Karachi Remains the Highest Paying Market for IT Professionals: Survey

IT Professionals

Karachi has been paying the highest salaries to 49% of the roles in the IT and ITES sector, while Islamabad pays 41% of the roles higher than Karachi & Lahore and Lahore pays 10% of the roles the highest national salaries, revealed a recently conducted survey by PASHA.

The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES ([email protected]) released its 2013 IT Salary Survey report yesterday in Karachi.

The survey reveals that the highest paid job function is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who on average earns Rs.261,111.67 per month (where 56% of the respondents have said that their CIOs are paid more than Rs. 325,ooo per month) which is 5.2% higher than the national average for CEOs.

Some of the highest paid jobs after the senior management is the Senior Software Development Manager who on average is being paid Rs. 171,944.51 per month (where 9.7% of the respondents have said that they pay more than Rs. 325,000 per month) in Pakistan.

The lowest paid job is found to be an Administration professional with 0 to 3 years of experience who makes Rs.21,448.41 per month. Detailed findings for each of the 75 roles are presented in the [email protected] IT Salary Survey 2013.

The IT & ITES Industry of Pakistan is a rapidly growing Industry segment which provides direct employment to around 100 thousand people and another 50-100 thousand indirect employment.

The driving force behind the IT industry is the human resource working in this sector. Companies desire the best talent, both to hire and to retain. Fair compensation and benefits rank highly for any employee who wishes to work for, and continue to grow in this industry. Further, the rate of compensation, promotions and job requirements change rapidly in the IT Industry, making a regular IT Salary Survey an important tool for companies wishing to hire and retain the best talent.

Jehan Ara, President [email protected], said “The 2013 edition of the [email protected] Salary Survey is an improved and extended version of the 2008 and 2012 surveys; it is the most comprehensive research that [email protected] has conducted to date in this field. We hope that this Salary Survey will enable companies to benchmark the salaries and growth timelines for their employees effectively. [email protected] will continue to conduct the IT Salary Survey every year which will help track year on year patterns and document the industry standards”.

The [email protected] IT Salary Survey 2013 is the third survey conducted by [email protected] for the IT Industry, this survey includes findings from 87 companies 16,288 employees working in 20 job roles and 75 unique levels both in core IT and business roles.

The roles included in the survey are Architects, BPO Customer Service Professional, Programmers, Database Administrators, Graphic Designers, Helpdesk/Support, Project Manager, Software Development Manager, Team Lead, Quality Assurance, Technical Writer, System Administrators, Research & Development, Social Media Marketing Professionals, Senior Management, Human Resources, Business Development Professionals, Business Analysts, Finance and Administration.

  • Hanan

    Can you provide the link of this survey?

    • aamir7

      PASHA hasn’t uploaded the complete report yet.

  • ibrahim butt

    i am an IT professional graduated feb 2013 lekin abhi tak kisi ne IT ki job nai di even after internship experience too

    • Kashif

      ibrahim don’t be disappointed, it can take a little time – but trust me you will get one. don’t even think about getting any other job. trust me I am in this field from last more than a decade.

  • khan

    IT industry is in slow mood wait for OCT-NOV for jobs in IT in karachi ;)

  • AntiSaith

    Please tell us where these high paying jobs are because I don’t see any. There are a few Saith run companies but they are pathetic work environment. Don’t even have clean toilets.

  • Kamran

    Such kind of servy only looks good in the papers and news which has nothing to do with ground reality. In survey it says administrator gets around 22k each month but in reality it’s under 10 k each month.. Get your facts right.

  • tazzix

    Maybe the average thing is what we don’t understand. So many people here think the figures are too high and all the people that I’ve interviewed make 2 or even 3 times of these figures.

    It is also possible that pasha only asked a few companies. Anybody in IT knows that Lahore had higher salaries for any role. Moreover the more popular the organization the lower the salary. So you either get more money or a good name on your CV but not both.

  • tazzix

    On closer inspection this post is also a shameless copy paste from the source without providing a link even when a comment asked for it.

    The biggest flaw in the survey is that it is based only on designation and no mentioning of experience is made, hence fresh and people with a decade of experience are placed in the same bracket. This makes the report pretty useless. And i had to refer to last year’s because the report costs from 5000 to 20000 rupees depending on who is asking for it.

    • aamir7

      It was a press release sent to us by pasha. Thanks.

  • Ahad

    How much does a web analyst earn in karachi?