Cyber Security Act to be Presented in the Senate by Next Month

First Meeting of Cyber Secure Task Force being held at Parliament House, Islamabad

Under the chairmanship of Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Committee on Defence and Defence Production, first meeting of Cyber Security Task Force was held in Parliament House, Islamabad in which senior representatives of relevant public and private sector organizations, parliamentarians, government ministries, academia and media persons participated.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, in his speech, emphasized that the internet is global by default and we need to remain a responsible nation while using it.

“Cyber security is, no doubt, a shared responsibility of every one of us and needs close partnership between Government, public/private sector, law-enforcement agencies, academia and international stakeholders so that people can go online with confidence.” The senator said.

Ammar Jaffri, Chairman Cyber Security Task Force informed that Cybercriminals are becoming more skilled – both at penetrating organizations and at avoiding detection by law enforcement agencies. No single organization can make the cyberspace secure and we all need to join hands together for a Cyber Secure Pakistan.

The task force took the following decisions:

  • Prepare Cyber Security Act-2013 for presentation in the Senate around 14th August, 2013.
  • Prepare Cyber Security Policy followed by the Cyber Security strategy of Pakistan by 31st Dec, 2013.
  • Establishing the National Computer Emergency Response Team (PK-CERT) with the coordination of relevant organization and PISA.
  • Arrange Country-wide awareness campaign on Cyber Security and all kinds of Cyber Security threats in coalition with PISA and all relevant Private and Public sector organizations.
  • Commemorating the year 2014 as year of “Cyber Secure Pakistan”.

Given the urgency of cyber threats, Senate of Pakistan, in its budget session held on June 2013, unanimously approved for the formation of Cyber Security Task Force, to initiate required steps for Cyber secure Pakistan and then work as force multiplier for the implementation of these initiatives by related public and private sector organizations.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Committee on Defence and Defence Production, announced the formation of Cyber Security Task Force having representatives, from relevant public and private sector organizations headed by Ammar Jaffri, Former Additional Director General FIA and pioneering head of National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes(NR3C) FIA.

  • Like every other government task force this is going to fizzle out.
    Put smart and qualified people in place like Umar Saif, Wahaj Siraj, Azfar Manzoor, Danish Lakhani, Naeem Haq and Monis Rehman and give them mandate and youll see some real change in the cyberspace in Pakistan.

    • Cyber Security Task Force of Pakistan is open for everyone. Even you can join if you want to contribute. Inclusive approach is being used.

    • Task force is made for the same purpose. You mentioned Wahaj Siraj from NayaTel, he is already playing a progressive part in task force for your information. And I think the players of the industry with real knowledge of Networks and Information Security are already there as well including Lawyers, Government reps., Private sector reps. and the forces. So its time not to see genuine efforts with the same eyes and being skeptical all the time. You can join the task force if you think you should be there and play a vital role towards the matter. Please do join and do something besides sitting on laptop and just punching criticism just for the sake of criticism.

    • Nopes, it was due to rise in cyber crimes. Yes, awareness campaign helped us to move some muscles.

  • Dont except anything positive from government of Pakistan ..I am thinking this team will turn into blackmailing team, only work will to be arrest/blackmail those who dare to use abusive/offensive words against government…

    • We are moving ahead with inclusivity and multistakeholder cooperation approach. Every thing that shall be presented to senate will be reviewed and vetted by community.

    • Haters will always hate. Doers will keep doing. It’s easy to comment sitting on Sofa than actually come under heat and do something productive.

  • Yes, it was defaced and we are continously under heat. We are trying to spread awareness and all voluntarily. May be hackers are not liking our small steps towards positivity.

    PS: Foundation of Cyber Security Task Force of Paksitan was also laid in CyberSecurePakistan 2013.

  • What is the main function and status of NR3C ? I logged many complaints but never get response and keeping in view the situation of other Public Sector Organizations I hope subject effort is not going to be useless.

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