Nokia’s Pro Camera App is Coming to Older Lumia Devices As Well

Nokia Pro Camera

When Nokia announced it’s latest flagship, the Lumia 1020 a few days ago, one of the most exciting aspects of the phone was its software, mainly the redesigned camera app called the Pro Camera.

The app doesn’t only adds more tricks to the bundle, but also has a redesigned interface which resembles the interface of a dslr with its scrollable menus.

So the great news for the existing Lumia owners is that the app will be hitting to your phones soon too.

There’s a catch though. Nokia has said that only the owners of the flagship phones, or the phones which come with PureView cameras will be getting the app. This makes only the Lumia 920, 925 and the 928 eligible to get the treat.

We don’t yet know when will the app be coming to the existing models but it should be released in the following few months. Also the installing of the new Amber update is necessary which will be launched sometime this summer.

  • profsr

    Sucks I’ve Lumia 800

    • Yasir Mahmood

      I Dont have anYthing Called Lumia..but i certainly Say Windows Mobile Sucks..