PTCL Offers Free One Month on New Evo Purchases


PTCL has announced this new offer which will allow its customers to use EVO free of charge for one whole month. This offer is available on all new sales and anyone buying new EVO device can enjoy one free one month.

Offer is valid till August 20th, 2013. Below are further details about the offer:

  • This offer is only valid for new sales
  • This offer is valid for both pre-paid and post-paid customers
  • This offer is valid on purchase of all new commercial EVO packages
  • This offer is not valid on any discounted package
  • This offer is only valid for new Evo Rev.A dongle
  • This offer is not valid for Nitro, Nitro Cloud, Evo Cloud, Wingle & Evo Tab
  • Package cannot be changed till expiration of free usage period
  • This offer is not valid for corporate packages
  • One month free usage will be capped at 30 GB for pre-paid connection and 50 GB for post-paid connection. Additional use will be charged or throttled respectively.
  • Pre-paid customer shall be charged Rs 0.10/Mb after 30 Gb and for post-paid customer speed shall be throttled down to 128 Kbps after 50 Gb
  • limited time offer and is valid till 20th August 2013

    • DSL and EVO are two different products Ammar. You need to specify your use. If you use your internet while travelling your best partner is EVO.

  • Nice offer by PTCL. I have heard their network has grown since the last time I used it. Looking forward to it.

  • I purchased their wingle .

    pathetic.. wifi doenst connect. their dsl is the best available option

    • 100% agree with you pathetic service they are already oversold their devices network is there but to many devices connected to one BTS as a result pathetic speeds with below average service i recommend you to use DSL instead !

  • ptcl is offering evo nad nitro services on shared bandwidth

    evo 3.1mbps will be shared in way that each device will get minimum of 0.25mbps speed

    while nitro 9.3mbps is shared among online users so that minimum 0.90 mbps per device is allocated

    so if many active users on a tower performance of devices will likely to suffer

    unfortunately there are not much towers around

    so every one complains of poor perforfamce

  • The most pathetic service of all time, always focusing into marketing but never into performance. Their social media marketing team is always trying to hide the true facts. I’ve complained many times on their official page but the comment always got deleted. 1236 guys always tell us your problem will be rectified within 24 hours but it doesn’t even get fixed in 24 days.

    • I agree being using the service since it launched few years back and its going bad to worse !

  • Worst thing about EVO device is its change in frequency when you enter in KPK ..
    you cant use evo in kpk if bought it from any other province or ISb. and vice versa.

    I suggest PTCL should offer FREE EVO DEVICE replacement with the frequency of customer choice.

  • Well we have to give PTCL the credit that they are the only ones coming up with such attractive offers. I do not see any one else taking the same initiative for their users, the only thing they are worried about is there hefty payment. I hope PTCL continues with its policy to reward loyal consumers.

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