Huawei Ascend P6 is Now Available in Pakistan


Huawei along with exclusive distributor warranty partner, Airlink Communication, has announced stock availability of its Ascend P6 across Pakistan from today.

“Ascend P6, the most awaited flagship model and the slimmest smart phone the world, which is in high demand, is to be available in Pakistan from August 1, 2013 in Pakistan”, announced Mr. Fraz Khan, Head of Marketing, Huawei.

Huawei Ascend P6 features both style and performance.

Notably, the phone has got readily acceptance in London market because of its outstanding features. Huawei brand has been working in Pakistani market since 2009. It has sold approximately 10 million smartphones in 2009 and 14 million in 2012.

For Huawei Ascend P6’s pricing, review, unboxing video and more, click here.

  • Azi


    • Ahmad


  • talha92

    Assalamo alaikum guys, plz guide, first time smartphone buyer. is it worth to get huawei or go for xperia?

    • ScarletCrimson

      WS. Go for Xperia. This particular Huawei lags a bit in the UI and isn’t as smooth, despite its 2GB of RAM.

      • talha92

        thx :)

    • Boyesa

      Xperia don’t have any sort of warranty, i would suggest you to for one which at least have a warranty.

      • talha92

        will check, thanks for it :)

    • tornado

      go for galaxy s 3 or s 4 or galaxy note..

      • talha92

        budget is < 30k

    • Foqaan Shaikh

      I suggest you to go for HTC or Samsung. As these are the two joints in local market.

      • talha92

        any idea in <30k with screen at or over 4"?

        • Foqaan Shaikh

          You can get NEXUS 3 also knows as Samsung i9250 in that price. Nexus 4 is made by LG and it’s over 40k in local market.

          • talha92

            thanks :)

    • Shahid Saleem

      Go for Nexus 4. Bonus: you will get Android updates **before** the Experia, Huawei, Samsung, etc people.

      • talha92

        is it avlb in lhr <30k?

        • Shahid Saleem

          Nope. You can probably find older generation Samsung Nexus for that and it has update for 4.3. Probably will not get update for 5. I know someone who bought Nexus S (even older than Nexus) for 21k two months ago, but of course that is stuck at 4.1.2. End of life.

  • Zohaib khan

    i am in Love with That… <3

  • saad amin

    the only problem i heared was that mediateks procesor would not be seen on samsung htc or sony like companies instead it would be available on acer zte type of phones but im looking forward that samsung htc and sony should show better octa processor than this one instead of hybrid

    • Boyesa

      They are using there own processor and chip set, not media tek *****

  • syed

    does p6 has warrantY?

  • Arslan Origamist

    see more at techglen website

  • Arsalan Ali

    If Huawei’s UI will be more smooth and fluffy than P6 will be my next smartphone :)