Block Blasphemous Content from Facebook, Other Websites in Three Days: PHC

banfacebookPeshawar High Court has ordered the authorities to block blasphemous and objectionable content available on social media websites, especially the Facebook and other websites with-in three days.

Court directed interior ministry, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and other departments to take stern action against these websites and submit a compliance report with-in 20 days.

A Peshawar High Court bench, presided by Chief Justice Dost Muhammad issued the order in response to a petition filed by a lawyer named Arif Khan, pleading that authorities are unable to get blasphemous content blocked from social media websites.

Chief Justice said that such blasphemous content, availably freely on social media websites, incite the feelings of Muslims and result into chaos in the society.

While it is unclear that how these authorities are going to get the objectionable content blocked, it is feared that Peshawar High Court — if order is not implemented — might ban the social media websites in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that YouTube is blocked in the country for last eight months for similar reasons.

  • Gulab Shah

    well done keep it up the good

  • Waqar Hassan

    When something is at our neck, then only we think of doing what we should have done long ago.

    I can only wish that PTA takes seriously matters of such regards and that such content may be blocked as early as possible.

    • Shahid Saleem

      The world is 80% non-Muslim. Someone, somewhere, RIGHT NOW, and EVERY DAY is either committing blasphemy against our religious figures or is planning it.

      Every day.

      Learn to deal with it.

      • Waqar Hassan

        You failed to get my point. I didnt by any means said anything in relation to what you just mentioned.

        I simply stated the fact that PTA can and should be blocking such stuff right away. We can not stop the ignorants who go astray trying to prove our religion bad when infact what they are doing, if not retaliated by our outrageous response, can bring non muslims to better understanding of what religion of peace is really like. We can however do the things which are at our disposal, ie blocking accessibility to such content from the internet.

        Mr shahid, there may be difference of opinion between us and i highly respect your viewpoint as long as what you discuss is logical and rational.

        I would love to hear your viewpoint.

        • Shahid Saleem

          It’s very simple: blocking the content (from Pakistan) will not stop them from blaspheming. So what will you gain by blocking the content? Closing your eyes and ears DOES NOT stop anyone from insulting people and things you hold dear does it? Of course not.

          The only think blocking the content will do (from Pakistan and Pakistan alone) is prevent Pakistanis from providing counterarguments to the blasphemers, and correcting them.

          Are you satisfied with that? Muslims ALL OVER THE WORLD will be able to respond to their blasphemies and accusations but NOT Muslims from Pakistan.

  • Shah

    Why not punish the mullahs who search for this filth and promote it? They’re the ones causing “chaos in the society”, not social media.

    • Shah Hussain

      and what you have done for this society? What are your major contributions, please tell me top three!

      • Ammar Malik

        What are YOUR major contributions Mr. Shah? You keep asking everyone that here like a bully. Please, do enlighten how you have made a difference. I’m all ears.

        • dB0ss

          No offence ammar but I can’t take you seriously with that dp of yours

          • Ammar Malik

            no offence talha but no one will take u for a guy with that DP of yours.

            • dB0ss

              You dont ask for people’s contributions to the society ammar when you’re just a bad troll on the internet yourself

        • Shah Hussain

          Sorry , my question was for Mr Shah, not for you. You better keep trolling online :)

          • Adil

            Why dont you tell yours first?

          • Ammar Malik

            If you had any contribution you’d have written it by now instead of that reply.

            • Shahid Saleem

              Mullahs have a choice: preach Islam, or ban ban ban.

              Many Islamic scholars put videos and lectures on the internet, even on Youtube or Facebook or other sites. Compared to the people who want to BAN sites, they are heroes. The banning mafia are ignorant of their responsibility.

              For what good is learning about Islam (becomming Mullah) if you are incapable or unwilling to preach?

  • F

    I think we should close the internet in Pakistan as it is against Islam according to these …. Mullahs. Plus it will also save electricity…. Welcome to the dark ages …

  • GrunT

    stupidity at its finest.
    Keep it up mullahs! You’re and have always been the sole cause of trouble and chaos in our societ.

    • Shah Hussain

      Please tell me your contributions Mr Genius? What you have done so far in your life for this nation and country? At least being Muslims, these “Mullahs” are showing some respect and valour for the respect of our Prophet(saw). Grow up, if you are so sick of them, have courage and stand up for what you believe in, at least they are standing up for what they believe in!

      • Ammar Malik

        They believe in nothing but themselves and a wad of cash. You’re the one who needs to grow up and realise it.

      • guest123

        they might be standing up for what THEY believe, they have no right to force US to agree. its a free nation isn’t it? you think getting websites banned is a ‘contribution’?!??! shouldn’t eradicating poverty, hunger, corruption, injustice be on top of the list? its about priorities, half of Pakistan is starving and these people are busy getting websites shut down which a mere 1% of our population can even access?!?!??! please….they should go sell their self righteous crap somewhere else!

      • Anas Saleem

        what they believe is utter nonsense and bullshit
        if those mullahs are so true then they would not be using anything that has interest involved in it but as we all know that in a state which has a central bank is not possible
        so how do those mullahs justify what Allah has deemed WAR AGAINST HIM???/
        and on a lighter note islam is a religion of peace i might be wrong here but enlighten me with your wisdom if u have read an account in which a Prophet (ANY ONE OF THEM) did an act of vandalism or created a problem for others???

      • Sam

        You’re the one who needs to grow up. Facebook or youtube aren’t websites ran by Muslims, nor are they ran from a Muslim dominant country. This is the INTERNET, and it was made for the purpose of giving people information and freedom of speech! Who are you to stop people from going to these so called blasphemous pages? That’s why the REPORT button is present on facebook, you idiot!

        While I’m a Muslim myself, I’m ashamed of my people because of a few individuals like you! Allah gave men free will, who are you to tell people what to do??

  • Anas Saleem

    i seriously dont understand whats with these old dudes and their crazy theories on blamsphasey, why would a film thats anti islam should cause a roit or why does the hosting site banned, tolerance is what needs to be promoted in pakistan not ignorance by blocking youtube the government has effectively killed the creative answers that people would have posted in retaliation which would have resulted in a better visualization of islam throughout the world succuming them to embrace or at least respect the religion.
    back when islam was first introduced Mohammed (PBUH) was called a madman but did he stopped preaching to those who called him that or did he (pbuh) barred those people from his sermon’s and invitations? No, then why is our society following a structure that does not reflect what the Holy Prophet (pbuh) set and as muslims we can be sure that what he (pbuh) was the best of examples for us to follow.

    • Shah Hussain

      Please make a film against “Holocaust” and then see the world reaction!

      • Anas Saleem

        if u r a muslim then you should follow what your messenger preached not what the world does!

        tolerance and forgiveness

        • imkhalid

          MUHAMMAD sallallaho alehe wasallam sure forgave and tolerate whenever someone attacked his personality but whenever anyone or anygroup came against Islam teachings, he order JIHAD and participate himself too.

          • Anas Saleem

            tu what are you trying to say that we should take up arms against those who made those pages?
            dude u seriously need to get a copy of the quran translated in whatever language u can understand instead of believing what the mullah told you and if u dont want to do that then atleast check if the imam in yr masjid can understand arabic himself

            • imkhalid

              blokcing facebook contents is a good step, i didnt say take up arms, i just mentioned complete teachings of MUHAMMAD sallallaho alehe wasallam, wht abt all the GHAZWAH(Wars), he fought they all are mentioned too in Quran Majeed, u should read complete Quraan not only the verses u like.

              Wht about Brazilian High Court, they ordered youtube to block/remove blasphemous film against Islam or youtube’s head in Brazil will be arrested and youtube complied, I think Brazil is the largest Christian Nation not Muslim, so Wht Peshawar HC ordered is relevant.


              • Shahid Saleem

                Do you believe that you will not be asked this?

                When you could preach Islam, why didn’t you?

                What do you think?

                We tell people that Our Prophet is an example to be emulated, the best example of mankind. So why do we not emulate his example in this regard (preaching)? Is it enough to grow a beard?

                And what better way to preach than to BEHAVE like Muslims? Are we doing that when we ban? Who do we hurt? Facebook is not hurt at all. The hateful people on the site (a very small minority) won’t go away just because we “leave the room”.

                All we do is silence Pakistanis from being heard.

                • Muhammad Khalid

                  if u broke the signal multiple times, will u be preached by the traffic constable that “bhai signal torna achi baat nahi hoti, aenda mat torna” or he will do immediate challan or every time he leave u with verbal warning, we warned so many times still they dont comply to out rules/laws so we have the right to BAN anyone who isn’t compying to our Laws/Rules

                  • Shahid Saleem

                    Problem #1 with your analogy/comment: Facebook is NOT DRIVING ON OUR STREETS. Problem #2 with your comment: the people making those blasphemous posts on Facebook are ALSO not driving on our streets.

                    Another point, we cannot “fine” anyone by blocking them. All we end up doing is not listening. That does not stop them from blaspheming. And also facebook and the blasphemers ARE NOT IN PAKISTAN so why should they comply with Pakistan’s laws??? Wow, if you think this way, why don’t you also charge the rulers of Burma for murder charges? Blasphemeres do not kill anyone but we all know Burmese leaders didn’t stop Muslim slaughter? Aren’t you concerned about dying Muslims????? Your thinking is screwed up.

                    The only thing that WILL stop them is to show them the right way: da’wah. So what if out of 100 blasphemers only 2 or 3 convert to Islam? If you block voices, 0% will convert.

                    Do you want to spread Islam, or do you want them to continue blaspheming? You won’t see their posts because they are blocked but that won’t stop them from blasphemy.

                    • imkhalid

                      lets make it simple, what if all Muslims stop using facebook/youtube, what bad could it do to our daily lives, if we stop using facebook, will ALLAH sent us straight to hell or He’ll tell you that bcoz of facebook more people turned towards ME than Tableeghi Jamaat doing door to door Dawah all over the world, you have to do Dawah by getting out of your home, not from your Air Conditioned living rooms.

        • Shah Hussain

          Dear Anas,

          lets be logical. some of my basic questions not answered by these facebook and twitter savvy commentators. Other thing is that, i see a lot of extremism in educated people towards these “Mullahs”, so its a vice versa game. Next thing is that, the petition was put forward by an educated lawyer “Arif Khan” I dont know how all of these commentators came to know that long bearded, terrorist looking “Mullahs” were behind this heinous crime.

          Being a technical person, this issue is a worst example of the inefficiency of our so called telecom authority, who despite many high budget purchases of internet gws, is still not able to filter a few links!

          So don’t worry, facebook is not going to be blocked, if it is, then you can create a profile on google plus too :)

          • Wahaj Siraj

            Is the law system in Pakistan Islamic? Shouldnt superior judiciary ban the use of blasphemic titles like “My lord”? Lets hear your silence now. hahaha

            • Shah Hussain

              Man!! Thats what i am saying! The petition was put forward by a lawyer, a “dunyawee” educated person! and here all the people are trying hard to become neo liberals of Pakistan! and if you study our law system, we have two type of courts here, one is Islamic Shariah court and the other one based on same devilish international judiciary system :)

          • Anas Saleem

            i think u r a newbee when it comes to internet you might be an old dude with tons of knowledge but what u clearly lack internet knowledge. there is no way that the authority or the government would be able to block or bar people from using something they want it merely takes a few clicks to by pass every security measure they have taken to hide those pages or websites. PTA is a group of a old men with no lack of internet knowledge like yourself which results in them complying by the stupid requests of the government and the judiciary if they had been a group of educated talented people they would have informed the government that what they are asking them to do is nearly impossible and if they want those pages to go off they should write a letter to who-so-ever is hosting them

            0n the Mullah part well the problem starts and ends at the Mullahs who are a group of people with little to knowledge of islam but act as if its their property and try to defend it in un islamic ways.
            i know who filed the petition and im sure he is as disillusioned as the judges are who gave this so called verdict.

            • Shah Hussain

              I feel really sorry for your technical knowledge after reading ” there is no way that the authority or the government would be able to block or bar people from using something they want it merely takes a few clicks to by pass every security measure they have taken to hide those pages or websites.”

              Man, we can filter and block each packet on the internet! It is a doable thing and as a responsible citizens of Pakistan, PTA should be abided by the wishes of the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its policy makers!

              • Anas Saleem

                on paper yes that can be done
                in reality no my friend its not possible
                quantum computing is what you need to filter every packet which fortunately isn’t available yet and if you tried doing that on a normal or even a supercomputer its core wouldn’t be able to get the job done

                • Shah Hussain

                  Quantum Computing! Man you are a genius, i back off! You win i lose!

              • Anas Saleem

                china has a censored internet but do u really think people there dont access sites likes youtube or facebook they do and they do it very often, internet cannot be controlled because it has too many backdoors to it
                if you really want to close those backdoor then i suggest you shut down the entire thing and then do it from scratch all over again

        • Omais

          Yes, exactly !

          Man you have answered the question by yourself !

          “Mullahs saying just saying to ban facebook ” and i think its the best example for tolerance. am i right?

          • Shahid Saleem

            Some Mullahs are evne happy to ban sites run by other Mullahs.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Indeed, and not only that, we should keep in mind this hadith:

          Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1325

      • Your Dad

        Get a job you moron, I see you everywhere in this article

        • Shah Hussain

          bcz i am not a dumb deaf person, i know my rights! I am living in world emerging democracy, and i am not afraid to write my name too :)

      • Anas Saleem
      • Salman Abbas

        No the Jews won’t kill each other after (or without) watching that. They have much better things to do in their lives, believe me.

  • Faizan Farhat

    Iska matlab hai k aap khud kuch block karney k qabil nahi? Kal ko kahenge k blasphemous content internet se access hota hai, to internet he band kardenge?

    ye “blasphemous content” dekhta kon hai? As Muslim mai to kabhi dekhna ya search karna pasand nahi karunga

    aur POPUP windows ya ads mai show nahi ho raha abhi, ab jo dhoond dhoond kar nikalta hai uske Musalman hone ya kam se kam Neyat pe shak kiya ja sakta hai

  • daad muhammad

    facebook should be close

    • zoahn

      i agree f*ckbook is a waste of time for people who have no life

  • Asad

    why not directly ban google, bing, yahoo etc, they also indexes such websites.

    • Anas Saleem

      i think closing the net would be a better idea

    • Danial Arshad Khan

      Why not just ban the whole Internet? It’s not like it contains anything useful.

  • Oh Really?

    Two words. Censorship sucks.

    • Rei


  • I hope this happens ‘AFTER’ I’ve uploaded my unboxing pics.

  • wahaj siraj

    Its time to have this b.s. stopped. These lunatics, who look for objectionable material on internet and then create fuss about it, should be punished first.
    Our illiterate judges need to understand the gist of internet. Its like a world. We cant go everywhere to stop blasphemy.
    On a relevant note, all this law system in itself is non-Islamic. Do i have to mention it that these ^%^&s dressed in robs are still called My Lord? There was a petition against that in supreme court and it was …… REJECTED….damn it.

  • Zain

    i just wonder and see how everyone will start abusing and fighting with each other.. but no one see’s himself, what he is doing actually….. is he fighting for his own view points or for the sake of Muhammad peace be upon him. i hate these blasphemous acts, and whoever doing this is playing with emotions of muslims.. why so much hate in the world for just a person who is a blessing to whole universe??

    • Anas Saleem

      so basically what r u trying to say???/

  • zeerakahmad

    WTF is with pakistan shut up and unblock youtube :-(

    • Shah Hussain

      please don’t use F words for Pakistan, because its frequent usage points to a lot shit inside that person subconscious mind. Please!

      • zeerakahmad


  • zeerakahmad

    Tht shit pakistan government should die

  • Farhan

    There’s always another view of the picture. Have a look at this video: which clearly exposed Chief Justice Mr. Dost Mohammad. And they just want to stop getting this video viral by using blasphemy tactics. Just like they did with YouTube to stop spreading the exposed picture of corrupt top level Government officials.

  • Javed Khan

    You need to study the Quran & “READ IT”. Note the emphasis on “Read”, which I mean read it in your native language. Your recitation of Quran in Arabic absolutely serves no purpose at all whatsoever, yes you’re not even getting sawaab for doing tilawat. The sole reason, which is also the most important, is we completely ignore or fail to understand the underlying message. Reading the Quran is like you’re reading a letter received from someone, its very important, but you can’t make heads or tails what’s it about. The same is the case with us when it comes to Quran. We don’t read it and understand it ourselves. Stop relying on these “retards” to translate the Quran for you, then see the enlightenment hit upon thee.

    We’re already notorious for burning down our own property for crap like this. Best way to deal with such nonsensical crap is to completely disregard, ignore such nonsense. Use your god given brain, common sense. Be an ashraf-ul-makhlookat, not a moronic beast.

  • By reading the comments here, I feel, our generation is addicted to fb like mads.

    • I mean, would you kill each other just for fb!!? :D
      hud hai.

      • Lame

        Cause reading comments is great barometer for gauging a generation, right?

        • +1
          Mian aap chhotey hain abi. Anyway, I don’t live in isolation. I have 50 ppl around me out of which 48 can’t live without facebook. I know many of my friends who decided to leave the popular social network due to the blasphemy. But weren’t “able” to do because of the addiction. After a month, they were on the fb again.

          • zohan

            then you should tell them there are better social sites available in world like google+

            • Zohan, ye masla hai hi nai k kia use karen. The question im “really” concerned about is: “Are we addicted? Can we leave the fb, youtube etc when the need arises? Or are we going to fight and rebel from our “own” country ppl?”

              If we can leave it, then its not the problem. We can preach, get info, learn etc on these social networks. BUT if we are addicted, then it’s a serious problem. And I think, we are leaning towards the latter one.

              • “Conscious” vs “unconscious”
                “Mindful decision” vs “Unmidful decision”
                “Chosen Path” vs “Addiction”
                “Independent thought” vs “Dependent”

  • Every problem has solution. Youtube has been banned. So, there’s a market to “spread (or get) information” through our local websites. I can bet, no one among you would support it, because you are addicted. Simple.

    • Think of Pakistani version of Youtube, fb etc

      • come on dude, a local version of say PakTube? That wouldn’t solve everyone’s problem.

        • Sigh… See… Negative response.
          At least we can start dear. But our youth doesnot want the solution at all. They want fb, youtube. Why beg to goras? Nothing is impossible my friend. Intellect comes after the “will” If you have the will, faith and if you are “ready to support the solution” we can do it.

          • What you’re talking about is taking an initiative. Sure things might be different in say 5-10 years.

            Even then that won’t be able to satisfy every one here.

            YouTube covers a wide range of genre, not everything can be covered by us alone.

            • :)
              If anything takes a longer period of time, we wont do it? That’s what you mean right?

              And we ask why Pakistan is lagging behind.

              • Ammar Malik

                if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. same’s the case with youtube.

                • To be very honest Ammar, I feel, we as a generation are starting to become their slaves, mentally. Its not about Youtube, fb etc. Its about thought process, will power, ego, self-sustainability. You can see we are literally fighting with each other over these pathetic social networks. And by “we” I mean younger vs older generation

                  • Ammar Malik

                    no it really is about youtube. all i want to be able to do is view cat videos. no religion in the world stops people from doing that.

          • Shahid Saleem

            Who is begging anyone here? If I want to learn, I go to places where there is knowledge. And today, that knowledge is at Youtube.

            Video lectures. Salman academy, Islamic lectures, Udacity courses, etc.

            Please set up your own youtube competitor and beg (I mean ask :):):) these people to put their lectures on your site for the sole benefit of Muslims in Pakistan. Muslims in other countries can without objectiion or problem visit Youtube, but we SUPERPIOUS Muslims in Pakistan (and only in Pakistan) cannot use filthy youtube, even to learn.

            Please tell them that, and then we’ll talk about “negative response”.

            • +1
              Ouch! Ego
              Khair, fight for your right and kill every person who comes in your way (Kill two times if he’s your own elder or brother)
              Have a nice day.

              • Shahid Saleem

                Last I checked, pretty much all textbooks in use in engineering/medicine in Pakistan are from non-Pakistani sources.

                That should tell you how much progress the “pro-pakistani” groups are making, even the educated ones.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Yes, I am addicted to learning from lectures on Youtube. I am not surprise that despite your alleged “pious” support of blockage of Youtube, there are many Islamic scholars who still use youtube to spread lectures.

      But what can you say about them? Will you call them “youtubelovers” like you call us? Will you call them munafiqs? Or is your wrath only directed at fellow Pakistani Muslims???

      • Javed Khan

        Our people love to pass “judgement” on other people. But they always forget that this right solely belongs to “Allah”.

        Its either ban, kill, vandalise, destroy, beat your chest, roar like a wild animal, or whatever suits your fancy. I think we should classify a new sub category in Homo Sapiens for this species. They’re present not only in Muslims, but in pretty much all religions. All extremists think alike :), that’s what I’ve learned from my past experiences.

  • Noman Ashraf

    to pehly kidhr maray huye thy jo ab yaad ayaa jb duniya advanced ho chuki hai.. iss tara karo China ki tarah Pakistan mein bhi Fully Internet Banned kar do…

  • A Muslim

    bhai seedhi baat hai… hum pakistanion nay pury aalmy islam ka thaika liya huva hai. Barma, Phalistin, India, Egypt, Syriya, Lubnon, and 100+ countries we care

    I tell you what, the whole Internet is full of this shit… Should’t we ban the whole Internet

  • Salman Abbas

    Stupid court making illogical requests. It’s impossible to block anything from the HTTPS version of Facebook without blocking the whole site because everything is encrypted including the images. This is just going to make the HTTP version slower.

    • Shahid Saleem

      That’s true, they cannot filter it by installing some hardware filtering solution, but there is another way.

      In the comments for the related story on the tribune news web site, someone mentioned a facebook page that is no longer accessible from Pakistan. I checked and tested, and it was true: if you go to that page from Pakistan, you get redirected to either your facebook home.php (if you are logged in) or to the main site login page (if you are not logged in). Only by using a proxy and using a browser with clean cookies (no facebook cookies) was I able to even view the page.

      I do not believe the page admins locked Pakistani users out because the page content was all in Urdu, and the page posts were all about controversial problems in Pakistan’s society. Especially targetted killings of minorities.

      So I think there is some mechanism for the PTA to request Facebook to block pages or other content from Pakistani users. Now, that does not REMOVE the content, but it silences the page from being visible to us (and lowers the impact).

      However, it is also a way for them (PTA or Facebook or both) to censor content that might be important to us. But my main point is, a mechanism exists.

      • Salman Abbas

        Interesting. Well not surprised to see Facebook condoning censorship to keep their user base if that’s true. Still nothing PTA can do on their own though..

      • Javed Khan

        Share the link here please. I want to check it out. Thanks.

        • Shahid Saleem
          • Javed Khan

            It seems the page is completely inaccessible. Any where else I can find it ?

            • Shahid Saleem

              1. Use a proxy.
              2. Use a browser without Facebook cookies (clear your cookies first)
              3. Visit the page from the proxy

              You’ll see the Urdu content.

            • Shahid Saleem

              1. use a proxy
              2. use a browser that isn’t logged into facebook (clear cookies)
              3. search for the page on google or visit the page on facebook without logging in.

              You’ll see Urdu content there.

  • Muhammad Ather

    Welcome decision, peoples are getting addicted and not paying attention to it. Judges should wake up nation.

    • so now Judges are the ones who should wake the nation up.

  • Waqas

    I dont think that any muslim searches and browses such stuff on social media. infact internet is full of such stupid content. better close the whole internet from pakistan

  • Waqas

    actually its not about blasphemous content, its because politicians are worried about their videos and content uploaded by people. social media is the mirror of our political and social system which they are not liking. right? werna social media se pehly to emails main be esy content forward hoa kerty thy. why they didn’t ban all the email services then?

  • Omair Ahmed

    Yes dear all …its time to block facebook forever..

    PHC please take note of torrents ,proxies, VPN, Google and every search engine too..block them too..
    I am very happy indeed and proud to be a Pakistani !

    • Shahid Saleem

      I am proud not to be a non-thinking sheep like you.

  • black_kettle1

    You may swat as many flies as you want, but they will keep on coming. Its only after you clean up will the flies lessen. Similarly, its not important what’s out there on the internet. You may block all you want, but everyday more stuff will be put up on the internet. Question here is that is your faith strong enough NOT to be rattled by what’s out there? Is it even important to warrant a response? Was Hazrat Ali (PBUH) going around threatening people or getting offended by the nasty stuff that was said to the Prophet (PBUH)? Was he reacting or over-reacting? Any “objectionable” material out there should NOT be considered important enough to even warrant a response. If you are offended by anything, it should be the injustice in society, how people are living one rung above animals, unaware of their human rights. That my friends is what WE Muslims should find offensive and unIslamic. Be better people and improve your society and treat that stuff as unimportant and it will go away. By banning sites and threatening people we only show to the world that yes, these unimportant things matter to us while the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and the his ways, which we should be emulating, are secondary. Same goes for those Photoshopped pictures on FaceBook where all the illiterates post SubhanAllah, MashAllah comments. Remember, Allah S.W.T. does not like people who “advertise” their piety. Furthermore, there is no need to advertise your piety on Facebook.

  • hafiz ramzan

    sir plz. link dot net ki news urdo mein apdate kar dien

  • Muhammad Anas

    what kind of blasphemous contents are they talking about? Is it some kind of joke to ban every single thing in Pakistan. If ban is so necessary than kindly also ban target killing, ransoms, extortions

  • Danish Mughal

    Ban Jamat e Islami, Terrorism organization.

  • Please everyone, stop blaming islam, mullas, and islamic organizations and also Pakistan. Just look at your level of iman if you call yourself muslims. Those people out there are doing everything against you and we are fighting for the opening of youtube and fearing that the timewasting facebook don’t get blocked. I think facebook should be blocked too in Pakistan. I think all the sites which spread blasphemous content must be fully blocked in Pakistan and this should have been done a lot earlier.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Think and tell me, after our Prophet started preaching publicly, was there a SINGLE DAY when non-Muslims did not abuse Islam?

      It has nothing to do with the medium (video, websites, books, etc etc).

      What do you call every Muslim who goes to a non-Muslim country to work and send money back to his family? Do you call them all weak in Iman??? You know, in fact I do not see you typing in Urdu or Arabic, or any other mostly-Muslim language…why is that?

      • Abusing islam and (nauz-billah) saying something bad for Phophet (PBUH) are two very different things, and different ways to act against each. Now just tell me what the muslims at that time do when (nauz-billah) someone uses bad words for Phophet (PBUH). They cut their head and this was ordered by Phophet (PBUH) himself. Is this happening today, NO. So we must do what we can, i.e. block their mediums.

        There is nothing wrong with going to non-muslim country and working there, I never said this is wrong in anyway.

        And there is no restriction of language in islam, why are you bringing language in this. By the way I have Urdu language display and keyboard installed but I use them rarely.

        • Shahid Saleem

          You are an incredible. They cut their heads? Really??? If someone lived in Roman-controlled lands in the year 650 abused Islam or Our Prophet, MUSLIMS DID NOTHING! They simply could not DO anything. The abusers LIVED OUTSIDE MUSLIM TERRITORIES!

          Even today you can walk into bookstores and buy Dante Alighieri’s trilogy where Our Prophet is abused. I don’t remember anyone cutting his head off, and those books were written 700 years ago.

          So OPEN YOUR MIND and think about my question again. Even today, after Islam has spread for centuries, almost 80% of the world’s population is non-Muslim. So how can you except cutting of heads in the PAST (when less than 80% was under Islam control) or PRESENT? Certainly not in the near future (i.e. not before your grandchildren) will Islam rule more.

          If there was never a day when Our Prophet was not abused, then why are you worried about Facebook? YOU FOOL! Facebook 100% allows you to preach to non-Muslims! WHY ARE YOU NOT PREACHING?

          • And no, I don’t think our religion allows that much agressive attitude; cutting the heads, no not at all. Our religion promotes peace and prosperity. It allows difference of opinion as well.

            • Non-muslims will keep doing these mistakes, because they don’t know much about Islam. If they get enraged upon reading our positive comments etc its “OK” because they are brought up in a different environment. It’s perfectly fine to let them do what they want to. Its “their” opinion.

              Banning whole network, without providing any alternative doesn’t make any sense to me. The only question Im concerned about is: “Are we addicted? Can we leave the fb, youtube etc when the need arises? Or are we going to fight and rebel from our “own” country ppl?”

              • If we can leave it, then its not the problem. We can preach, get info, learn etc. BUT if we are addicted, then it’s a serious problem. And I think, we are leaning towards the latter one.

        • Wahaj siraj

          You have gone nuts. He ordered qital of fake nabis. Had he issued any orders according your liking, islam would have been popular as a murderous religion. I am sure that you didn’t get elementary school education. But still, where is your common sense?

          • My liking does not matter. I am explaining what I know best. You can differ from my opinion.
            I have the right to give an opinion and I gave the opinion that facebook should be blocked too because its doing more harm than good.

            • Shahid Saleem

              Explaining what you know best? Ha ha! What do you know??? Simple question: please explain why you don’t know how to perform Da’wah? Is it not your RESPONSIBILITY?

              Please also explain why banning is preferable to preaching Islam. Your opinion, of course. That’s what I want to know. Because last I checked, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc etc do not prevent you from preaching Islam.

              • I never said you should not perform Da’wah, but there are other ways to perform it rather than going to facebook. As I said its more harm than good. For instance just have a look what our generation is doing there on facebook, listning to Da’wah huh?
                So what are you trying to do, performing Da’wah here. Carry on you are doing very well.

                • Shahid Saleem

                  You say it is doing more harm than good WITHOUT PROOF. Show me proof that inviting people to Islam on Facebook is less good than a few remote pages with blasphemy.

                  When Our Prophet was alive was he not SURROUNDED by kaffirs who made blasphemy? A few pages on Facebook is all it takes for you to banblock. Wow, and you want to preach to your fellow Pakistani Muslims about our actions?

                  How about you LEARN something first? How about you LEARN how to deal with a world where almost 80% of the population IS NOT and WILL NOT be Muslim in your lifetime? What would you like to do? Block them? Or preach to them? I know you cannot do the second…

                  As far as what “our generation is doing on Facebook” tell me how it is ANY DIFFERENT from what “our generation” is doing in schools or on the streets of your city? What should we do, ban cities???

                  I mean, look at YOURSELF: you are ADVOCATING AGAINST PREACHING ISLAM by banning the biggest site on the internet that lets you preach Islam. For free.

                  • Negative thinking, Negative. I never said that you should not preach. So you are saying we should not do anything against the people who are involved in blasphemy, then you are also against the blasphemy law in Pakistan.

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      The people doing blasphemy on those Facebook pages aren’t inside Pakistan and are not subject to Pakistan’s laws. Isn’t that obvious to you??? My god, how twisted your thinking must be!

                      Also if you advocate blocking such Facebook pages from Pakistan, then you advocate NOT PREACHING on those pages. And it is exactly on those pages that Muslim voices are needed.

                      So I ask you yet once more: THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT DONE HERE. WHY aren’t you making sense???

                    • Sorry for the interuption, but I feel I should contribute to this healthy debate as well.

                      Its my personal opinion that, you can’t preach on those pages. I won’t say it’s impossible to alter the image, but still I feel it won’t work. Negative will keep on inviting negative.

                      Although I don’t know much about the history of Islam, but I do know that our Prophet migrated to Madinah for many reasons. One being the protection from severe punishment and pain from opposition.

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      Fortunately on the internet and on those pages no one can “force” us to migrate away. We have equal voice as the blasphemers.

                      If it is your opinion that you can’t preach, then at least don’t stop the people WHO DO preach.

                    • Just a piece of advice, try to be calm and soften your tone while “preaching” because you’ll be demarketing Islam and not the other way round.

                      Anyway, read my comments again. Im not saying you don’t preach.

                      Whenever a person says:”Its my personal opinion” and “Our religion promotes peace and prosperity. It allows difference of opinion as well” then it means that anyone can “differ” from his point.

                      You can differ my friend.

                      (Grammar classes)

                  • You are asking everyone to preach, so tell me what are you doing?

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      Providing a good example of a Muslim. Answering questions and correcting misconceptions about Islam (and especially Arabs because lots of people confuse the two).

                      I WILL not be able to do that on pages that are banned from Pakistan because I live in Pakistan.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I think you completely missed the point of that artcile. It does not say social media is bad, it says BECAUSE of social media parents know more about that their children are doing. And they are not comfortable.

      Hey if you want to be irresponsible with your children, that’s your choice. If you can’t or won’t teach them to be responsible online (and the internet is NOT going to go away, it is getting more and more embedded in our lives), then it’s your loss, not anyone else’s.

      • “If you can’t or won’t teach them to be responsible online”

        Shahid sir the article says that THEY can’t. They can not teach them to be responsible online because of the pace of information a kid gets from internet. It can’t be controlled at all. That’s dangerous.

        • Shahid Saleem

          On the other hands there are millions of Muslim parents who have responsibly discharged their duties and brought up internet-savvy children who ARE pious. Sorry, not buying your argument.

          • +1
            Please try to read “The New State” written by Mary P. Foller

      • Don’t take this to your heart, but honestly read your comments again and check out the tone. I think you won’t understand it during this age. Anyway, if you talk to your parents like this, as you are defending your opinion here, I fear that you are influenced by the internet too.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Older than you, have more kids than you. I don’t talk to my parents like this, but I do talk to YOU like it.

          So what’s your next insight?

  • Eli Ehsan

    *Slow Clap*

  • Saqib

    goood goood :)

  • MMMTheHacker

    Why block certain pages?? BLOCK Facebook!!!

  • Sick

    Getting real tired of your shit, pakistani blasphemous blocker judiciary system.

  • Zain

    well… heres another solution… BAN the whole INTERNET thing.

  • asad

    which type of content? i didnt see anything like this??? fb tu maff kardo molvio

  • nadeem

    FACEBOOK should b bann , its a waste of time and a key cause of spreading vulgarity and Adult friendship . i second this decision to block this f****** facebook from Pakistan entirely .

  • Jeddy Khan

    If Pakistan had its own social networking websites it could be policed by the government of Pakistan. Sadly Pakistan does not have any, hence they cannot be controlled. Technology has moved so far ahead even blocking those websites does not work anymore, the government is currently wasting $90 million of tax payers money to block websites, which is a complete waste of money. If people don’t like to see blasphemy and porn, they should not, but they have no right to stop others from doing the same. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but it is not necessary that everyone agrees.

  • Javed Khan

    Now’s the good time to invest in a good VPN solution folks.