RapidCompute Presents at Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2013


Solutions Inc, one of Pakistan’s leading event management companies, recently held Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2013.

The two day event, which concluded this Wednesday, was an excellent opportunity for Karachi’s leading CIOs and IT professionals to come together and explore emerging technological disciplines critical to an organization’s performance.

The two-day event was a gathering of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) – men and women who head a company’s IT department. IT professionals and academia were also in attendance. The theme of the event, ‘Solutions for Tomorrow’, put the latest trends in the ICT industry into focus.

RapidCompute, Pakistan’s first enterprise cloud service provider was the cloud computing knowledge partner and one of the main sponsors for the event.

CIO SummitMr. Zaeem Arshad – Division Head RapidCompute, was among the main speakers at the summit event. He explained how RapidCompute is paving the way for organizations to discover scalability on the fly, and move from costly physical infrastructure to cost effective virtual infrastructure.

Talking about the security aspect, Arshad said: “There is a reason why your money is more secure in a bank than in your home. Similarly, outsourcing one’s data services to a professional cloud provider can benefit them in many ways,”.

For example, he said, a small business cannot afford expensive firewalls or highly-skilled IT staff to protect its data from cyber attacks. But a cloud services provider has aggressive firewalls and costly but adequate security arrangements to prevent similar attacks.

“The importance of cloud technology can be judged from the fact that $110 billion were spent on cloud computing in 2012, and that number is set to reach $210 billion by 2016,” remarked Zaeem Arshad.

The expo itself provided IT professionals with an opportunity to interact with RapidCompute’s sales and support teams and discuss how their organization could benefit from switching on to the cloud.

The event’s chief guest Dr Attaur Rahman, former federal minister of science and technology and former chairman of Higher Education Commission, talked about how the world has evolved technologically and scientifically and become a place where truth is stranger than fiction.

He suggested that in order for Pakistan to improve its current condition in the sector it should have a lot more work in the area of R&D and understand that innovation is the name of the game.

  • Good to see that Cybernet is emerging and sweeping the competitive market again. Feel proud that I worked for such an amazing organization. God Bless Cybernet !!!

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