A Screen-Shot Speaks a Thousand Words!


We captured above given screenshot from Facebook fan page of Telenor’s EasyPaisa. Screen shows an image uploaded by the Social Media team of Telenor, asking thousands of fans a question – which of course can be read easily in the screenshot produced here.

We captured this screen after more than 13 hours when image was initially uploaded.

We are just presenting the screenshot for our readers, without any commentary from our side, because they say: For brilliants, hint is more than enough.

And the hint is that Telenor’s EasyPaisa had 114,194 Fans till we last checked.

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  • Ok still confused about what the point is here. Is ProPakistani trying to judge Easy Paisa’s fanpage just because one of their posts doesn’t have enough comments?

  • It just means they don’t have good PTA in their page or are just not excited about the service they started

  • I might be wrong, but i don’t really see any point in this post!!! i mean what was you thinking admin??

  • Once upon a time Pro Pakistani used to post quality articles. Then they went ahead and hired brain dead morons to write for them. Hence the above article.

  • If your point is “4 Likes only”, That’s because the page has only 307 active users, due to Facebook’s new alogrithm only about 10% of your fans see the post on their timelines, unless you pay for that.

  • Telenor’s social media team should resign over this embarrassing performance. If they don’t, , fire them.

  • LOL back to propak after a long long time and this was the first post I see……wonder why you guys are stopping so low? As apparent from the comments, most readers don’t give two craps about this one :)

  • Same is the case for all the statuses on easypaisa page. Paid likes don’t work.

  • Ok, I’m confused too like so mang others. What’s the purpose of this post? What happened?

  • actually the admin doesnt know whats he up to himself. he is just wondering if someone will come with a better idea and then he’d claim, oh yeah thats what am talking about. :-p epic fail by propaki

  • Really bad post. If the author wanted to make a point, the post should have been descriptive. Goes to show that inactivity in the industry has impact on ProPak

  • Wo post late night ki hogi na, aur kam logon nay daykhi hogi in timeline subha tak bury ho gayee ho gi, aamir yaar aap b na …. :-)

  • So the hint is they have infact ‘paid likes’ and that is why their recent post is not generating ample likes.

  • The title should have been “Every screenshot speaks a thousand words but this one doesn’t any :D” Dumbest post ever.

  • Oh Aamir Atta! You are so intelligent. How I wish I had brains like you?
    You should actually open up a consultancy telling other how to do what – I mean after your diverse experience in blackmailing oops I meant advising companies you can do a great job!

  • The moral of story is telenor bought fake fb likes, It is very easy to buy 10,000 fb likes in just 5 dollar.

  • Well, I have “liked” the easyPaisa page myself but I never visit the page. Whenever I see a post about some new service on my wall or in newspapers, I head straight to their official website. The Facebook page just doesn’t provide the whole picture, and neither does this screenshot.

  • Only if Aamir asked, he would have been told that Facebook algorithms have been changed and some are complaining that only uploading a picture is not enough. But, Aamir & Co. have a habit for mud-slinging.

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