Mobilink Partners with Local Firm to Introduce Location Based Mobile Advertising in Pakistan

Mobilink Mobile Internet team with developers from Lahore at the launch of SmartPush

Mobilink and Train of Thought have strategically partnered to launch ‘SmartPush’ – a technology embedded in mobile apps – that will enable customized location based advertising on mobile phones.

‘SmartPush’ works as an intelligent advertising engine. It learns about its users over time and builds on usage history to provide targeted advertising that is customized to the individual user.

On the back-end, advertisers and developers can leverage from the powerful analytics tool that covers campaign analytics and predictive modeling to build a potential customer base.

Seemingly the idea is that smartphone users will be displayed ads based on their locations. These ads will be prompted through various local and international apps.

More details on smart-push can be viewed here:

Moied Javeed, Director Marketing (Mobile Internet), Mobilink highlighted the ideology behind the partnership, ‘Mobilink’s support to ‘Train of Thought’ is in line with our strategy to encourage Pakistan’s youth to bring about a positive change to the society through technological research. The innovative technological platform behind ‘SmartPush’ will introduce a unique experience to the way users see mobile advertising and help in bringing better apps to market. It will bring a revolution in the way we connect and enjoy the everyday mobile experience.’’

Mobilink aims at encouraging smartphone savvy users, entrepreneurs and app developers as a means of working towards a technologically prosperous Pakistan. SmartPush complements Mobilink’s state-of-the-art Mobile internet service in enhancing the overall benefit of the telecom and IT services for customers across the country.

  • Ok so I didn’t really look into it too deeply, but it sounds incredibly intrusive. A phone is as personal as it gets. And seeing ads at random locations with no way to turn them off, is a particularly annoying way to advertise. It would depend which apps partner up with Smart Push to display ads, but I most certainly won’t be using any of them.

    • We are still unclear about the way this platform will display ads. Let’s wait for more details till we conclude.

      As an early though, i find this annoying too. Hope our fears are wrong.

      • Nope. Just another AirPush wanna be. Check the ad format screenshots here:

        There HAS to be a better way to make money than showing intrusive advertising. Online ads were once a solution. But now they are increasingly becoming a problem. And that’s coming from an advertiser!

        • You can download the revolutionary app demo from Google play by searching smartpush. This is worrisome enough already that it’s unclear what the app is gonna learn and store information and on top of this you have such ad format is just crazy.

    • Okay so warid telenor etc are just mobilink wannabes, any shopkeeper that sells groceries on isles is a wallmart wannabe, facebook is just an orkut wannabe and any guy who wants to go to the moon is a neil armstrong wannabe! What a baseless negative argument just for the sake of it. Get a life! And a make over while you’re at it dude!

  • What? After sending spams to my email, destroying our experience of watching TV matches by showing Ads after every over, now they want to show Ad in place of my favorite wall paper? And they want to shove Ads to my face anytime they want? And on top of it record my movement and later on sell to some prism like program? Where is my privacy and where is my peace of mind and where is my personalized desktop? Bad idea and bad app. And it will surely make people run away from Mobilink to other carriers.

    • Their privacy policy states that there is no sharing of data with any third party. Please do not spread incorrect information.

  • 10 years ago right after 2.5-G and advent of WAP enabled mobile phones, mobile operators in India launched massive Ads to people. People in India became more irritate on a national level from all the Ads coming all the time. The Ads campaign failed massively. It was a lesson learned by mobile operators all around the world that ads pushed to people is a big NO. In general Pakistanis do not learn bad lessons from history and so is Mobilink showing the same trait, do not learn from history and keep pressing the stupid things forward.

  • Hi everyone. Smartpush will be more immersive than you think. Thats the whole point of contextual advertising. Push messaging works well when the entire user context is built in real time. The machine intelligence behind Smart-push helps in building this context. Once it becomes a bit more prevalent you will notice the difference between smart-push and other traditional ad networks.

  • I think we are missing a point. This is a PLATFORM not an APP. Pakistani content producers need a revenue model. This is a great solution, the whitepapers section covers the ad delivery mechanism in detail which clearly states that it is contextual advertising. Whoever brought it to market did us all a favor going into 3G.

  • There are very few ad networks which are contextual. If this is what it promises to be, I think we could see some ground breaking services emerge from this platform. Most of the VAS services can be augmented through SMARTPUSH to give a richer experience. Great work Pakistan!!!!

  • No thank you. Hopefully, this “platform” will not work with other networks and people would be able to simply “opt-out” by not using Mobilink. The last thing we need is more ads shoved down our throats.

  • I know the guys who made smartpush. They are experienced mathematicians and quants analysts who have done predictive research at major investment banks in the APAC region. They spend most of their time researching optimization, unsupervised learning and predictive modelling. Wish them all the best in their future ventures.

  • Airpush + Laser Location Targeting = SmartPush. This is exactly what adware is on PC’s. I highly doubt this model is going to work in the long term.

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