USF is Looking for a CEO with 12 Years of Experience

Universal Service Fund — a company run by 1.5 percent revenue share of telecom companies, focused at spreading the telecom and broadband services to rural and far-flung areas of the country by subsidizing the services, where doing business for telecom companies is otherwise not viable, is looking for CEO.

A job advertisement recently published in various newspaper said that Universal Service Fund is looking for a Chief Executive Officer.

Interestingly, the advertisement say that minimum experience required is just 12 years (instead of 25-30 years of experience for such a position) and that anyone with this experience – usually a Manager or at most a Director in telecom companies – is free to apply for the job.

Not to mention, this job advertisement for CEO USF came along with the news that Government has shifted over Rs. 60 billion of USF money to Ministry of Finance. Government said that money will be reimbursed to USF when and if they require it.

Experts say that this mindless criteria for such a crucial position shows the intents of the government, which holds a significant influence on USF, despite the fact that company has its independent board to operate.

Just to add, Universal Service Fund is a company setup under Section 42 of the companies ordinance, 1984. Also, USF is run by 1.5 percent annual revenue share of telecom companies and not by tax-payers’ money.

Pakistani Universal Service Fund, in its early years, was considered as one of the most functional and top performing obligation funds in regional and global markets. There are various countries which have setup their Universal Service funds following Pakistan’s example.

And here is the job advertisement in question for your review:


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  • The add says the position requires 12 years of Senior Management Position. In order to reach Senior Management Position in a reputed organization, one requires about 8-10 years of professional experience. That makes about 20 years of experience which I think is reasonable.

  • doesn’t usf already have a CEO in the form of basit? why has usf advertised this position then? to rehire him?

  • The advertisement clearly states that the requirement is minimum of 12 years of SENIOR MANAGEMENT experience. You can only have 12 years of senior management experience once you have number of years of experience as a junior and mid level manager. I think you jumped the gun on this one.

    • Agreed! 12 years of Senior Management experience with a reputed organization relates to 20+ years on whole atleast

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