Ban on YouTube to Stay: LHC

blocked-youtubeLahore High Court has turned down a request to temporarily open YouTube in Pakistan.

While hearing a petition filed for re-opening of YouTube, the court asked the Ministry of Information Technology to tell on July 25 to how to block access to specific URLs, which are blasphemous in nature.

The video-sharing website has been blocked in Pakistan since September 17th 2012 following protests about a 14-minute trailer of the film Innocence of Muslims.

Then prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf had ordered the ban after YouTube denied to block the access of movie to Pakistani audience at the Pakistani government’s request.

Bytes For All, an NGO, moved the court in January seeking lifting of the ban.

During yesterday’s hearing, the petitioner’s counsel told the court that instead of blocking access to the entire website, only the objectionable material could be blocked.

A representatives of the information ministry informed that it was a sensitive issue and the website cannot be reopened which could cause unrest in the whole country. A deputy attorney general had also informed that the federal government was willing to lift the ban but blasphemous material was still available on the website. He said that the government had decided to continue the ban after Google administration refused to remove the blasphemous material.

A representative of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed that the authority would be able within the next four months to censor controversial and undesired stuff from websites as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E were doing.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked that he was not an expert on the matter and asked the Ministry to form a committee and invite suggestions from the public on how to block access to specific material.

  • Our courts and judges are just as illiterate and pathetic as the ppl in the information ministry and PTA. They act as if they are the only true Muslims in the world when they are actually the most corrupt. This ban is baseless and simply stupid. It could have been handled in a much better way.

    • oh really Mr. Stone, than can u explain what u have done so far for the blasphemous contents? and if you have better solution instead of ban of youtube than why you shared yet, if u a professional really a camp , than do it instead of posting your comments here and there….

      • Dear Mr. Guest. I have made a conscious choice not to watch the so called blasphemous content which in this case is a SINGLE video where as there are thousands of such videos on youtube and not to mention generally on the internet. Internet censorship is what this whole thing leads to, just like China. The government and these nut head mullah’s want tighter control on the ppl and its becoz of ppl like you, that they are able to do so.

        Have you actually pondered upon the fact that the same video is not accessible in 7 or 8 countries on their request and why Google only denied to block it in Pakistan? There is something larger at stake here.

      • Being an adult means YOU make the right choices. Not let your incompetent and corrupt government tie your hands and gag you every time some idiot posts something thousands of miles away.

        God gave you free will for a reason. If you use it to seek out and watch blasphemous content and need your government to stop you, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

      • Off course, judging by the illegible language you used, you’re probably not an adult, in which case, please ignore my reply.

      • You’re correct Guest. And Stone I read your aggressive comment that insults Mullah and people of Pakistan. You’re also another class of people who’ve nothing to do but commenting and criticizing only.

        Mullahs and people of Pakistan actually want that blasphemous blocked by any mean. You should not condemn our Peoples and Mullahs and you don’t have right to insult someone. First you need to know what they want. Yes, you can say something about our government and ministry who must implement internet censorship.

        • The people who want blasphemy blocked “by any means” should explain why people have committed blasphemy for FOURTEEN HUNDRED YEARS and have gotten away with it.

          The answer? It’s not blockable. Anyone who can pick up a pen (or in today’s environment, a keyboard, mouse, camera, video camera) can create blasphemous content. ANYONE. And they can host it in their sites that we have no power to shutdown.

          What is a ban or a block? Is it a shutdown? Of course not! It’s closing our eyes. The blasphemy is still there whether we look or not.

          Next point: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL MULLAHS. There are lots of Muslim scholars who still continue to post informational and useful videos to Youtube. The difference? They don’t live in Pakistan.

          • I was just about to say that. Blocking whole website instead of just blasphemous contents is not a permanent solution.

            Technology has gone so far and our government still can’t find solution of banning specific link or video.

            • you do not understand my full point. Blocking blasphemous content DOES NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY.

              It’s still there, it is just hidden from our eyes. We have no power to make ENTIRE INTERNET remove content that we do not like.

              • Thank you Shahid for explaining my point further. Ppl fail to understand that blocking something completely is not the solution of the digital age. The self righteous pour out so much on the internet.

                If this whole soap opera is really about Islam which is meant to be the perfect religion then you cant pick and choose what to block and look away on other things.

          • 1. O Bhai, I also live in UAE and using the useful materials available there. Yar, It is very sensitive matter and we should do resistance by any mean. I said you already that they should atleast block blasphemous content in their country through internet censorship or what.

            2. I understand that we can’t control the whole world but atleast we can control things in our country and this is what people demand. And dear what if someone is using or not using. Only the people who are using youtube can protest against it? This doesn’t make sense.

            4. Dear We understand your point and I wish you understand this sensitive topic with the eyes of faith.

            * Aur Finally ‘Allah Apni Gustakhi Tu Bardasht Kar Leta Hay But Apnay Nabi (SAWW) Ki Gustakhi Allah Bhi Bardasht Nehi Karta’

            Re read point # 2 and this is what we can do atleast.

            • However sensitive you think of the matter, you fail to answer the main question: WHAT GOOD IS YOUR BLOCKING/BANNING?

              Direct question to you. GIve direct answer please.

              What does it accomplish? If you say it keeps blasphemous things from our eyes/ears, then guess what! I can CHOOSE not to look/listen to such things without the “helpful” ban! And In fact ALL of us do the same already by not visiting sites with blasphemy. Or do you wake up every day thinking “hmmmm, i think i’ll look at blasphemous sites today.”??? Of course not.

              By blocking the sites you have not controlled blasphemy at all. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with control, maybe it’s because you have NONE. Blocking does not STOP blasphemy or stop its spreadding, so what is the “control”? The only “control” here is covering our eyes/ears to content that we don’t even normally go out to search for. Wow, how useful. (sarcasm)

              But I know what I CANNOT do if sites are banned. You know it, too. I cannot RESPOND to the blasphemy by posting a video or writing an article in the same service. And yet, there are thousands of Muslims…living outside Pakistan…who can do exactly that. So was the purpose of the ban to prevent Pakistanis from responding with real life stories of Our Prophet to show how excellent his character and personality was? Because that is the end result: we cannot respond.

  • “A representative of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed
    that the authority would be able within the next four months to censor
    controversial and undesired stuff from websites as China, Iran, Saudi
    Arabia and U.A.E were doing.”
    That is something worrying. They are trying to develop system which would sensor political video and anti-government forums and discussions.

  • Also the most important thing is that If Google(Youtube) wants to do business in Pakistan then they should have a proper business/legal presence here. So that they come under laws as well.

    • It’s not Google/YouTube that will gain anything from us. Forcing them to do our bidding when we’re the ones benefitting from their services is ridiculous. We need to accept that this is how the Internet works and that you can’t impose your own laws on others.

      • Well Actually you can but you are correct. Also to impose our own third-world, considered terrorist state laws on the 2nd most respectable corporation in the world, is sort of a Really Long Shot.

  • I am with our law, judges, country and religion. youtube koi khuda nahi hay meray liay jo dosro ke terha main bhi ban per rota phirron.

    google galat karta hay to aisa he hoga.

    • Bhai, Saudi Royals have razed many historical places in the name of extension of Haram. Did any bloody Pakistani raise a voice?
      And help me understand, why do ‘Muslims’ of Islamic Emirate of Pakistan look for blasphemous content over internet?

      Youtube is banned since several months. Did that make use more safe and secure?

      And let me say it 100% truthfully. Occasionally, i want to listen to naats. I haven’t found a better site than youtube. Do you know why? No one from the glorious nation of Pakistan bothered to make a comprehensive naats site because it will not bring adverts and hence hardly any earnings. When hypocrites like you try to be the Champion of Islam, i only wish to put you all in your own piss and set the mixture on fire.

      Google is a badmash company. No doubt about that. But are you strong enough to take them head-on? How many of you have installed ad blockers in your browsers to stop Google ads? Kid, that is how you hurt Google – if any at all.

      • Dont want to debate on Wrongs & Rights, Really happy to see growing. off course they still lack lots of content. but its really a great effort to reach that level in a span of few months.

    • It’s called Freedom Of Speech. Sorry YouTube isn’t tailored specifically for your views. But then again, neither Is The World!

        • You are kidding me, right? Freedom of Speech isn’t given by Google or anyone else for that matter. It’s a human right. What Muslims want is not freedom of speech, they want everything to go their way, “globally”. It’s just like, in other countries, Muslims want minority rights & in Muslim countries, THERE ARE NO MINORITY RIGHTS.

          • Are you a enemy of Islam and Pakistan?

            and why did you touch freedom of speech topic under google discussion if you think that google is doing nothing to people’s freedom of speech?

            Post something praising Nazi on youtube, it will get deleted, why? Where is your favourite company and culture’s freedom of speech for human there?

            Why do google allow videos against Islam but not against Jews or American soldiers?

  • We are already regarded as the most pathetic nation in the world. You know the recent throw of the Morsi Govt by Army is being compared to the 1st time when Ayub Khan toppled the democratic govt of Pakistan in the name of “good-governance”. The western critics are saying that if the current unrest continues in Egypt the Egypt might end up as Pakistan. So, we are basically at the bottom of the food chain. And the current actions by our so called idiot lawmaker and law-protectors are not helping the cause. Apprehension of terrorism, ban double-swari and jam mobile phones. Shortage of gas, ban CNG for 6 days/week. BAN BAN BAN…

    You know a bad driver behind a steering wheel is just as bad as a nutcase with a gun. Best solution, don’t watch the dam videos, Salman khan of Khan academy has revolutionized the world of education by creating online free academy called khan academy and meanwhile we are stuck in the same zone with chasing our tail like a dog.

    Here what google exec’s are thinking at the moment.

    f****k u b***hes, we are not removing anything…….

    • Fun fact: Pervez Musharraf’s son works at Khan Academy.. now compare him to the spoiled brats of other politicians.

  • I have a perfect solution that will make everyone happy.

    1. government introduces “internet token”, and we pay rs 1,200/year for it
    2. by getting this token, we promise never to upload or promote blasphemy videos

    Problem solved! Government gets money, we give assurance that we will not cause problems by making blasphemy (they can then legally go after us if we do), the end. What more do you want? Advance tax on 1,200/year? sure, I’ll pay that, if it gets me access to informational videos on Youtube.

  • PTA allow me to block the content. Seriously if you can’t do it get out of you Fu***king jobs.

  • in the mean time! Gov’t cabinet commission has formed a Four member team to Review the 8 Million URLs of YouTube for objectionable material!! Yup.. you heard it right!
    Pakistan PaindaAbad!

  • Almost all internet users convinced the ban to be lifted, whereas the ban promoters are all generally non-users. Non-users are dominating rights of users, due to their lack of knowledge about internet and youtube. The best ban in this situation is personal, when you know, this work is put on the internet to maline your religion and the Prophet (PBUH), its a sin to open and view it.
    All decision makers wants to eliminate the ban but don’t have courage to do so. Courts can put powerless Musharraf to trial showing their courage, but can’t have guts to take this right decision to eliminate ban. If they can dictate sitting govt on the top level taxation issues, why not on this issue which is most related to access of knowledge and information.

  • Well why not they ban Internet… the father of all story? There are always some good and bad stuffs around you. Is this the right solution to ban the bad thing right way?instate of educated the people not to go for bad thing it will harm you.

  • You tube should be opened,, I use utube with some softwares but never try to open amti islamic material and i never see any thing against Islam
    If u want to watch anti Islam then u get sugestion on ur utube account if u dont watch any anti islam material u never see sugestion against Islam,,

  • this is called corrupted economy and ministry they have to concentrate on SALAH not youtube its useful website for student if they understand.

  • Reading all the comments. First why the Google is not block the URL. The Ministry should answer the why the Google is not Block.

    Government should tell us WHY.

    What Letter they write to Google and what Google reply?

    These are the important Questions which can be told to People Of Pakistan.

    • We already know the answer. Other Muslim countries (and also non-Muslim countries like India) asked Google to block the video from their users. Google did as they agreed.

      Our raja rental government asked Google to REMOVE the video. Google of course refused. So raja rental to show how Muslim he is, ordered the site blocked.

      If we had asked Google to block the video, none of this would be a problem.

  • Kiya hum ny kubhi socha ky U -TUBE pur pakistan mein pabundi ki waja cy jo
    unasier muslims ky khilaf hur lumhy SAZISHoon mein MUSROOF e UMMUL REHTY hein…un ky bary mein BEY KHUBER Ruhyien Aur wo Azadana kufur bukty ruhien
    AUR Muslims ko SUDAAY Ehtjaj cy bhe Mehroom rukha jay ?
    bile ky saamny Kubooter Ankheen bund kur ly tuo kiy Bile ussy Masoom
    sumjh kur chhoor jay ggee ?
    bukny waly summujh lien MUSLMMAN Jagg ruhha hy aur un ky liey ebrut nak
    Aunjamm ki wujja bun suktta hey ( wesy tuo unhoon ney Apnee duniya aour
    AAP KI RAY BOHUT Zuroore hy

      • DEAR,
        ANAS LUGTA HY AAP NY SERIOUSLY comment pur ghoor nuhi kiy
        esi liye aap ka reply comment koy bhe summujhney cy
        qasir ho gga plz reply if you intrested send your comments in details
        taa ky properly we able to forward it to the competant Athortiy
        for its solution, hope you coprate in qustation matter..thnx.

        • First of all, your comment consists of dictionary grade Urdu written in English, so its half Gibberish.
          I did read your comment very seriously and understood every crooked and messed up word of it.
          Last, did you understand My Comment?

  • khoub laro bhaio khoub aik dosray ki insult kro ap log…… youtube jinhon ny use karni hai wo karaingy ar kar rhy hain yar phr hm log behas kio kr rhy hain…???? hotspot zindabad hahahaha beshak sari zindage block rkho hm apny kam ki chezein use kar laity hain and rhe baat us video ki to wo hm kio daikhain ya usko promote kio karain……. so just take your work and do it…

  • Those who do not understand the Law of the Land should be punished…..Google or no Google…

    • Ha ha! You cannot punish murderers and rapists and theives IN THIS COUNTRY and you want to punish Google IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!

      Wake up your brain!

  • I was right to not believe you. First of all, MLAT or not, Pakistan can request its blocking, just like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc (even India) did. But your article says it clearly:

    “Google, which owns YouTube, has refused to remove the anti-Islam video”

    Key word: REMOVE, not BLOCK. The others requested it to be blocked, not removed, and for them Google blocked it. Why we did not ask for blocking?

    In fact, the article goes into detail explaining that MLAT will allow Pakistan to formally and legally ask to REMOVE not BLOCK the video:

    “The assistance under MLAT provides for “immobilisation of the instruments of criminal activity” which can be used to pressure Google for the removal of any objectionable content that violates local public or criminal laws or damages a partner country’s interests, said an official from the IT ministry’s legal department.”

    But you know what? I don’t agree with that official. Why? Google for this news item: “US Blocked India’s MLAT”

    I think you’ll find that it covers the current case. I think you’ll find that even with an MLAT, Google/Youtube WILL NOT HAVE to follow Pakistani law, and as such, remove the video.

    So we’re back to square one: we didn’t ask for a block, and we decided to ban. What a useless government.

    • they are not useless they think-less. They only think how we can earn the money when come in power and do work which benefit they in long run.

  • Another point: even without MLAT, our government has requested Facebook to block some pages from Pakistani users, and they have complied.

    So all we have to do is be reasonable.

    In the end, again, blocking some content does not make it go away.

    • I am not AGAINST what youre saying, I want a free and unrestricted internet as well, I just pointed out what ‘I thought’ was the reason. No reason to label me a liar, or maybe I got it wrong, “I was right to not believe you.”

      • I did not call you a liar, but it’s important to be skeptical, and that is why I said that. I used “believe” word intentionally.

  • You dont shut the whole library with just one blasphemous book. The bottom line: everyone uses youtube in Pakistan by means of proxies etc. PTA should focus on ‘other matters’…

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