Microsoft Xbox One games to cost $60

xbox_one_revealAs of now, perhaps the most important aspect of gaming, the price had been unknown. In recent days however, the official figures were released and now the price of game titles has been taken off the covers too. According to Microsoft, the price of the Xbox One game titles will be $60, for the most of the part at least. This means that if you are buying an Xbox One console along with a new game, you’ll be set aback by $559.

The price, however, isn’t too bad after all since most of the current Xbox 360 titles are also priced at the same price point.

The pricing of the PS4 titles however is still under the covers as of now so after consoles, Microsoft has beaten Sony to pricing of games too. But enough hints have already been given that the PS4 games will also be costing $60. Sony America CEO has already said that the price of the PS4 titles will top out at $60.

The real competition, though, will start after the consoles are released. It will be interesting to see how both of the consoles and their games will stack up against one another in real-life scenarios and which one will edge out the other to get the top-of-the-world honours among gamers.

  • shujaswati

    Microsoft going nuts. They sure lost market already and are planning to loose more :/

    • Omair Ahmed

      They loved they are following their path for ultimate victory -.-

  • Gamer

    Console lack behind in every aspect compared to a Gaming PC,, the only point make console live is the price and if they start acting such Stupid then they are digging there grave.. Still PC is much better option , it costs a little at first but it is any time upgradeable . Game are almost free compared to 20-60$ (at least in here) and Gives a much better Visual output.

    • zee

      Remind me, how much would it cost me to make an excellent gaming rig?

      Also, can I sit on my couch while I game on my PC?

      As it stands now, MS is the only console that is lagging behind. PS4 is right up there at the top. MS had the wind going into the next-gen but they blew it apart into thousand pieces.

      PS4 is gonna be PS2 all over again and if you know what I mean, that is a GOOD thing for Sony.

      • And a bad thing for gamers. Just look at how the current gen turned out to be after the PS2 was in a commanding lead.

        On the topic, a number of Microsoft engineers have said that the company plans to pursue an aggressive pricing model for games much like Steam does on the PC with drastic price cuts and jaw dropping sales. That’s why it is including Steam like DRM into the Xbox One.

        • zee

          Uzair: I didn’t read anything remotely close to Steam-like sales on XBL Marketplace. Do you have the source for that.

          If that were true then MS wouldn’t have been forced to make Xbox 180. Yes, 180. They took back their DRM measures and are now going to support used games.


          While this is a HUGE reversal in policy change and certainly one of the biggest, even this won’t resonate well with the gamers. They will always remember how MS tried to force this on us. Kinect is still mandatory and it’s still $100 more expensive.

          MS saw the writing on the wall. The huge pre-order numbers of PS4 were astounding. They HAD to reverse this or there would have been a total annihilation of Xbox One.

          Power to the players and huge credit goes to Sony as well.

          I also do not understand why you think PS2 era was bad for gamers?