Warid Telecom Sponsors Lux Style Awards Red Carpet

Warid Telecom recently partnered with the 12th Lux Style Awards, the largest awards show in Pakistan.

The show, which was held in Lahore for the first time, showcases the best that Pakistan’s vibrant fashion and entertainment industry has to offer. Warid Telecom was the sole sponsor of Red Carpet segment of the awards show.

CEO Warid Telecom Mr. Muneer Farooqui handed out two prizes for the Best Dressed Male and Female at the grand event.

Check below pictures from the event:

































  • Dear Admin, this blog is for technology related news not for Fashion as this article same like fashion designing article.

    Kindly remove these all images as against your privacy policy and your TOS.

    • Total BS. There isn’t a word preventing the above post in either the TOS or Privacy Policy.

      Can you point to anything in there that contradicts the post? N. O.

      • Kindly be professional. What information in this article related ITnews except those photos.

        I think you are looking IT news on the model faces. If you wanted to see those pics then please there are alots of website and visit there.

        The 3rd one pics is OK for this article.

        Aamir Bhai: rozay ka tu kuch khayal karlo. Kyun ankaon ka roza kharab kar rahy ho. :)

        • I totally agree with Saeed. 3rd pic and the text is good enough to make this post IT/Telecom related. Rest is all irrelevant, making the post irrelevant. This is not a fashion blog. If you want to get Lux Style Awards Coverage, visit luxstyle.pk

        • Hey, whether or not it is IT related is a different matter. I’m not responding to that. I didn’t even look at most of them, just skipped to the comments.

          YOU said it was against Privacy policy and TOS. Either you show that it is against them or you accept the fact that you PUBLICLY made a fool out of yourself. You probably don’t even understand either policy.

          • @shahidsaleem:disqus : tell me is this IT related news and the contents, images are really for IT news?

            Kindly read some website PP & TOS then discuss.

            • I cannot believe the idiocy here. What on earth does the content on the site have to do with a ***PRIVACY POLICY***?

              I mean, can you even read? PRIVACY. A privacy policy on the site talks about how the site owners use YOUR information. It has nothing to do with what they post or don’t post. Do you need someone to show you the word privacy in a dictionary? It obviously seems like that’s necessary.

              Same goes for terms of service. That is about how YOU can interact with the site. Like they can say posting wrong comments can get you blocked or do not spider the site, etc etc.

              Neither of them have to do with the content. Are you embarrassed by your public display of ignorance yet or do you want to be embarrassed more? Instead of asking me to read it, do what I asked my in my first comment: show me the relavent lines from the policies that you think this post violates.

              But you’ll never be able to do that.

    • Close your eyes and just don’t look at them please, these innocent
      art lovers are posing for a cause which contradict your thoughts unfortunately.

      You know what Saeed and Shahid Saleem both, you are the one
      promoting Karo Kari thought and you are equally responsible for those innocent
      lives been taken by this brutal thought mindedness. Religion, Scats and being a
      true Muslim – Everyone’s call and its ALLAHs judgment,

      Who you are


      what you got

      Have you started doing ALLAHs job to be a judge ? ohh just look
      into your hearts, they have gone beige.. recover yourself please, be kind to
      yourself and to the whole of humanity.

      I am sure you are guys are from the industry with very immature
      thoughts, trying to defame anything coming in your way, these silly PR newbies
      know a jack about business ethics. Sad but I am happy your fake IDs show your
      intentions. God bless you with wisdom and courage too.

      Your example is that this post carries about 21 comments which
      are most higher than recent posts visible at blog and including you did not
      miss a single picture.

      Did you miss any ?

      No you did not but still you have to say something.

      Yah you took a pause to saw a picture very deeply and then you
      came up with the idea, OMG its too much..

      • I said clearly I scrolled past them to the comments, and did not view them. Now are you accusing me of lying? Who is judging who now???

        Great job, you just invalidated your entire comment ha ha!

  • Amazing. Warid Management seems to have taken the saying ‘Dhulan ko saja keh rakhna’ quite literally… don’t worry Warid, you’ll find a buyer;)

  • Warid toh aik bahana hai telecom post ka, werna asal mein toh lux style awards ki post kerni thee. totally irrelevant to why i visit propakistani.

  • Yaqeen nahi hota these are PAKISTANI models and actresses. Musalmano propakistani ab apkay rozay aur eemaan bhi taza karega :P

    • Ah yes, judging Muslims by how they dress. Next you’ll tell me that you’ve looked into their hearts and found them lacking.

      • There is a code of dressing in our religion. If not follow that must be at least in some limits. These are my views and I’m entitled to them. What are you anyways? THEKEDAR of Propakistani here? Mind your own business. Har jaga tang arrayi hoti he apne

        • Hey, you are 100% free to think everyone not dressed according to your standards is a weak Muslim. It’s your mind, it’s your mindset, you can think whatever you want.

          But is it RIGHT to think like that? Of course not. Because even the worst dressed person might be more religious than you’ll ever be. chillyoislamyo.com/look-at-yourself-before-judging-others/

          Whatever I am, I do not sit around idly sneering at fellow Muslims and thinking I am supirior to them because I dress more modestly. And as a Muslim I am SURE you should read the above link and be changed by it.

  • Iman Malik model in Jazz and Q mobile doing a Movies :P. Next on ProPakistani. :D :P Lol Maintain it.

  • No Wonder IT awards will be held this way.
    A poor nation where these actors and musicians are awarded such a way. Shame and nothing less than a shame.

  • I don’t think you read my previous comments properly. First of all I am not, in any way, judging anyone according to MY STANDARDS. I said Islamic Code of Dressing. Not MY code of dressing.

    Secondly I never said that I am superior to anyone in any way. Not at all because I dress properly or anything. So stop concluding anything which I haven’t even said or else point it out if I did.

    Freedom bhi ek hadd tak achi lagti he bhai jan. Everything should be within limits. And one should be able to differentiate between RIGHT and WRONG, if you call it judging or discrimination then SO BE IT. I don’t care. I hope you are also familiar with the 3 stages if Emaan. Peace.

    • Amazing, in one paragraph you say you are not judging and in last paragraph you are ok with what you do being judgmental. Three stages of Emaan? how about one stage of hypocracy???

      Clearly the pictures do not tell you about their IQ or Emaan or bank account or anything like that. All you can see is how they dress, and that is why you mentioned that you cannot believe they are Pakistani, and that is why you called for the post to be removed for the indefensible reason that it is allegedly against the privacy policy/tos. You are transparent. You think their dress is against Islam? Really? So…what does that make you think about their Emaan? Obviously you think less of theirs.

      Go back and read my link.

      • Hold on Mr hold your horses for a moment. I think you are confusing me with somebody else. Wo privacy policy walay bhai sahb koi aur he I’m someone else.

        Baat seedhi he bhai jan. Would I rather see my sisters dressed up like this? NO. WHY???
        And, Would you??
        How about this for hypocrisy Mr Advocate of Freedom?

        • Why is it always “our sisters” or “our mothers” or stuff like that? They’re real people, they have voices too. If you don’t like seeing them wearing it well guess what they have rights too. If their interpretation of what’s acceptable wear doesn’t match yours, you can’t do anything about it. That’s where their freedom comes from: your lack of rights over other women.

          Unless now you’d like to propose a solution to apply to all women you see on the streets who don’t dress “properly”?

          • Baat gol krgaye ho ap jo baat apnay ghar walon k liye pasand nahi krty why do you promote or advocate it? Enough of your fake liberalism and hypocrisy. Btw are you proposing that freedom of a person is superior to Islamic law or standards? Think again before saying anything.

            And regarding judging others I think you are also judging me by telling me not ro judge others just by assuming things that I didn’t even say. Judging and criticism is part of our lives if you can’t live with it then better not or go ahead bashing employers schools colleges parents judges tell each of them how it is wrong ro judge others and that you’re not superior to anyone. Ridiculous!

            • If having difference of opinion in religious matters is what you call “liberalism”, then what do you call all the different scholarly opinions that are valid but not the same? Or do you now have a way to define what the only “valid opinion” is? Think a little before you post, champ.

              I am not judging you on the basis of something I don’t know. I am judging you on how arrogantly you present your religious opinions (not facts — you cannot possibly factually know what the people in the pictures are like religiously). You know, ignorance is judgable.

              • I am not sending anyone to Hell nor I am giving any fatwas, I just made a sarcastic remark as per my views and you were the one who judged me then. And now in your defence you say “ignorance is judgable”. What a pathetic and laughable statement! You only made a mountain out of a molehill. I think everybody here knows who is being arrogant and the BIG BROTHER. Nobody asked for your views on me anyways. Keep your mumbo-jumbo with you. Would be much appreciated.

  • Hey, guess what, no one asked for your views either, sarcastic or otherwise. Works both ways, bro.

    But the honest thing is actually the fact that we are talking TO each other whereas your sarcastic views are on people who can’t respond to you.

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