Warid Telecom Completes Eight Years of Operations in Pakistan


Warid Employees along with Mr. Younas Sheikh, CCO, Warid Telecom, cutting the cake

Warid Telecom today announced the completion of its eighth year of operations in Pakistan. Warid Telecom entered the Pakistani market in May 2005.

Warid claims that its unique products and consistent advances in technology and services, company added its share to the Pakistani telecom sector, the economy and as a partner for the people of Pakistan.

From its entry into the market eight years ago, Warid has grown to become one of the largest service providers in the country, garnering a number of accolades and awards along the way, including recently winning the Highest FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Excellence Award in May 2011. The company was also nominated twice for Pakistani Brand of the Year in 2007 and 2008.

Speaking about the anniversary of Warid’s entry into Pakistan, Warid Telecom CEO Mr. Muneer Farooqui, said,

“We are delighted to have completed eight successful years in Pakistan. We would like to thank our loyal customers for their unwavering support and patronage throughout this journey.

We will continue to provide them with the very best in terms of service and support while we head into the future together.”

The company created one of the country’s first youth-centric brands, Glow by Warid, which is one of Pakistan’s most popular and in demand cellular brands.

Commenting on the achievement Warid Telecom Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Younas Iqbal Shiekh stated,

“During its eight years of operation Warid Telecom has distinguished itself in the market by providing numerous value added services for consumers while also structuring itself for versatility in each segment of the market, enabling it to provide cutting edge technology and innovative services.”

Warid’s VP Sales and Distribution Mr. Suhail Jan spoke of the company’s position in the market saying,

“Today Warid is recognized as a leading innovator in the telecom industry which has introduced many industry-first initiatives. Our key objective has always been to innovate and develop services which cater the needs of Pakistan’s mobile subscribers and we aim to continue this tradition in the future.”

Warid continues to work with organizations and people in Pakistan for the development of the country and its economy, including projects with the SKMT (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust), Pink Ribbon Pakistan, The Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund, Anti Dengue and Polio drives, Student Career Support Program ‘Transforming Futures’, Government College Lahore endowment fund, LUMS and other Young Leaders support sponsorships.

  • Warid is well and truly the best cellular network in Pakistan. I’ve had it for 7 or 8 years and there has not been a single occasion where I’ve seen signal drops (in Rawalpindi) and VERY rarely has there been an occasion where I was unable to make a call because of the network.
    On the other hand in the same house if I’m using UFone or Telenor I have to go outside to get reasonable call quality.
    Credit goes to Warid for not whoring itself out like all other networks; especially UFone.

    • Yes, I am also a warid customer and I am very satisfied with its performance. I used ufone for a few days but I was not even able to call anyone because of network overload even if my call is connected somehow I will get the most pathetic call quality. My suggestion is just keep yourself away from ufone.

    • I had always been a strong advocate of Ufone. And Ufone still is the most economical network out there. However i shifted to Warid quite recently and have found its signal quality and call connectivity quite exceptional.. Keep it up guys!

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      • I am surfing through iPhone so the ads are covering the whole screen with countdown to let you skip ads.

  • I had always been a strong advocate of Ufone. And Ufone still is the
    most economical network out there. However i shifted to Warid quite
    recently and have found its signal quality and call connectivity quite
    exceptional. Keep it up guys!

  • True when it comes to quality Warid is the best and yea Quality comes with a price too but even than warid is not too expensive because warid didn’t lowered its call rates and than again increased like jazz, U & telenor… Warid has always offered great quality at reasonable price

  • I am cell phone user since 2001 and started with maybelink in 2003 i called maybelink help line that my call are not connecting since last 1 hours and got reply this is not maybelink issue it is same every where in the world with all cellular operator. That day thought have been planned that I will never stay with maybelink (still worst network). In 2007 i ported my number to Warid in first month of porting. Since than i am satisfied Post / prepaid customer of Warid. Warid rocks

  • i seriously doubt that warid will make it to 9th anniversary…hahahahaha

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