Warid Launches Android App for Calculating Zakaat

Warid Telecom has launched an Android app for its customers to help them calculate their Zakaat – an important pillar of Islam – with ease.


Usually a lot of people struggle with calculating Zakaat. They remain unclear about items on which Zakaat is applicable and the Zakaat rates itself. This is where Warid Zakaat Calculator comes in to solve all the sensitive problems.

With Warid’s Zakaat calculator users can maintain their Zakaat logs for themselves and their friends and family under separate accounts. Users can add as many accounts as they want.

There is special section with the app to help the users understand the philosophy of Zakaat. It also answers questions such as who pays zakaat or Zakaat is payable on which things and so on.

Warid_Zakaat_CalculatorWarid_Zakaat_Calculator 01Warid_Zakaat_Calculator 02Warid_Zakaat_Calculator 03


  • Create multiple accounts; one for each friend or family member
  • Read articles on the importance of Zakat
  • Answers questions like who pays Zakat, Nisab and the factors on which the Zakat is payable on.

The application is available for all Android based (Version 2.2 and above) mobile phones.

  • To download, please Click Here
  • App Size: 5.9 MB
  • Warid Zakaat Calculator is exclusive for Warid Customers only


  • I don’t get it, why its **Only for Warid Customers** ?
    I guess, any android device can run this application,
    the application is nice but useless, since you are required to put all the information, ie currency type, current gold price, current silver price etc (it is suppose to pick all those information automatically)
    it would be great when the application calculate the zikat with Only one input “Total wealth”

    • With only 1 input?? not possible. Gold/silver prices are changed daily and depending on when you are calculating your Zakat, you have to take current rates.
      What you are expecting requires a big and dynamic application-not so easy.
      It’s better to just know the rates and type of wealth and property liable for Zakat.
      One must not be so LAZY to just input wealth and get zakat value. Zakat is based on intention and must be calculated with full attention and arrangement- it’s farz, so calculate your Zakat as per current rates.
      Hope my point is clear.

      • Dear, why its not possible ?

        if its not possible then the application is useless.

        they need to make a dynamic application which update the Gold/Silver price from web accordingly & calculate the Zakat on One input value, otherwise when we have to put all the values manually, we can calculate Zakat too.

        • Because Zakat is not only on Gold and silver, it’s payable on all your cash, bank balance, loans advanced to someone, other property or goods for sale, business saleable goods etc.

          Gold and silver are of different purity, they can give you approximate rates for pure gold or silver but for jewellery, rate is a bit low. So it’s better and recommended to take current value of market as per local rates and calculate your Zakat.

          There is no issue and they can update app and provide gold/silver daily rates feed but that might be paid and there are other apps available provided you free daily rates of gold and silver so better to use those, take local market rates and calculate your zakat yourself, don’t be too lazy- zakat is an obligation and one must pay with full arrangements and intention with full interest until its distributed.

          So again you say with “1 input” its NOT possible.

          • Still if you put only one input ie total wealth, it should be able to calculate on the basis of gold/silver value, (Since Gold/Silver is the primary key to calculate Zakat in Islam)
            & stop showing your ignorance by keep barking about laziness.

            • Mind your language you dull minded retard! Speak, DON’T BARK.


              All gold/silver and other type of wealth as I mentioned above are types of wealth on which Zakat is payable…..

              I am not going to tell you all with each bit of info because you are one of those lazy people who don’t know anything and just bark against someone who is telling right things and don’t want to learn things- so stay away from this matter if you don’t want to be sinful.


              May ALLAH put you on right path!

  • This is pretty secular by Warid!!
    I would ask any android developer to check the app if it requires to be warid customer to use it; then please decode and repack it and make it publicly available so these nasty, narrow minded companies can see why they shouldn’t make such apps available for only their customers-spreading difference between warid and other customers-they morons think that only warid customers pay Zakat or should pay???

    They could at least keep their Ugly LOGO on app but shouldn’t restrict it to warid users only!

  • Yea, with that language, you shows how ignorant you are,
    so keep barking, i don’t care anymore.

    • That language is response to your ignorant language tone! See in your collar first!
      So, be more lazy as you are, don’t learn anything you don’t know- I DON’T CARE!

  • how much cost came to manufacture this App and how much profit it earned in ramadan…????

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