Mediatek Announces World’s First True Octa-Core Smartphone Processor

Mediatek Octa Core Processor

MediaTek, usually reputed for manufacturing low-priced ARM processors on mid-end and low-end smartphones, has announced their world’s first true Octa-core mobile processor which is based on ARM architecture. Which means you’ll be able to use 8 cores simultaneously on your mobile devices with 2X performance of what you get on your current Quad Core processors.

The company has not revealed a lot about their “True octa-core processor”, not even the official launching date yet.

The processor has been codenamed as MT6592, that will feature a 28nm eight-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU that would be clocked around 2.0 GHz, with an unspecified GPU and radios that support up to HSPA+ mobile networks.

LTE modem would not be included in this processor.

Now the word “TRUE” actually means that it uses all of its Cortex-A7 cores for CPU tasks, unlike what we’ve seen in Samsung’s Exynos 5 processor that has an eight core CPU which is actually a hybrid, made of 2x quad core processors which doesn’t take advantage of its all 8 cores simultaneously instead 4 cores work at a time.

Surprisingly MT6592 power consumption would be same as the quad-core processors available in the market.

A graph given by MediaTek shows that, while decoding a video the power efficiency is the same on MT6592 clocked at 2GHz and its competitor clocked also at 2GHz, while the decoding speed is twice the quad core on MT6592. Which means you’ll have some battery smooth performance with faster processing power.


MT6592 would show real benefit in multitasking as every task is allocated to a different core, as per application.

  • useless!!!…. what are you going to do with an octa-core processor when you don’t feel a difference between a 1 GHz and dual core processor. For a cell phone, 1 GHz is more than enough…

    • I have a single 1 GHz processor in my Nexus S. It is not enough, but I would say it is the minimum I’d expect.

      Multicore are also very very useful in tablets, more than in phones.

    • If you can’t use any thing so its useless?

      Well this useless in technical terms bcz its low end A7 while samsung has high end A15 so its 8 core cant compete with samsung 4 core …

      Its like making fool of this crap thing !

  • the only problem i heared was that mediateks processor would not be seen on samsung htc or sony like companies instead it would be available on acer zte type of phones but im looking forward that samsung htc and Sony should show better octa processor than this one instead of hybrid

  • okzz i think that they improving day by day yeah mediatek where is a low price processor tht why we cant see these processers in high end smartphones like htc samsung and etc but mediatek on the other hand provide some good spec wid low price and i read some comments tht 1 ghz single core is enough for phone em not agree then u peoples should try some dual core and quad core phone and u will get ur answer. yeah as mediatek is low price because its also a low performance as compare to snapdragon and Samsung’s Exynos and tegra processors but hope for the best this tyme….

  • 1ghz is no where near enough anymore. If you can’t tell the difference between single and dual you have no interest in phones so why comment? And at least get your info right. A7 or not 8 cores beats samsung’s a13s. And the a7s use less battery and stay cooler. Especially with the 28nm process. Until Samsung release their new chip in the s5 this will lead the charts. I have a 1.2ghz quad core mtk6589 chip and I find it’s not enough to run all the apps I need. I am waiting for this to be released. Mediatek currently showing up the competition with this chip. This is what the s4 should have been. Especially if this is overclockable. Run this at 2.0ghz and I’d be laughing.

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