Huawei Wishes Independence Day With Kashmir Marked as Indian Territory

Along with other famous companies of all sorts who were wishing Pakistan its Independence Day on Facebook, Huawei did a bad job. As it seems, things didn’t go as well as Huawei or it’s digital agency might’ve hoped for.


Company yesterday posted a photo of the Huawei Ascend Mate displaying an image of the map of Pakistan (Image is now removed from Huawei’s Facebook page) along with a Independence Day message. Eerily though, the area of Azad Kashmir wasn’t included inside the green parameters of our boundary, even worse, it wasn’t marked as a disputed area.


The image created an uproar on Facebook with many people questioning the ignorance of the Chinese telecom giant and some even calling for a boycott of the company. User Ehtisham Arif and several others posted the correct images on the comment section for the company to see but no official response has surfaced so far.


Pakistan is undoubtedly a huge market for companies like Huawei who are one of the most prominent smartphone-makers operating in the country but hurting the sentiments of their faithful users won’t be doing their depleting image any good.

Only an apology seems fitting in this case, instead Huawei removed the image altogether to close the chapter.


  • that person used american maps? americans are with indians.

    google maps are teaching several false to the world. such as kashmir is part of india. There is no border between karachi and india, indian border moving slightly towards karachi.
    Persian sea is not part of Iran, name changed.
    Israel is a country in google maps (google is pro israel, of course company of jews)

    and whatever they want in their favour. New generation is learning from the false material of wikipedia and google maps. don’t trust them always.

  • The map looks perfectly fine to me. Kashmir is not a part of Pakistan. Its supposed to be an independent state.

    In fact, the map also includes Pakistani controlled Kashmir as well, which is wrong in my opinion. We should be respecting and recognizing Kashmir as independent.

      • So what? Go back and read ALL the UN resolutions related to kashmir. Pakistan argues for self-determination of Kashmir NOT that Kashmir should be part of Pakistan. If Kashmiris want to be an independent country, that’s their right.

        What will you say now, the government is telling a lie to the UN for 66 years?

          • No, I’m pointing to facts. Kashmir’s ruler was given the option of joining Pakistan. For whatever reason, he did not. We went to UN for Kashmiris arguing for their self determination. Self determination means they can choose independence if they want.

            If they get what to hold their plebiscite, do you honestly 100% believe Pakistan will accept an independent Kashmir? If that is what they want?

            If you truly wanted to argue about how parts of current India should be 100% part of Pakistan, don’t forget Hyderabad state.

            • For whatever reasons he did not. Like you are two year kid and don’t know the facts.

              Please don’t spread mis-information.

              For your information, looks like you messed up badly with your history classes: Pakistan wants Kashmiris to decide its fate to either Go with India or Pakistan, or even if they want to be an independent state.

              • I can’t figure out what you think I got wrong. Your “history lesson” is exactly what I said — that they have the right to decide what they want. I did not say they WILL NOT choose to join Pakistan. That is what self determination means — they decide, not India or Pakistan. I did not say they won’t decide to join Pakistan. Can you read what I write and tell me where I said they won’t join Pakistan?

                Regardless, UNTIL they decide to join Pakistan, it should be shown (all of kashmir, not just “held kashmir”) as disputed area.

                • there is no such this like you say in any UN about kashmier
                  all it say kashmier has to select any one country by voting
                  but before this UN birthish say muslim areas goes to pakistan so Quaid e azam and kashmier leader are wrong as they say kashmer is part of pakistan but pplz like you don’t know why u r kind of pplz setting under AC and just making and showing hatter for this country in any shape or form

                  • Please stop being emotional and write that comment again. I can’t make sense of it.

            • Hyderabad stat wants to be independent and its independent till 1948 what you say gurdaspor, munabawo, pathankot and sevral other state where rulers are muslims where muslims in majority but india occupying them

          • Kashmir was an independent princely state even back then. After the 2005 Earthquake AJK University was moved for into Bahria for about an year so they could continue their studies.

            The AJK students resented Pakistan and never considered themselves part of the country. Even on the official level, we say that Kashmir is an independent country.

            So why should we show Indian Occupied Kashmir as a part of Pakistan?

            • Hello guys, New Story Kashmir is a disputed territory and in no ways Pakistan. especially if you talk about maqbooza kashmir. Azad Kashmir is ours. So yea live with it or get out of your house and start moving towards Kashmir. Stupid discussion.

            • i think you are out of your mind???
              if its independent country then its has own currency own army but its not i know many many my kashmier friends they are in pak army i know one of my class friend his half family is in occupy kashmer and he is in Pak navy so stop don’t mass with pakistan or batter go back to india with your family

            • I concur with Uzair here. If you have you even been to Kashmir, local residents normally ask “kia aap Pakistan say ayee hain?” For a moment you feel yourself in an alien country.

          • its very stupid to discuss anything with shahid saleem. even if you are right he will prove u wrong. trust me

            • Agreed its stupid to discuss with shahid saleem but he never proves other wrong or infact proves any thing at all All he does is he just moves the entire discussion off topic and then its round and round and round without any logic, just plain crap
              He perfectly fits the definition of “TROLL”.

              PP Admin: Do we have a policy/rules on trolling if no then its about time ;)

              • Yup its time…

                I wonder, how the sacrifices (of Pakistanis and Kashmirs) are forgotten and people are so determined to call Kashmir the Indian part.

                • After Tashkent agreement (rolling back 1965 “wins” and “losses”) and Simla agreement (setting LoC as de facto border) and Indus water treaties, there’s really no going forward on any Kashmir issue. It is DE FACTO solved.

                  Pakistan sent hundreds of fighters to Held Kashmir in 1990s, did we win even one square foot? Instead, the CIVILIAN population of held kashmir suffered as a result, and we got bad name in international relations.

                  • that pretty much proves PPAK’s point, Mr Shahid S !!
                    You have moved the discussion to WHAT DID WE GAIN IN WARS from what was initially a MAP ERROR. so typical of u

                    You are a big fat TROLL :P, thats all
                    U badly need some response and u will go full lengths to get one. :P but PLZ dont expect for ur CRAP. HUH

                • So…. Why don’t you speak up on Junagarh state aswell? We left it to rot at the hands of the Indians. Why is Kashmir so important and Junagarh not so important?

          • By the way, learn some geography and world religion before you come barging in with ‘holier than thou’ comments. Along with Muslims, Kashmir has a sizeable Hindu population in Jammu and a quite large Buddhist population in Ladakh.

          • Jamu Kashmir should be an independent state, just like Gilgit, and Azad Kashmir.

            Aamir, You probably read a lot more than me, but your very wrong here. The map seems absolutely fine.
            Azad Kashmir is an independent state, allied with Pakistan, they are NOT a part of Pakistan as per the constitution. That is why they do NOT vote when we do, have a separate budget, and there CNIC bear in RED “Citizen of Azad Kashmir”

            Gilgit is an independent state aswell, that is allying with Pakistan. So the map, logically is very inaccurate.

        • go and read your self
          there is only two option in UN resolution either part of pakistan or india
          but india not conduct that resolution
          and in 1947 boundary commision say muslim majority area is with pakistan
          independet kashmer is idea of Gen r musharaf which never accept by the pplz of kahsmer and pakistan thats why still today kashmier wave pakistan flags

          • Ask Kashmiris that. There is a strong anti-Pakistan anti-India independence movement in Kashmir. In fact, it is Kashmiri leaders who support independent Kashmir who are being killed. Who knows by whom.

      • Regardless What is Prioir for Kashmiries to be affiliate after Indipendence,Only Issue here is that Chinese Yajooj Majooj MArked AJ&K As Indian State.

      • Uzair is actually right officially Pakistan recognize Kashmir as an independent state they have their own president,parliament and even their own currency(its the same Pakistani note but the sign on the note is of kashmiri authority). They are totally independent except for defence Pakistan provides Kashmir Pakistani army for defence purpose. No hard feelings but get your facts straight before getting your sentiments hurt perhaps you are the one who missed his history class.

      • FYI, I hate the Aman Ki Aasha initiative. I don’t think we can get along with the Indians for at least 100 more years. That’s also why I never watch any Indian movies, tv or listen to their songs, which is something I can’t say about a lot of hypocrites here.

    • you are right.. Kashmir is not part of Pakistan but it is not a part of India either, and that we are talking about here.. If it is not part of India then why they show it as one? We do recognize Kashmir as independent state, we want them to be independent and be able to decide for themselves whatever they wish, but that doesn’t mean they are independent NOW, they are in oppression brother! KASHMIR is a disputed area and that’s how it should be portrayed on those maps, that’s all we are asking for..

      • So if its not a part of Pakistan and its not a part of India, how is it relevant in a post celebrating Pakistan’s independence? Kashmir isn’t even independent right now.

        • Uzair, I am sorry but you are giving too much to defend your company. So much that you have almost sold your conscious.

          No offense.

          • Defend my company? Since when has my stance on anything ever been related to my work?

            You know I’ve always been a very vocal opponent of a lot of wrong beliefs in this country. It has nothing to do with what I do or where I work.

            • As comments of Uzair and Shahid – Looks like that they are fully funded by Indian/Israeli/Ameri. and they have same theory as Mr. Zaid Hamid is doing in Pakistan.

              They guys are same agenda as same of Pakistani Taliban theory.

              If your parents are true Pakistani then please ask him the history.

              • Hey Saeed, you neither know me nor are telling the truth. You know what that means.

                End of Message.

                • Are you Pakistani? If yes then please ask by your parents the actual history. Ab yeh mat batana kay ami/abu nay bataya hai yeh sare history.

                  Aamir bhai – yeh banday lag raha hai kay pakistani kay behs main indian guss aie hai.

                  • Why should I ask them? I have relatives who fought in 1965, who also did intelligence work to protect nuclear installations in 1970s and 1980s, and also were part of supply chain for Kargil. I have listened to them. Do you honestly believe they are not patriots??? Do you think they are less patriotic than you???

                    Actual history: we should never have fought 1965. It was a mistake. Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed. 1965 made the world think we are AGGRESSORS by starting the war and weaked our moral position on Kashmir.

                    Tell me, when we had our people in Kashmir before September 1965, did the Kashmiri people rise up and fight against Indians? Overwhelming, NO.

                    • My father is retired army officer and involved in both wars and he was in EME – Engineering dept – just ask by your relatives what the role of this dept in Army. Ap kay relatives nay kuch khalat brain washing ki hai ap ki. Asal haqikat kuch aur hai jo ap kay relative nahi sahi nahi batain ap ko.

                      Bhai ulti side batain na pehlao balkay hoash kay nakhun lo aur sahi pakistani banao.

                      Mujey tu pora shak hai kay ap fully funded ho by indian jo against pakistan aisi hi batain pehla rahay hai.

                    • Islam ma munafiq log b tu hoty han, or munafiq log Kuffar say ziada khatarnak hoty han, Mr. Shahid Saleem

                    • Fully agreed with Uzair and Shahid Saleem. Rest of you plz talk with some sense and logic and don’t bring your false sentiments and emotions into a logical discussion. And Saeed Sahib when you dont agree to someone just blame them of being Indian funded agent. Lame!! this “logical point” has become too old now, find some other..

                    • Sure, keep calling me Indian. It only reinforces my impression of you as an ignorant fool.

        • do you want them to be independent? if you are concerned about their independence and acknowledge their long struggle for independence then you must not support such depictions. It’s like considering the fact that you don’t care about those people. By supporting such ideas you actually undervalue the sacrifices they have made.
          I am not angry about the fact that the map is not showing Kashmir as a part of Pakistan but I am furious because (1) Kashmiris want indpendence (2) they are not part of any country, and someone is insisting on portraying their state as a non-independent, which must not be appreciated, if one does that would cause a dent in the very idea of supporting their cause and their struggle.
          Just think of a young Kashmiri Muslim boy with fellows throwing stones at Indian military men in Kashmir at a street and you stop by to show him the map which portrays his state (Kashmir) as a part of India, what will be his reaction? he will be fierce because indirectly you are actually telling him that Kashmir cannot be independent and his dream of independence won’t see a ray of reality.

    • Map indeed is pretty accurate! I agree it’s up to Kashmiris to decide their future. We and India should accept that openly even if they want independent Kashmir!

    • You don’t have the authority to declare whatever you want. If you don’t have the guts to claim, its better to be silent rather than spreading false stories.

      • Clearly he does have the authority and guts to declare what he wants, and so do you: only he can state his opinion. Unless you have a different definition of “authority” or “guts”

    • i totally second with Uzair. Kashmir, whether controlled by India or free, is not a part of Pakistan – a thing every Kashmiri knows but none Pakistani wants to admit!

    • WHAT the FUC* u talk
      Its part of Pakistan according to UN reports and 1947 boundary commision reports sorry to say but yes i love my pakistan and pplz like you behave like modern & liberal not accept GO back, Did you give any thing to this country? i know your type all of your family is corrupted, don’t be feel bad or don’t take it personal bcz i take PAKISTAN as my personal
      agar tum pakistan ko bolo ga kuch wo mere lye personal attack hoga tu main bhe tum pr personal attack he krun ga

    • WHAT the FUC* u talk
      Its part of Pakistan according to UN reports and 1947 boundary commision reports sorry to say but yes i love my pakistan and pplz like you behave like modern & liberal not accept GO back, Did you give any thing to this country? i know your type all of your family is corrupted, don’t be feel bad or don’t take it personal bcz i take PAKISTAN as my personal
      agar tum pakistan ko bolo ga kuch wo mere lye personal attack hoga tu main bhe tum pr personal attack he krun ga…

    • Kashmir wasnt supposed to be an independent state in 1947, there had to be a referendum for selecting between Pakistan and India, which never took place and India took Kashmir by-force, pls tell me why India sent the troops to Kashmir if they didnt want to live with Pakistan?

    • You simply are a paid troll mate, your logic is irrelevant, that fact that Pakistan DOES respect Kashmir sovereignty is by showing that Pakistan fights along with Kashmir, by shedding our blood aswell for their cause.

      But since you’re too damn ignorant to see the cause you deny the fact that Kashmir does belong to Pakistan, you cannot call Kashmir an independent state because indians have disputed that territory, and FYI the advertisement contains subliminal message which morons like you cannot understand.

      Try to decrypt it for your own sake if you want to evolve into a better being!! but for the moment I’d say you know shit about reality.

  • I knew this was going to blow up in their face the moment I saw this. I just hope the agency and the brand learns from their mistake (which is kind of rare in Pakistan).

    There should be a dont-post-this-on-social-media rule book but majaal hain k humaray mulk mai brands yeh seekh lain! :p

  • People! you are claiming something which is not actually yours?

    Maps are recognized according to federal jurisdictions at a present time, which is exactly the map they posted is saying.

    @UzEE:disqus true that.

    • Claim something which is not ours? Is it you who decide the boundaries? You are basing your statement on information shared by India. Listen our story as well before you claim such a thing.

      • Neither you are to decide the boundaries sir.

        There’s no point of making such statements of information sharing, its common sense you know. Maps are shown on “Federal Jurisdictions” internationally. Anyways no confrontation is meant here, Its just logic,not emotions.

        I am Pakistani and I love my country but I am a realist.

        Enough said.
        Peace -_-

        • You are basing information on maps? that are tailored by those our opponents? while forgetting the wars that we fought and sacrifices our nation made?

          • We started and lost 1965. We started and lost kargil. When will WE learn that there is no military solution to the problem, and then stop sacrificing people for an unwinnable cause?

              • I’m just repeating facts here. If you think we gained something, please, go ahead and tell us what we gained. After Tashkent agreement, which we HAD to accept because we were going to lose a lot if the war went on for longer, we lost whatever we gained on the ground.

                And the 1965 war opened the way for resistance to government and nationalism and we all know what happened in 1971 as a result.

                You know how South Korea and other countries looked to Pakistan as an economic model for progress in 1960s? Well, economic progress went DOWN after the war and did not recover until 1980s.

                  • Sometimes it seems that the only war Pakistan army has won is the war of propoganda against Pakistani people like you.

                    Keep on sheeping on, Aamir!

        • We are not but we talk what educated world do
          UN reports and boundaries all it say it belong to pakistan :)
          so if you feel any pain then dude go back what are you doing here?

            • who say UN map?
              i say UN resolution about vote for kashmier is they want pakistan or india there is no state for independent kashmier

              pplz like you say but kashmier never say

              • You said that. Your own words: “UN reports and boundaries all it say it belong to pakistan :)”

                How do you define boundaries except on maps?

  • its not the issue of Huawei of Huawei phone, the pic is from Google map oped through phone browser… if you open the following link you can get the same..

    Google should be intimated on this and push to remove through Google forums.

    • Yes, maps are from Google. But the Green coloring is done by Huawei (or the person/dept responsible for managing their FB page)

    • Maybe some idiot will file a lawsuit in Lahore High Court to have Google Maps banned.

  • My God can someone be more ignorant? PP have lost all editorial control? Since when does the truth “hurt sentiments”? This is a pretty accurate map and includes Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir(globally recognized as Pakistani controlled Kashmir) in the green section! The remaining parts of the Kashmir is bordered with dotted line which is the internationally recognized symbol of a disputed territory! Deny all you want but Kashmir indeed is a disputed territory! Huawei only showed the Google map image and Google map shows what’s recognized globally i.e. Kashmir as disputed territory between India and Pakistan and Google can’t reflect OUR claim just because truth “hurts our sentiments”!

    • Globally recognized truth? Trusts like Iraq had WMDs? Based on which they invaded a sovereign nation and teared it apart?

      Globally recognized truths like gradual occupancy of Ghaza and then naming it Israel?

      Sir, a journalist like you should understand, fight and protect our national ideology.

      • Did google claim Iraq had WMDs? Stay on focus.

        Interesting that you mention Gaza. Shows how out of touch you are. Get this fact: Israel REMOVED all of its settlers and LEFT Gaza in 2005. There are NO Israelis in Gaza. Even under normal circumstances there are no Israeli army inside Gaza except at border between Gaza and Israel.

        But wait, I am not done yet. If you look at both West Bank and Gaza on the map, it has the same type of separation from Israel proper that Kashmir has. So I guess Google REALLY IS trying to show disputed territories separately.

        Lastly, what does Gaza have to do with Kashmir?

  • Such and idiotic post.

    where and how does Huawei ad show kashmir “marked as Indian territory”? to me it looks shown like China :-D (Huawei is chinese so makes more sense lol)

    Also, J&K is independent state according to Pakistan. Where in Pakistan’s constitution is it written that J&K should be shown in maps in Pakistan’s territory?

    Stupid post and scandalous comments just for nothing.

    I’m sure all these haters of Huawei are fan of Indian movies and songs all the time…

  • we consider Kashmir part of our country, but kashmiri’s never want to become part of Pakistan.

        • If our constitution says it’s not part of Pakistan, then whoever “we” are that consider Kashmir part of Pakistan are legally wrong.

          • if we have nothing to do with them, then why are we interfering ? Pakistan has concerns.

            • Sure, the same way we armed the Taliban and supported them from 1994-2001? Sometimes our “concerns” can lead to bad things.

  • Ignorance of company of yours? AJK and GB are included in the map. Only Indian occupied Kashmir is not included

  • there is nothing wrong in the map shown above. If you observe, only Pakistani territory is colored green, rest is all white. Being a disputed territory, Kashmir is not officially a part of Pakistan, and it is perfectly fine to show it like that!

  • This is hilarious. That picture posted by Huawei shows Google Maps which is another company and PP is trying to blame the Huawei that they have posted wrongly marked maps although this map is not marked wrongly as stated by Uzair and others. It includes the AJK and GB which is in PK control out of all Kashmir and excludes the Jammu Kashmir (AKA Indian Occupied Kashmir). This is same what Pakistani government did with YouTube which has videos posted by users but PK government blaming YT solely to support their ban. Plus Google Maps works according to local rules and happiness meters so it displays contents differently at different domains. Sadly, PP totally lost their focus now!

    • Sweetie! They are not doing it on the purpose of siding with Pakistan; they want an independent state.

      • Kisi Rass Gullay Ka Muh Walay Kashmir Ka Slogan Parha Ha Kabi?? Bewaqoof Insan.
        “Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan”
        Ja Ja Ke Koi Bollywood Movie Dekh Shabash..

        • I think this is Pakistan’s Slogan.
          And that’s not possible without war which is not affordable by either Pakistan or India.
          The better Solution is to make Kashmir an independent state/country and both Pakistan and India should support them to develop and flourish-this may also be the wish of Kashmiris in my opinion because they are dying by Pakistan’s saying- “Kashmir banega Pakistan” and on other hand Indian slogan- “Kashmir banega hindustan”.

          I think better solution is what I said above which is wise and good approach and by this Pak india affairs might got a bit better too! Otherwise this issue will go on and on till 3rd WW and atomic war.
          May ALLAH do good in Pakistan and Kashmir favour!

  • First thing first, the border are marked with dashed line and not solid lines. This shows that borders are not decisive. Secondly, we can’t handle four provinces and we ask more.

  • Please give us break! Before this you people always cursed Mullahs for hijacking Islam and now you are just coming up with lame arguments to nullify the two-nation theory and spoiling the Kashmir cause. LIBERAL MINDSET ALWAYS APPROACHES THE CRITIC WAY! Typical liberal LOG….

    • Liberals in Pakistan aren’t the ones doing things like marrying women to Qur’ans. Liberals are protesting such acts. Where are you?

      Liberals in Pakistan don’t have loud speakers in their homes blasting insults at other sects. Liberals protest that. Where are you?

      • LOL! How about the liberals who are advocated of The Women’s Protection Bill that resulted in promoting adultery? Now please don’t say that Hudood Ordinance was pathetic and getting on the road of prosperity we had to accept adultery as a part of our doings.

        اگر مغرب کی ترقی سے آپ اتنے ہی متاثر ہیں تو تاریخ اٹھیائے اور دیکھیں کے پہلے مشرق نے ترقی کی تھی

        • In one famous case during the Prophet’s time a woman said she had been raped, and she did not need 4 witnesses to “prove” that she had been raped, the Prophet took her word for it. Is our law like that? Of course not.

          How does Women’s Protection Bill PROMOTE adultry? Any law that exists that is CLOSER to the way women were prosecuted during the Prophets time is condidered promoting adultry by people who think like you.

        • BTW, Roman empire existed before Islam came. And yes it made a lot of progress in many areas. In fact, there are ancient civilizations that were very advance that got wiped out. So you should also study history before posting comments.

        • And how about the fact that Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) married a six year old Ayesha?? I am assuming acting on the sunnah, you wouldn’t have any problem marrying your six year old to a 50 year old person. What kind of morality is that??? And don’t give excuses that age of puberty, and her actual age. Cuz when we present u with facts and logic and reasoning, you would go red.

  • U can also include Afghanistan/Iran/India as an entire map of Pakistan, that does not mean that they actually are part of Pakistan. A piece of drawing or planting a flag doesn’t decide a nations jurisdiction or the extent of its borders. Indian laws and constitution applies in Kashmir, its government machinery is there, so how is it a part of Pakistan? At most it is a disputed territory.

    • Then Forget About Kashmir & Let Indians Kill Them Every Day..
      Kashmiris Says: Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan, While AH’s Like You Say Its Not The Part Of Pakistan..

  • lolz.. looks like Uzair Sajid have some special feeling for Huawei! and alot to say about kashmir!! even Kashmirs are rising Pakistani Flag on 14 Aug in “Disputed” Kashmir! I think Uzair Sajid will have problem with that to! so Uzair Sajid get a life and don’t waste your young mind in this matter!

    No Offence!

  • After Reading The Comments I Think Pakistani Peoples Are Blinded By Indian Media :(
    People Of Pakistan Has Forget Thier Past.. Kashmir Was Part Of Pakistan & Will Always Be The Part Of Pakistan.. Liberal Pakistanis Are Most Ignorant Ones.. Go Read PakStudies 9th – 10th Class.. Then Read PakStudies 11th – 12th Class..

    • Our textbooks don’t tell the objective truth. Ptroven repeatedly by people like you.

      The fact is, Kashmir people never had a decision in the matter. And when they did (for example, supporting our insurgents before 1965 war), they did not rise up overwhelmingly to side with us.

      • Indian Prick Are Every Where..
        & Now On
        We Are Further Going To Divide India Then We Will Leave You With The Size Of SirLanka.. LMAO..
        Just Wait & Watch..
        Pakistan Zindabad..

  • Q:Who Are Liberal Pakistanis??
    A:They Are Some Elite Class Douches With Degrees & Dual Nationality, They Only Make Up 1% Of Pakistan’s Population. They Have Very Little Or No Knowledge Of Islam. They Know Nothing About Pakistan’s History, They Come On ProPakistani To Comment What They Think Is Right, They Hate Mullas, Qaris, Molvies..
    They Think They Are Better Than Every Other Person In Pakistan..
    They Wish India & Pakistan Was Same Country.. They Think Kashmir Is Part Of India Like Palestine Is Part Of Israel & Iraq & Afghanistan Is Part Of USA!!
    ^^^^^^Yes They Think Like That

    • Q. Who Are The Ignorant Pakistanis.
      A. The ones who read newspapers or government-approved textbooks and think they know everything.

      Do a little research.

      • So we should read intensively fabricated information released by your US government/newspapers… to become real literates, one like you :D

        • My US? When did it become my US?

          Putting it another way, the official viewpoint for why Bangladesh wanted independence and military’s role in the matter, as written in the newspapers and textbooks is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the Hamood ur Rehman Report which outlines the truth, and was suppressed by our own government. After it was leaked, who said it was full of lies? No one could. And yet, our textbooks are not corrected.

          • Lies like New york first reported about WDMs, based on wrong intel, and based on which US attacked Iraq? Or like text book claims in India that say Pakistan was involved in Mumbai attacks?

            • Rehman Malik went on TV in Februrary 2009 and accepted that the attacks in Mumbai were (at least in part) planned in Pakistan.

              This event ON OUR TELEVISION by OUR OWN MINISTER just four years ago and you think it’s a New York Times conspiracy??? Surely you can spend a few minutes to do research here.

              • Maybe you are forgetting that Indian government has accepted about inside role for Mumbai attacks.

        • Or We Should Watch FOX News..
          LMAO.. This AH Is From India I Guess Or A Traitor..
          He’s A Complete Douche.. Ignore This Fool..

  • Kashmiris Voted To Be The Part Of Pakistan, While Great Britain Sold The Kashmir To Indians For Just Apx. 2.5 Lac (I Think, Dont Know Exact Figure).
    At Least Have Some Respect For The People Who Voted To Be With You..
    Agar Koi Tumhari Zameen Pe Kabza Karle To Us Zameen Ko Choor Nahi Detay Balkey Us Zameen Ko Wapas Lenay Ki Kosis Kartay Hain.. Begarto..

    • Yet another lie. Tell me, on what date did they vote for joining Pakistan? And what percentage voted to join Pakistan? Tell me the actual date in 1947 for the vote whatever, please. Tell me because I know you can’t, you MADE A FABRICATION HERE.

      They NEVER even were offered a chance to vote. Shows what you know.

      • According to your analogy, Kashmiris want independent state, which is itself contradicted by later part of your statement: i.e. They never were given a chance to vote, meaning that you are in no position to say they want independent state.

        • If Kashmiris hold rallies several times over the years and have famous politicians and parties who agitate for an independent state, and have lots of people who up at their rallies to support their cause, then do you really need an actual vote to know that there are Kashmiris who want an independent state? Isn’t it obvious?

          Likewise, using YOUR comment against itself: if they have never had a vote, then how can you say they want to be part of Pakistan?

          Oh, of course. For the same reasons I outlined: have rallies over the years and politicians/parties that want to join Pakistan and have lots of people who up at those rallies.

          • I see it otherwise, they want to get rid of Indian army and want to join Pakistan to become a part of Muslim country. I wonder why don’t you see it this way… come on, get rid of American and Indian media and join our national voice :-)

            • I’m not saying Kashmir should be part of Pakistan, India, or be independent. I am only REPORTING FACTS. I’ve said that repeatedly. You cannot stop shooting the messenger when you don’t like the message. Your fatal personal flaw.

              Why don’t you talk to Kashmiris who want independence from both Pakistan and India and ask them why they want it. Open your ears and listen.

              • What if I say I know their viewpoint, many of my friends FnF are from Kashmir (from both sides)

                • I would say, explain who these independence seeking politicians and parties and people at their rallies are. Explain it to yourself, not to me. Because with your viewpoint there is no such thing as Kashmiris who want independence.

                  And yet there is ample evidence even in OUR media (let alone the Western media that you love to hate) that there is independence movement in Kashmir.

                    • Too bad you won’t allow my moderated comment where I point to facts in an actual poll taken on both sides of LoC. Facts, not emotions.

                    • You better get your facts strait, Kashmiris always wanted to join Pakistan, also according to the rule of Muslim majority, Kashmiri territory had to be on Pakistani side.

                    • What they wanted in 1947 is not what they want now.

                      Aamir will not allow my comment where I linked to a poll on both sides of the border showed 40% of Kahmiris (and most of them inside AJK) want independence rather than joining Pakistan.

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