BlackBerry now Considering Strategic Alternatives Including Selling Itself

BlackberryBlackBerry, once one of the largest smartphone companies of the world has finally decided to look for better alternatives now. Instead of going for the top and challenging its rivals, it is now searching for viable ways to make a smooth comeback. And for its survival.

On Monday, it made a special board committee consisting of its CEO and some other important people including those from its board and J.P. Morgan.

The committee joined their heads together for “possible joint ventures, strategic partnerships or alliances, a sale of the company or other possible transactions”.

As a result, the shares of the company soared by over 10%.

Prem Watsa of Fairfax Financial, the company which holds the most shares of BlackBerry also resigned citing conflict of opinions that could’ve emerged during this process.

It’s sad though that even after the release of the BB10 OS, which the company thought would be life-saving, failed terribly in achieving success.

BlackBerry’s market-share lies at a measly 3.7 percent currently.

  • all they have to do is reduce restrictions and let people play with the apps it will sustain. otherwise its useless rock

  • They have patents covering possibly all of ECC crypto (from their purchase of Certicom). Even the NSA has bought license to patents from Certicom. This is important because ECC crypto means smaller and faster encryption/decryption than RSA, and some sites and browsers are starting to use ECC for https instead of RSA (much larger keys and slower). People are thinking that RSA will be “broken” within 5-10 years but ECC, no one knows.

  • Because they are doing the same thing over and over. I assume Apple will also get into this situation if they keep on doing what they are now.

  • I beleived that the era of proprietory os has been over. Soon we will hear bad news regarding iphone as well.

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