone services for welcoming Li Keqiang, Chinese Prime  Minister, or for seeing him off again by suspending mobile phone services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi was any good or not, but I do believe that you – and your team – did all the necessary evaluations before taking this hard decision.

I am sure you that you, and your team, was confident that suspension of cellular services was last possible option and in the best interest of the nation.

I am also sure that you would have taken all necessary measures for securing Pakistani nation and our Chinese guests, but for some reason all the security measures were not enough and you had to get the mobile services suspended, unwillingly of course.

No, I am not doubting your intents at all. I am in fact appreciating your efforts for keeping me and my other Pakistani sisters and brothers safe and sound. I would also like to congratulate you for maintaining law and order situation during the visit of Chinese premier.

Yes, I understand that you have this legal right of blocking my service(s). However, would you please get me a refund for the charges my cellular company had deducted in-advance for the services that I couldn’t use during to service suspension?

These charges are something like I have paid for a service — but couldn’t use it due to in-availability of service itself. Its like I bought a ticket for train but train wasn’t available to take me along. I am sure this is simple to understand.

Here are some details about the charges I had to pay in advance to my cellular companies:

  • Rs. 70: Daily line rent for one of my postpaid number
  • Rs. 20: Daily charges for Unlimited Mobile Internet package that I am subscribed to
  • Rs. 20: Daily charges for voice bundle I am using with my postpaid plan
  • Rs. 3: Daily charges for SMS bundle I am using
  • Rs. 3: Daily charges for three VAS services I am using
  • Rs. 12: Daily charges for unlimited on-net voice bundle I am using on a prepaid number

Please note that I have paid 19.5 percent GST plus 10 percent WHT on all these charges as well.

I am again thankful for taking the right and needful decision of blocking the service on two occasions in two days. I will also appreciate – whole heartedly — if you could please arrange a refund of all these charges that I had paid.

You can ask my cellular company – through PTA of course – to credit my account with up-mentioned dues. Yes, my cellular company has all the details with them already.

Yes I am not alone, there are at least 5 million other subscribers from Islamabad and Rawalpindi who suffered similar loses, and would want a refund as well. Thank You!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Shouldn’t you be requesting this refund from your cellular company instead, with whom you are in contract with? who in turn should ask MoI for any refunds based on the contract they have with them through PTA. Just a thought.

    • My company said they have already asked the concerned ministry for compensation, but nothing is happening.

      I thought of asking directly the person who is responsible.

  • I believe ti was informed previously that such a suspension is possible. And moreover the Govt. can do anything u cannot just claim anything… anything!!

    • Govt. hasn’t bought us, infact we’re paying to run this Govt. And Govt is there to facilitate people not to do what they want.

  • The private companies have a suffered much higher losses, especially for their pre-paid subscribers. If they can’t negotiate a refund, how can individuals?

  • Whenever question about NATIONAL SECURITY arises, everything becomes immaterial. So, forget the refund just pray (or prey goons)!!

    • Of course in Pakistan everything is immaterial, except security of elite class in the name of “NATIONAL SECURITY”…..

  • Where is that rule implemented that cellular services can only be suspended in case president declares emergency? And cellular services will get compensation for that?

  • Hi Aamir,

    I understand your frustration regarding the charges deducted by companies, we go through the same problem, because of this decision not just the users but telecom companies are loosing millions in a day. Unfortunately we cannot even blame the operators since shutting down of services is a decision primarily taken by Govt, PTA orders for shutdown and companies have to follow the order.

    Every individual associated with the mobile services gets effected because of this so its not just you.

    Also when you have shown so much of understanding in the first part of your article when it comes to security and safety of people and not doubting their intentions of shutting the services then I don’t think few rupees should matter when you understand the reason/logic behind it, I am not saying you are wrong but giving you a different perspective.

    • What I am demanding is in accordance with law. Section 51 of Telecom act defines a protocol that is being (ab)used by the government for shutting down the services and not compensating the operators/customers.

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