Pakistani Freelancer Sells $1 Million Worth of Items Online

Muhammad Haris, a Freelancer from Pakistan

Muhammad Haris, a developer based out of Karachi, and his teammate has sold over $1,000,000 (that’s 1 million in US dollars) worth of items on Envato a.k.a Themeforest, a marketplace for WordPress themes.

Haris, primarily a coder, made this lot of money through a WordPress theme called Avada.

We remember Haris from 2008-09 when he used to freelance wordpress development work, mainly the plugins.

Haris says that he started his career as a freelancer and is still contented with his work-style and the returns.

After early days of solo work, Haris teamed up with Luke, a designer from US, and started doing WordPress theme development by enlisting their work on Themeforest.

Haris tells that their theme Avada has been sold over 30,000 times on Themeforest in less than an year.

Haris is one of those known millionaires out of the country who adopted freelancing as their careers. Currently there are millions of freelancers in Pakistan doing wonders in their respective fields. oDesk – one of the largest freelancing portals – recently said that half of their registered users come from Pakistan.

This all has been made possible by the technology enthusiasts without much support from the government and our social system.

Imagine the kind of work and goals these freelancers can achieve in presence of government support and the PayPal.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Great work..

    Dear All, Any Body help me by telling me Best way or Institute to learn Web Development?
    I am doing this but not Professional.


  • we can do more than this if govt let foreign companies work here in the country like PayPal, access to sell apps on play store and many more. I made more than $3k in three months along my studies. This is just the beginning. World will see the future of Pakistan very much different than it was in past and it is in present.

  • wow i just downloaded this theme last night…………..congrats to the guy

  • i have been checking out blog themes for a long time and i dont know why i didnt come across Avada. I must confess i have never seen such an amazing theme. I would surely buy it now for my next site.

  • Best of luck for his future endeavors, but he should better watch out for bhatta khoors for now, no double Allah is the protector of all.

  • that is great news, this is not obvious in Pakistan so thus this is important news.
    i wish soon we have 1000s of success stories like this.
    we (Pakistan) having good telnet in IT all we need is professionalism and vision.
    we need to develop our own IT products. most of us are struggling for work and companies or individual are making their identity on our work.
    P.S i have seen in comments somone one blame that we are not having paypal. i agree but there are many other option for payment processing … i use skrill

  • Themeforest is a good place to be. Odesk and elance is good fit for students or fresh graduates, most of the clients on these freelance websites are crappy. They look for cheaper providers. And most of the pakistanis work on 10-12$/hr rate. Which is good if you want to gain some experience and grow your portfolio. It’s not sustainable in the long run. It’s far more better to focus on your own startup.

  • His theme just bagged 10 Million Dollars according to theme forest blog! The best ever wordpress. Bravo! @aamir7:disqus it needs another blog post.

  • This is what Pakistanis when given of a free hand are capable of, our prpfessionals, engineeers , doctors, finance, marketeers etc are at the top in western countries its only in Pakistan that the anghita chaaps rule with their corruption.

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