Recover Your Lost or Stolen Phone with Android Device Manager

We all know how much pain and anxiety (read torture) a lost phone can give us. Everyone has experienced these situations at least once in their lifetime, but Google has set out to make your tough times much easier by rolling out the first official Android “Device locator”.

The tool is called Android Device Manager.


The Android Device Manager makes your phone shout aloud for you to hear and even lets you use the GPS to locate your device and see it in real time. The former can take place even if your phone is in silent mode.

And in case, you are still unable to find your device and fear that your data might end up in the wrong place, the service can also wipe all the data from your phone so that your personal info and identity remains secure.

The security tool will be available at the end of this month for devices running on Android 2.2 and later. A dedicated app will be released too, after that.

Such apps are nothing new though as a lot of manufacturers have already used the idea to their use. Actually, in all its honesty, some of the similar apps found in the Play Store are even better and offer more functionality. Still, it’s better to have something than nothing at all and it’s certainly quite useful as a lot of people are still unaware of this idea.

  • What if the cell phone is switched off? Quite useless idea because the robbers instantly switches off the cell phone.

    • Then there should be a WakeOnGSM option ,as Option Found as “WakeOnLAN “in Personal Computer which Turns them ON even while Switched Off

      • Perhaps a network source would still be required to communicate with the device, if there isn’t any then you’re screwed.

  • I think this will connect the Google play store to the phone and add some really handy functionality , so as far as the gmail account associated with the play store remain active on the phone , the owner can track it or at-least wipe out the sensitive data in lost phone … there are lots of 3rd party apps available too , but official app can get more control and piece of mind , some how …

  • the apps like that dont really work in Pakistan because the person stealing the phone immediately turns it off and turn it back on while refreshing the data. (Highly experienced).

    I have lost 2-3 mobiles on gun-point and none of these options worked for me.

    the last phone i lost was Galaxy S3, which had FindMyPhone Turned on from settings in S3. FindMyPhone is a mobile tracking service by Samsung and can be found on

    HOwever, to be more specific at this point, there are Android Phone models that dont support GPS. Hence you are busted in every way.

    this kind of things are useful outside Pakistan where thieves are illiterate and dont turn the phone off on the spot.

    moreover, if the phone isnt turned off, the beauty of Android Phones is that the battery can be removed due to which SIM is thrown out and you can say “BYE BYE” to your beloved smart phone.

  • Lately, EU and US Govt. have been advising phone manufacturers to devise a 0-risk mechanism to track or disable stolen phones. It means making phones with hardware provisions.

    It is obvious that all those software solutions fail miserably. “Android Device Manager” by Google is yet another turd in a pool of rubbish apps. The app was made to avoid being hit by the first wave of legislation expected in developed world.

    • Agar kisi ka phone chori nhi ho ga to woh phone itni jaldi kiun change karey ga. The manufacturers have a better lead for their sale if these such kind of theft happens more…

  • After The theif removes the sim, whenever he will insert a new sim in it, a text with the new sim’s IMSI number would be automatically sent to the hard coded number and through this number the phone can be traced !

    • And who would dare to go back to a thief to return his stolen mobile at gunpoint …. ??? would u ???

      • Don’t go if you are scared :P People who want their phone bad, would sure go with police ;)

        • And are you naive enough to believe that police would actually help you :P while they would be getting a share of your preciously stolen iphone :P

          And also what happens if the police actually do their work and catch that thief and beats the hell out of him and recover your cell …. i bet then you will spend your every day hoping that he doesn’t show up out of the blue knocking u off :P

          Trust me your life actually worths more than a cost of an IPHONE :P

  • Now you can trace lost or stolen mobile by IMEI traking.
    also you can get calls sms history of any mobile number and mobile can get live location of every call..

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