Aaj TV Gets Hacked, Entire Website Data Leaked Online

A Pakistani hacker, who wants to be called as H4$N4!N H4XOR, claims to have gained access of Aaj.TV – the official website of Aaj TV – and has leaked the entire website data online, including user names, passwords, email addresses and other private and sensitive data of the website.

Hacker in a communication with ProPakistani said that website was intentionally not defaced, instead just a warning email was sent to the webmaster, and leaked data was presented to him as a proof.

Same hacker had previously defaced 8XM and Geo.TV. He contends that Pakistani webmasters are too lame with the security and these attempts should be translated as warnings to ultimately secure Pakistani cyber space. He urged Pakistani websites to be more securer.

On other hands, the webmasters criticize hackers for penetrating into their websites without authorization and approval. They term it criminal activity.

Hacker provided ProPakistani with login information for one of Aaj TV’s recruitment portal (and of course the entire leaked data), a screen-shot of which is produced below:


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Escobar Pablo

    Nice work keep it up ! Keep Focus on Security leaks to make Pakistan Cyber Space secure

    • ToXiated Hunter

      Yeah brother :)

  • M Behzad Jhatial

    Unbelievable…..Anyway can b a blessing in disguise… :p

  • Elite

    i will be Very HAPPY if hackers do something for Applied TAX via Telecos.. Wiped Out People .. by Hitting hidden charged.. :(

  • bilal

    with over 400,000 pages, the hacker gives details to one of the 2011 page and claims he hacked aajtv, what a sad lozer omg lol :s i actually trusted propakistanis articles before

    • aamir7

      We have all the data.

    • Yasir Mahmood

      Point to Ponder biLal

  • Shahid Saleem

    It is nothing more than criminal activity. Just because someone’s door isn’t locked properly does not mean you should go inside and take what you want and throw it on the street for the neighbours to see.

    • Bilal_K

      Shahid, if these guys (our own hackers) don’t do it, someone else from our neighboring country will do it and that will be much more damaging as well as embarrassing for the entire country. Its an ongoing war, my friend!

      Its illegal, but right now its the only way to wake up these lazy IT guys who are not doing their jobs properly.

      • Shahid Saleem

        The fact that MUSLIMS in/from PAKISTAN are doing it to other MUSLIMS in PAKISTAN! How can you say by any means it is better than outsiders doing it to us???

        As for embarrassment factor it’s embarrassing no matter who does it to who.

        It will not wake up lazy IT people. They were hired by nontechnical people, and those nontechnical people can’t find good people in the first place. So what options do they have?

  • Eli Ehsan

    is there any FINE SOUL of a Hacker out there Who can HACK the FBR & PAC secure sites & uncover the BIG POLITICOS who haven’t paid their texes from year 1947? i Think not!!! Itna ITTEFAAQ nae hota dunya main.. ;)

  • why must all hackers or would be hackers take on such names [email protected]$ 4L!F3z [email protected]%#$^%

    • Shahid Saleem

      They’re illiterate, all they know is keyboards.

    • Bilal_K

      its an internet culture thing, started from chatrooms of 90s.
      And besides, no one would like to give their real names like “Hacked by Saqib Mansoor, from Chak number 136” :)

      • I was thinking more along the lines of something subtle.

        How about “breaker” from circuit breaker or “Override” from controls override.

  • Bilal_K

    Good work! While I agree that its illegal no matter what you say in its defense, but its the only way to wake up our IT managers!

  • Bilal_K

    I wish these hackers or someone else is regularly sending links of these hacking news to the CEOs of these companies! Wake Up and for God’s sake secure your data. Its a cruel world outside. Hackers from other countries will not show any mercy!

  • fahad

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  • PEAF