Telenor Increases Balance Inquiry Charges, Various other Tariffs

telenor_logoTelenor Pakistan has announced an increase of 5 paisas for all balance inquires. A note published on Telenor’s website said that Balance inquiry charge will change from ‘15 paisas’ to ‘20 paisas’ from May 30th, 2013.

This change in balance inquiry charges will be applicable for all prepaid customers on following inquiry services:

  • *111#
  • *222#
  • *444#
  • *999#

Earlier this week, Mobilink and Ufone had also increased the balance inquiry charges. It is likely that remaining operators will also announce similar increase in charges.

This instance of uniform increase in balance inquiry charges, and various other charges by all operators in the past, hint that telecom operators have developed some kind of understanding and may lead to an intervention by Competition Commission of Pakistan. But this intervention can happen only if commission is not on board for the said understanding.

Just to let our readers know, CCP had conducted an investigation over uniform charging of Rs. 15 for cross-bank ATM transactions by 26 banks, raising a suspicion of cartelization with-in the banking sector. Similarly, it is very likely that CCP could intervene the uniform increment of balance inquiry charges by telecom operators, that too with-in same month.

Telenor Revises Various Other Tariffs:

Telenor has revised various other tariffs for its prepaid customers.

  • Daily charges for Talkshawk Poora Pakistan 24 ghanta offer are increased to Rs 14+tax from 28th May 2013. Previously this package was charged at Rs. 12 plus tax per day.
  • Price of Talkshawk Sahulat offer (on Talkshawk Economy) will be charged at Rs 14.99+tax from 28th May 2013.
  • Price of Talkshawk Mianwali LBC offer will be charged at Rs 12+tax from 28th May 2013 onwards.
  • Call rate on Talkshawk Economy Price Plan is now charged at Rs.1.9+tax/ Min from 23rd May 2013.

  • It has nothing to do with understanding , if the market leader increases the price , the other will follow for sure, ‘Game theory’ principle

  • Now Where is the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP)???
    That is not a game theory that is totalli Mili Bhagat of these Market’s Bhagat Singhs. Well this line is for all the 3rd Class Cellular Companies that
    LOOT LO JITNA LOOTNA HAI 3G ka baad tumhari Band Zaroor Bajay ge… Insha Allah

      • Those industries always fall who just think for their Annual Revenue Per User (ARPU) without giving any benefit to users.

        Less balance check will be the Users Policy after happening those kind of steps

        I heard from a Telecom Expert that VALUE ADDED SERVICES (VAS) keep the users tie unless the users change the Network… now there is no option for users except one thing….. That is Nothing.

        No Future for Mobile Telcos.

        If No 3G then Evo Promote….and thats the main thing that Make PTCL Evo a special piece…

        well as an critique on Pakistani Telecom Industry…. I have to wrote it and I always Will

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