FBI Can Remotely Activate Your Android Phone Mic or Laptop Cameras: Report

Uncle SamIt wasn’t long ago when whole world was shocked at the revelation that NSA (National Security Agency) and FBI of United States of America has direct access to the servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo, Apple and other internet companies, from where they can extract any user information at their will, without any authorization or approval required from justice and legal departments.

Situation has only worsen with this new finding that FBI can remotely activate the microphones and cameras of your Smartphones running Google’s Android platform and laptops without users’ consent, reported WSJ.

Report said that FBI has been developing such hacking and surveillance tools for last ten years. Additionally, there are private firms which sell them such tools to spy the users. Without a doubt – as unveiled earlier – FBI has support from technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and others.

Moreover, FBI uses spyware tools to record keystrokes or almost any activity on a computer or smartphone.

Report says that there are usually warrants required to undergo such surveillance on suspects, however, it argues that there were instances when FBI had recorded users’ data without any legal authorization.

With plenty of criticism about NSA’s PRISM program, this new hacking and spying practices from US law enforcement agencies are going to further hike the distrust level of technology users.

It merits mentioning here that there are over 900 million users with Android devices.

These revelations also raise serious questions about the privacy of individuals, which is seemingly brutally murdered by American government and agencies and buried hundreds of miles down under the turf.

Third world citizens are in desperate position, who had embraced these emerging technology gadgets and software for simplifying their lives, but ended up only to be watched by the American government.

Our own government, which can question American government about such shameless practices, is busy doing so many other use-less things.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aamir, Bahi if they are spying on us then tell them to spy more even..set satellite,, get GPS coordinates and find … Shit assholes took 5+ years to find that what so called Usama photocopy and we are afraid of our F-B profile. At-lest we should give a F**K to them..

    other then this.. as a nation we cannot build ourself until army rules us.. this was proved, has been proved and will be proved again… rest democracy wacy kuch naee hotee sub pasa kana ka treqa hain..

  • Yes, Army did a great job in Kargil! In Dhaka! In the mess they created in Afghanistan! Great job, guys! do it some more to us!

  • well it wouldn’t be akward if you are in your prime and suddenly the laptop Camera light opens …. i bet FBI would spy on their wives and GFs :D

  • And for your info i have iPhone 5 :) that’s why i know all these things … now continue to read my later comments :D

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