Delay in 3G Auction Would Not be Permitted: Supreme Court

Supreme-Court-of-PakistanThe Supreme Court of Pakistan yesterday issued notices secretaries of cabinet and finance to submit their reports detailing the reasons for the delay that was caused for the auction of 3G licenses in Pakistan.

Attorney General Office, on the matter, was asked to seek comprehensive report pertaining to process of all developments relating to 3G auction and that why it has been delayed this long.

Chief Justice observed that awarding the 3G license would generate substantial a revenue to the national exchequer and no delay would be permitted.

A three-judge bench led by chief justice iftikhar Muhammad chaudhry, comprising of Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed was hearing a petition filed by Mr. Khurram Shahzad on delay of 3G auction which is causing loss to people and government of Pakistan alike.

During course of proceeding, Mr. Ali Raza, counsel for the petitioner informed the Supreme Court that Ministry of Finance had withdrawn Rs. 44 billion from Universal Services Fund through an executive order. On which Justice Jawwad S Khawaja remarked that how could government withdraw funds from Universal Services Fund as it had no such prerogative.

He also informed the court that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was with out  chairman and members of the board for almost eight months. On which the bench directed the Federation to complete formation of the board and it chairman as soon as possible.

Ali Raza informed the bench that PTA employees are facing financial crisis as they had not been paid by the department for the last couple of months. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja showed disappointment over vacant posts of high officials in PTA and remarked that no one seemed interested in the department.

The CJ remarked that transparency must be observed in bidding of 3G license otherwise it would be deferred by the court. While issuing notices to secretary information technology, cabinet and finance, court adjourned further hearing till august 1.

    • Usually these kinds of issues takes years and years to solve…and Supreme Court has no authority to ask for Auction…its out of their Ambit…

  • PTA is totally defunct and it was made so by frivolous lawsuits seeking the disqualification of the Chairman and then additional lawsuits questioning the validity of the advertisements for these vacant posts. Even if these cases had merit, the legal culture in Pakistan is to get one stay after another without getting to a decision (just amend the advertisement for the post and publish the next day but the court nor the government want to take this responsibility) so like everything in the Pakistan economy this remains in doldrums.

    I am glad the SC has woken up after 8 months and understood the extent of the matter. The regulator of the largest industry in Pakistan is completely non functional and thanks in no less part to the courts that provided stay upon stay that slowed down the appointment of officials to make the PTA functional.

    I just hope the SC directs other courts to not admit these and other frivolous lawsuits. Even if a stay is to be given it should be for 48 hours at most and in very exigent circumstances.

  • Jiss Trah k Halaat hain

    We Wont be able to See 3G In pakistan for NexT 10 Years

      • How many of terrorist he gave trail? Please provide me a single person who had punished in the act of terrorism?

        IF a single person will hang by court you’ll see the huge difference in law in order situation in Pakistan. But this is our court and Mr. Iftekhar Justice who take somoto on none priority issues but forget to get actions of killing of peoples here in all over the Pakistan. Life is most important thing other than none priority issues.

        He is just a puppet who controlled by west otherwise in last 4 years we could see the major difference in justice system of Pakistan.

        Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz hai!

        • Bro Most panic Started when CJ and SubOrdinate Courts Started to ask From Intelliegnce Agencies About Missing Persons..Then Pets Of these Agencies Started Balming CJ and Courts and started propoganda against Them
          And Its Upto Our dirty Politiciians to make Laws which may prevent Criminals from being bailed out..
          Being pakistani we well know how much its easy to alter witness and proofs
          And Courts Only work on Evidence..

  • Jab dunya 20 G istamal Katy go tab hamary milk main 3G aye go wo b koi hamain donate kary ga confirmed news

  • This cheap justice is just a waste of time and resources of Pakistan, all he can do is send notices of Tauheen -e- Adalat, he isnt capable of doing anything, he isnt clean man, i dont know why people trust this man he is just another bullshit. 3G i dont think we are getting it in any near future, for these type of services there must be everything in the country should be smooth, but if we see Pakistan is a disaster, these politicians made this nation fool by giving them one Nara jamuriat is the best, and now we are getting fucked by this Jamuriat since last 6 years, every good happend with this country was under dictators administration, but this nation will not wakeup cuz sab sala choor hai, and chota choor will never mind having big choor control the country.

  • retuers are every where why all of us are hopless 3g and 4g auction are going to be on 23 of this month hope for best..if there was no 3g and 4g everyone was asking about it when its going to be launched so know every one is against it we will never be satisfied give a warm welcome to 3g and 4g in pakistan the auction will be on 23 of this moth lets see.

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