PTA Made Party In a Petition Against Altaf Hussain for Threatening Pakistani Nation

altaf-hussain-ajrakPakistan Telecommunication Authority has been made a party in a case filed against Mr. Altaf Hussain of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for allegedly speaking against the ideology of Pakistan in his speech on May 12, 2013.

PTA – which was originally not nominated a party by petitioner – was advised by Lahore High Court judge to be made a party because it was also responsible for providing the opportunity of live speech in Pakistan from abroad.

The petitioner also filed a civil miscellaneous application for interim stay on Hussain’s speeches.

Advocate Fayyaz Ahmed Mehr had filed a petition on Wednesday, stating that Altaf Hussain is a foreigner claiming to be the chief of MQM and his demands are against the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and also against the ideology of the country.

On May 12, during Altaf Hussain’s address to his party workers, he had threatened the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), establishment, media, workers of the political parties and politicians and also demanded that Karachi be detached from Pakistan, said the advocate in his petition.

The petitioner termed it a “conspiracy” and a move to destabilise and create unrest in the country.

The petitioner stated Altaf Hussain is not a citizen of Pakistan and cannot claim to be the chief of a political party.

He added that the MQM Chief’s speech was anti-state and amounts to treason, therefore he [Altaf] should be brought back to Pakistan and be punished in accordance with the law. He also said that those working for Altaf should also be punished in accordance with the law.

It is believed that regulations might be legislated for live political speeches from aboard over phone.

  • altaf is raw agent and anybody who supports him is illiterate son of a whore

  • chalo MQM buri hai

    mager mere bhai ap to namazi, haji, parezgar, deendar, sood se dur, zana se pak, rozedar, ghebat se alag, hasad se dur, tasub se dur ho, jhot bhi ni kehtay, galia b ni detay
    choro na yaar ap kahan mqm kahan, ap mahaan ho

    jee aap :)

    • han hum ya sb ktay hon gay atleast bhata khori traget killing bomb blast or koi b criminal activity ni krtay tu bahi difference is there so please logical bt kro

    • Yehi to ajib baat hy is party ki aur inkay supporters ki..


      Election me bi aisa he kartay ho.. karo to sabka relection karo warna kisi na na karo.

      De-weaponize karo to puray Pakisan ko karo warna kisi ko na karo.

      Jahil banna ho to pura bano.. warna “namazi, haji, parezgar, deendar, sood se dur, zana se pak, rozedar, ghebat se alag, hasad se dur, tasub se dur ho, jhot bhi ni kehtay, galia b ni detay” ye sab chizain bano..

      Grow up yar..

    • Dont Defend MQM, Ho sakta ha boht saray log aesay hain es liyee ye mulk chal raha ha, agar ye saray characteristics hum logon ma nae hain es ka ye mutlab nae ka hum Altaf Husaain ko mae baab smaj laen ya phir MQM ki cult philosophy ko adopt ya follow karaen. Stop giving threats to poor people, Live and Let Live. Live in Peace. No Muslim has right to give damage to another muslim but even then it is happening but it doesnt mean we start killing each other. There must be a full stop.

  • Altaf Hussain: Bhai kiyon disturb karte ho ……. “karwaan chalte rehte hain, mein bhonkta rehta hoon”………

  • altaf hussain….leader of nation??i must high to hear that?he is a godfather of karachi and people who don’t want to earn honest money…end up in mqm after watching some indian films starring sanjay dett??who’s gonna give these scum so much money….hence they claim him to be their savior…father??now that’s mqm for you

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