ISI is Alleged to Had Taken Control of Largest Indian Telco by Fooling an Employee

india-pakistan_MilitaryIndian Intelligence Agency has alleged that ISI, Pakistan’s secret service, has successfully penetrated and snooped Indian state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and also installed spyware in the telco’s system to take control of its entire system, say various Indian publishers.

Indian secret agency believes that someone from Pakistan posing as Major Vijay from Indian Army headquarters had called up a BSNL employee in February this year, and followed it up by email communication with the staffer to obtain critical information.

The home ministry is of the view that this email communication led to the ISI successfully installing malware on BSNL’s networks, and this may have contaminated the telco’s computer systems and compromised the integrity and security of the system.

According to the report, Indian home ministry is fearing that the spyware might have enabled ISI to identify and access communication links of sensitive organizations.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the same malware might have given Pakistan the ability to remotely monitor BSNL’s networks and operations, providing the ISI with the capability of disabling critical networks. [two_third]

Report – which is based on documents released by Indian secret agency – wasn’t confirmed independently by the publisher.

Report said that ISI operative used VoIP spoofing to change the number when he called BSNL employee.

However, it doesn’t mention if IP address of the email communication of alleged Pakistani operative was spoofed as well or not.




This is not the first time that Indians have alleged Pakistan and its ISI just to spoil the names and to cover its own misdeeds.


Moreover, report doesn’t clarify that why BSNL employee didn’t notify his line manager before giving out sensitive information – that could give away controlling rights of the entire telco – to an unknown army officer, with whom he/she was communicating for the first time.

This is not the first time that Indians have alleged Pakistan and its ISI just to spoil the names and to cover its own misdeeds.

It will be interesting to mention here that Indian army and secret agencies earlier this year mistook two planets for Chinese spy drones.  Indian Army, reportedly, spent six months watching “Chinese spy drones” violating its air space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus.

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  • If we make a movie on this story and place it in Comedy Category, it will surely be rated above Shawshank Redemption

  • People are not smarter here. Think about it, how hard can it be for RAW to try that trick with PTCL employees?

    • Don’t worry PTCL EMPLOYEE’s are not responding even to complaints made by Pakistanies, why would they answer to others? :-P PTCL sleeping!!!!!

      • Imagine you work for an ISP and someone comes to you claiming to be from ISI and asks you for information. How do you verify that they from ISI? They can simply print out ISI identification cards and you would never know it was faked. They cna give you their office number to call and have a friend there imitate ISI.

          • I have been in a situation where someone working for me DID give away confidential information to someone outside the organization based on a request from a senior. The senior employee received a phone call, my employee gave the information and then I found out about it.

            Apart from the fact that the information was confidential and that the receiving party should never have had access to it, my junior gave the WRONG information, which means some thugs went to the WRONG house and beat up the WRONG person.

            And what did the person they wanted to intimidate do? He told the truth about corporate corruption.

  • They are fools, still using the word “might have” installed a spyware. Instead of blame game, they could have put some technical people on the system to find if what they are suspecting really true. They definitely don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Alternate theory: they WERE penetrated by ISI and are not going to release 100% of the information they have collected about what ISI had access to.

  • On a seperate news, a frog which was found dead 2 days ago near sewerage of kirishan nagar mumbai was also killed by top ISI agent named Abu Abu Ghulab.

    Source::: Indian News Agency.

  • All I can say is that they are bigger idiots than us! If we think that we can be manipulated by misinformation, I guess the Indian public has been conditioned to take all sorts of nonsense to cover up for their foolishness or malicious actions – like the recent claims of someone in the their establishment claiming that Mumbai and Delhi episodes were actually internally planned.

  • They don’t know but in a way they r humiliating themselves or I would take it this way that they would go to any extent to malign Pakis.

  • It can be happen because ISI is the no.1 Intelligent agency in the world . they can do this but in India…???? hahahaha it is just amazing As Pakistani Cyber army also being most popular army. Pakistan ZindaBad…. Great

  • “This is not the first time that Indians have alleged Pakistan and its ISI just to spoil the names and to cover its own misdeeds.”

    … stopped reading after that. Apparently India takes its “Star Plus” a bit too literally.

  • India has more embarrassed themselves by breaking the news than gaining any other motives ….

    1-this means they were easily fooled by a telephone call…. i mean that is absurd for a big telco company ….

    2- then they don’t know they have a malware installed ….aren’t they competent enough or what …. and this speaks about the quality of their security of their servers

    3- is there not one competent person in india to remove this so called malware ….LOL

    4- lastly don’t embarrass yourself … if this was any other than a Pakistani ISI agent then you have embarrassed yourself than ever …HaHaHa

  • ahahahahahaahaha you made my day with the last “interesting” bit. no wonder, they have gone nuts for whatever reasons, thing is. I’ve started enjoying whole this Aligating spree :D

  • Indians are already upset because they know sooner or later Afghanistan will the part of PAKISTAN like Kashmeer, despite afghanistan on Durand line since 1947 and Pak help for Afghan immigrants after russian invasion.

  • technically its not a comedy: This is dilemma of v Pakistani, v don’t take serious note of cyber activities unless v personally fall a prey.

  • Very funny of Indian Army! And even if it is false story the hero role is of ISI due to their higher IQ.

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