Android Reaches 1.5 Million Daily Activation, 900 Million Active Devices, 50 Billion App Downloads


Google’s iconic CEO,Larry Page, took to Google Plus today to announce the new achievements of his company’s platforms, most prominent among them being Android and Chrome.

One of the most important things he told was that the number of daily activations of Android have reached 1.5 million per day. The total number of devices running on the platform has also reached 900 million.

That, he says, is incredible for a platform which was founded less than five years ago. In it’s current pace, Android will reach a billion activations in this very year.

“We’ve now activated more than 900M Android devices worldwide–and we’re lighting up over 1.5M devices every day.  That’s pretty amazing given the first Android phone launched less than five years ago.”

Regarding apps, he said that the total number of apps downloaded via Google Play has reached 50 billion, a mind-boggling figure considering the fact that the figure stood at 25 billion in March when Andy Rubin stepped down about 4 months ago.

He also took time to announce that Google Chrome has reached 750 million users. He boasted proudly that his company has been taking challenges & risks throughout his history, while also expressing his excitement for Motorola’s upcoming new device.

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