Telenor Increases Local and International MMS Charges

TelenorTelenor Pakistan has once again taken the lead to increase charges for Multimedia messages for both local and international destinations.

As per Telenor’s website, new rates for MMS from Telenor to local operators will be charged at Rs. 6 plus tax per MMS or Rs. Rs. 7.18 including tax per MMS.

Similarly, the new rate for MMS for international destinations will be charged at Rs. 17.99 plus tax per MMS or Rs. 21.50 including tax per MMS.

These new rates are applicable from 18th July, 2013.

It maybe recalled that before this revision in rates, MMS charges for local operators on Telenor were Rs. 5 plus tax while international MMS were charged at Rs. 15 plus tax.

It won’t be out of place to mention that some mobile phone operators in Pakistan offer MMS bundles, with which customers can send virtually unlimited multimedia messages against a nominal charge.

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  • I am 100% agree with SSyar, MMS importance is finished, if they make it free no one will use. as we have lots of Messengers i.e wechat, whatsapp, facebook, MMS is now useless

  • Are there still enough silly people around who still use MMS in this age of internet-based messaging services?

    On the other hand, the day is not far off when networks will even impose extra charges on services like Skype and WhatsApp, helped by companies such as Tellabs.

  • Mr Admin the prices Rs 6 and 17.99 are inclusive of tax. Plz consult someone you know in telenor and make corrections. thanks

    • MMS charges will be revised from 18th July 2013
      Dear customer,

      This is to inform you that effective 18th July the revised MMS charges will be

      Local MMS : Rs.6
      International MMS : Rs.17.99

      Charges for both local and international MMS are inclusive of taxes.

  • There is no tax on gprs/mms so all the companies have increased gprs/mms to the same old including tax rate. So relief provided by govt is looted by cellular companies.

  • Charges are tax inclusive. It was Rs. 5.98 before and now Rs. 6 … Just 2 paisa increase. Admin remove this post as you are wrong here

  • Lagta hay Aamir sahib ko ROZAY lag rahay hain. Blogs likh likh kar garmy char gayi hai damagh par.

    Strange , if an Admin of a website can not write correct information . Its better to close the website instead of people making comments against you.

    Try getting CORRECT & TRUE information before posting it.

    People only visit the website to have the UPTO date information .


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