NASA Uploads Satellite Images of Deadly Monsoon Floods in Pakistan

NASA’s Earth Observatory, a division that keeps an eye on changing climate and the environment around the globe, has uploaded the pre and post flood images of Pakistan.

Images clearly show the devastation that the monsoon rains caused throughout Pakistan during the first week of August.

Check below the images, showing the abundance of flood water in various parts of the country.

Image acquired on July 28th, 2013
Image acquired on August 5, 2013

The contrast reveals extensive flooding on the Kurram and Tochi River systems, which pour a cloud of sediment into the Indus River. Widespread floods also color the land east of the Indus River. Though these areas were among many experiencing flooding. However, the floods were not as severe as the destructive 2010 floods.

Just to mention, forecast says that situation in 2013 may worsen in last week of Monsoon. Clearly a disaster in the making.


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