Billions of Spending from MoIT Secret Fund Gets Unveiled

MoITTMinistry of Information Technology and Telecom, which remained minister-less during majority of last five years and arguably one of worst performing era in the the ministry, spent over Rs. 3 billion from a secret fund, revealed an Auditor General report.

According to the report, MoIT was allocated Rs 1.329 billion of secret funds in the federal budget during 2009-10 and another Rs 1.422 billion during year 2009-10.

It is still unclear where this fund was used, however, it is safely said that fund wasn’t used for any development or betterment of the industry.

Secretary MoIT, Zafar Qadir, when asked by Dawn, said that he isn’t aware of any such kind of fund in the Ministry.

Auditor General prepared this report in response to a petition which alleged that ministries distributed millions of rupees among selected journalists and media organisations to achieve certain objectives.

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justice Jawad S Khawja and Justice Khilji Arif is hearing petitions challenging the use of secret fund by the various ministries.

It merits mentioning here that More than 27 ministries and public departments had secret funds at their disposal, however, MoIT’s tops the list for getting and spending the amount of fund which was kept secret.

Via Dawn

  • MoIT is a corrupt dept. All these secretaries the current one and Farooq Awan were involved in scams worth millions. Zafar Qadir got appointed because of his links with ppp. USF and ICT R&D are the richest and thus the most abused depts of MoIT. I am sure the 3Bil would be stolen from USF or R&D Fund.

    An impartial investigation on appointments and payments in these departments of MoIT will further reveal endless stories of chaos, mismanagement, corrupt practices and useless spending worth billions without tangible results.
    It will be a test for PMLN to put all these corrupts to task, once and for all and clean these depts. of the filth that is fouling, plundering and spoiling our wealth

  • ..this is just tip of the iceberg; MoIT has been the axis of corruption and illegal activities especially under Farooq Awan (ex secretary IT), Rashid Mazari (ex-joint secretary IT) and their blue eyed accomplices at USF, ICT R&D Fund, Pak Datacom, TF, eGD and others. I am very confident that with the change in new government setup justice will be done and they will be held responsible for bungling funds and misuse of authority – behind bars please SOS.

  • MoIT depts have been ruined by both these corrupt secretaries, Mr. Awan then topped by Zafar Qadir. With a PHD Degree, Zafar is a great disappointment. Like his political contemporaries of PPP, he boasts of merit, transparency, performance but is a total fraud, fake and dishonest in his practices. It is so unfortunate that not only the illiterate but the so called educated stink equally bad of dishonesty.

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