Block Blasphemous Content from Facebook, Other Websites in Three Days: PHC

banfacebookPeshawar High Court has ordered the authorities to block blasphemous and objectionable content available on social media websites, especially the Facebook and other websites with-in three days.

Court directed interior ministry, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and other departments to take stern action against these websites and submit a compliance report with-in 20 days.

A Peshawar High Court bench, presided by Chief Justice Dost Muhammad issued the order in response to a petition filed by a lawyer named Arif Khan, pleading that authorities are unable to get blasphemous content blocked from social media websites.

Chief Justice said that such blasphemous content, availably freely on social media websites, incite the feelings of Muslims and result into chaos in the society.

While it is unclear that how these authorities are going to get the objectionable content blocked, it is feared that Peshawar High Court — if order is not implemented — might ban the social media websites in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that YouTube is blocked in the country for last eight months for similar reasons.