PTCL Campaigns for Be Broadband, Be Pakistani

Be Broadband, Be Pakistani

Pakistan Independence day has just passed with lots of celebrations and the hope gleaming in the stare of our country’s triumphant future. Likewise all sectors, telecom sector participated actively to transmit their preeminent message to the nation along with celebrations.

While celebrating Independence Day, we also witnessed the PTCL Broadband campaign “Be Broadband, Be Pakistani”. The campaign has enthusiastic theme overall and has made the whole nation jiggling and humming with its “Zindagi Chalti Jaye” song.

The campaign has outshined almost across all forms of media, TV, Outdoor, Print and Social.

So to start off, why it’s named as “Be Broadband, Be Pakistani”? Just because it launched on Independence Day, absolutely not! Simply it would be right to say it’s named because we are a Proud Nation!

This time, under the campaign theme there is a sleek touch of patriotism, Pakistan Telecommunication Limited has given a keen insight that how the ease of access to information has helped in improving the World around us; we crave & need information to survive in this digital age and how broadband deployment affect our lives around us.

The rousing song is aimed at fuelling the energy in the Nation, explicitly the youth. The lyrics of the Song are immensely motivating, they inscribe what our Nation was build upon and what all of us truly yearn to achieve in our lives. The Track illustrates the different uses and advantages, a Broadband connection can bring to someone`s life.

The Song has been given stunningly fluent mixture of avant-garde instrumentation and subversions of high beats meaning to depict all stimulations and enthusiasm. Apart from this zeal, PTCL has composed its nodes melodiously with momentous poetic sense.

It has created a distinct and inspiring media mix by keeping the balance between the factors of motivation, inspiration, enjoyment and interaction for its listeners and viewers, leading to boost up the passion and the vigor among the masses.

The Song “Zindagi Chalti Jaye” is stimulating youth of Pakistan to set their dreams high and do not be afraid to chase them. The song spot light on the importance of girl’s education and the need of their role for the development of Pakistan.

Launching this campaign on the prestigious occasion of Independence Day 14th August, PTCL has brought out the upbeat message, “be a dreamer”, encouraging all Pakistanis to have high ambitions and be a self believer, then it adds into the message for empowering our dreams with the perfect force of unity when it says “a dream you dream together is reality”.

“Be the One, Be the Change” excites the nation and especially youth to play an important role for the development of Pakistan and to stand out among the crowd. “Be Broadband” means us to be connected and be informed with the latest information and knowledge from across the world for achieving a distinctive success in any field. “Keep Connected, Keep Celebrating” is the absolute truth that real happiness can only be felt among the participating team and it needs to be connected through the whole process. If there is no connection, there is no team.

Under this campaign’s perspective, from beginning to the end, it could be easily witnessed how broadband have been affecting lives of the Nation explicitly youth to larger extent. From school kids to the elderly, a household person to a professional man, a farmer to a scientist and even rural areas are enjoying broadband in their daily routines, paving their way to success streams, along with the entertainment chunks.

Another visible perception behind this idea is to position rural advocacy organizations as a strong voice for positive change in national Internet and broadband aspects.

With this buzzing campaign, PTCL did not only quote cities and their residents but also has highlighted support to rural broadband access, the relationship of broadband access and entrepreneurial development and economics leading to numerous opportunities. Broadband is now serving as the source material for creating tools for organizational activities and tailoring on scale drastic rural concerns.

Ending on a high note, the campaign pulls all the right strings and compels us to believe that PTCL Broadband has truly changed our lives for the better.

Through this highly conceptual and enthusiastically passionate campaign on Pakistan Independence Day, PTCL has apparently been successful in setting the perception among viewers and listeners of campaign theme song “Zindagi Chalti Jaye” and other adverts that PTCL being a national organization is devout in its ambitions and committed to retain its standing at the fore front of providing latest technology solutions to the Nation Pakistan, with more reliability, innovations and customizations.

    • lekin wingle par bhi 1MB mostly speed milti hai. 9.3 shayad purey pakistan mein kisi ko milti ho. i am using wingle.

      • The maximum speed you get from the Wingle is 650-750 Kbps. Wingle 9.3 Mbps does not mean that you will get Mbps of speed. That is not the formula, you should divide it by 8.

        • Mbps = Mega bits per second
          MBps = Mega bytes per second

          9.3 Mbps = 9.3/8 MBps = 1.163 MBps

          But this is the Total Capacity of Data Transmission of the Wingle Device. Don’t take for granted that you will actually receive data with this speed because the speed with which you receive data depends upon the Service Provideer, NOT the Device…………. Got it?

      • Yup all these is the game of abbreviation of words. like then they say MB it means (Mega Bits), in Original we need MB stands for (Mega Bytes) im using Original 2MB Speed for Commercial and Business prospective in Pakistan which is cost to me 16000/- PKR per Month. this the value of original things..

        • 9.3 Mbps means 9.3 Mega bits per second, dividing it with 8 will give you the real maximum speed. Same is the case with 3.1 Mbps normal evo.

        • No, that is **NOT** the value of a 2 Mbit link. That is what it costs you. They make a profit from customers like you.

  • I think the campaign is trying to relate the exponential growth of the Broadband Technology and the will to change in Pakistan. Be Broadband could be taken for many things, obviously you wont transform yourself into a Broadband Router but the essence in my opinion being a student of Marketing is to co-relate the two. Overall I liked the concept, 7/10 from me.

  • Why does PTCL always bring crazy promotions like these for new customers. What have we done? I have been a loyal customer for so long that I need some love as well. I am satisfied with the performance but PTCL ppl come on. Old is Gold!

  • Give me a break. We don’t need an Arab company and Arab Management telling us to be Bakistani.

    You please be Khaleeji and leave us Bakistanis alone.

    • We cry all year around that there is no foreign investments in this Country & a few poor souls who dare to take the step of coming in this country and investing heavily we parade them like this. Bhai jaan shuker kero ye Habibi log aa rahen hein. Werna Mugabe from Zimbabwe will also think twice before investing in this country of ours.

      • Brother, we were a very peaceful country before we fought a war for foreignors in Afghanistan. We were the jewel of Asia.

        Look at India and how the local businessmans dominate the economy from telecom to consumer goods.
        Same is the case in Korea, Japan, and other Asian tigers.

        You cannot have progress in country if everything is owned by foreignors. There is no interest for them to improve the lives of local Bakistanis. They will take the profits and repatriate back to their countries and build sky scrapers and 7 star hotels and enjoy holidays in Europe.

        Don’t be fooled by this natak of foreign investment. More investment flows out in 7 years than what came in combined.

  • This is demoralizing as a nation that we are not even willing to appreciate those who have done wonders for OUR people. Although it is obviously a revenue game but without PTCL, the word broadband would have still been alienated in our country. Presently every indvidual has seamless connectivity to internet owing to PTCL (which thank God was taken over by Arabs else it would have been another PIA or Railways story).
    And for those who believe that speed is very low, than they should compare the rates that they are paying for Broadband as compared to developed countries where not every one can afford it. Internet in our country is one of the cheapest in the world and this is bound to have certain drawbacks.
    I for one stand besides PTCL and owe our country’s entire broadband revolution to it. Pakistan Zindabad.

    • I have average speed of 3 mbps to 4 mbps and one time i got high speed 9.7mbs and sometime 7 mbps sometime 6 mbps its depend of ur signal and how near u r from ptcl exchange

      • wingle 9.3 sir ap kis area say hein and exchange say kitni dour hein jo you have getting 3 to 4 mbps average speed of wingle ….
        i,m 3 or 4 km away from exchange

    • Please feed this to somebody else. The Broadband in Pakistan is inspite of PTCL. Many companies such as Micronet, Dancom, and WOL started DSL much before PTCL but PTCL stopped them from growing because PTCL would not:

      1. Give them access in DSL colo
      2. Unbundle its OFAN network which they argued was a project after privitization.

      -Infact PTCL started converting many copper lines to OFAN and other broadband companies were stopped from expanding.

      If these things were allowed broadband penetration would be 10 times what it is today, with faster speeds and the leader would not PTCL.
      I always thought Etisalat would bring in new management and improve PTCL but it is still one fat company

  • Girls and guys holding each other hands, Wah wah

    Seems some other kind of *connection* and *celebration* going on in Islamic Re-PUB-lick

    • You are 100% right. Thats the mission of WORLD to give cheap broadband to each and every person of pakistan, so that the youth spend all the energies in downlaoding movies , facebook youtube , chating, girl friends..etc etc and never come out of the dream world. The dont spend there time on studies and reasearch , sports…so there will be no more Qadeer khan…no more Waseem Akram and this nation will remain a slave….So girls n guys buy wingle nad keep on doing mingle with each other…

      • Exactly, Pakistanis need shortcuts, In outerworld net is being used for research and online education and here for cybersex related things.

      • Dear Sana And Siddique, its all about your negative minds, I think guys. Please be positive and do not be that much reserved to represent islam. Internet is a blessing of Allah, if a group of people do it for negative, its their own selection. But our Pakistan definitely need to advancements in technologies and to get developments we need. Please Yaar, don;t mind and we should get united, its our Pakistan.

        • If Internet is a blessing of Allah, then what is the NSA’s wiretapping and attempt at listening in to EVERY SINGLE COMMUNICATION made on the Internet?

  • i did saw the song its sounds good to ears and eyes both,give a patriotic touch as a pakistani,good work PTCL.

  • Maybe your not up to date with the technology trend.

    PTCL is shifting its copper network to OFAN technology to introduce Optical Fibre (Unlimited Bandwidth capacity as compared to extremely limited to Copper network). Also the copper cables are quite old and not capable of providing high speed ex[erience. The other mentioned companies did not want to lay optical fibres as it costs alot as they wanted to earn through the old deteriorated copper cables. But PTCL for one shifted this trend and is now the leader.

    Also the word Broad Band is not only limited to DSL but EVO in itself is wireless BROADBAND and no other company had the vision to start wireless data network. Even DVCOM company bought the license from PTA but stepped back when they saw that it is going to cost ALOTT initially.

    Please do not confuse others. I am only refering to the fact that we as a nation cant do anything about our resources and when some other individuals facilitate OUR people (and naturally themselves too), than we do not appreciate this motion.

    I also stand with the governmnents decision of handing over Gwadar Port to China as we were putting it to waste. Im sure in a couple of years the Chinese people will do wonders with it for OUR people and theirs too. Maybe than you will also turn against them.


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