FIA Seeks Instant and Direct Access of Mobile Phone Records

fia_logoFederal Investigation Agency has requested the home ministry to give the agency the direct access to mobile phone records of over 125 million subscribers.

If granted, FIA will be able to track the call-records, location of cell phone users and other similar details that are held with telecom operators of the country.

Currently only 2 agencies have direct access to these records, while other law enforcement agencies, such as Police and FIA requests the approved agencies for any information required regarding mobile phone subscribers.

FIA said that crime rate in the country is all time high and it is imperative for the agency to have direct and instant access of mobile phone records of the alleged criminals for quick and timely investigation.

FIA said that most of the criminals are easily tracked through their mobile phone records. Access to the records also make is easy for them to track the network of criminals who use mobile phones as their primary communication medium. FIA said that agency registered over 15,000 cases in last two years.

Police had made similar requests in the past but it were not entertained.

It is likely that FIA might not get the required approvals and they will keep following in-practice protocol for getting mobile record details of the users.


  • Yasir Mahmood

    This Will Put Privacy of Milions of Mobile Users at Risk
    We all know that How much it is easy to Obtain User Cellular Activity Records if we have Some Relative or Friend in Secret Agencies,
    So think of an Agency Who is Already Dipped from Head to Toe in Corruption and Bribe

    • Shoaib

      I couldn’t agree more. There are corrupt people everywhere who will use this access for personal use, even hand out personal details of people for money. The mobile record of every single subscriber in the country is a bit too much to ask for.

      • Yasir Mahmood

        I agree Bro.
        but we Deal here in Pakistant the Govt Insitutes ,Catagorized with More Corrupt and Less Corrupt,

  • tousif

    how misuse will be prevented

  • owais

    Good day,
    No doubt in it Its a huje information loss against all subbcribers attaining these services all over the country, because everyone knows the irresponsible behaviour of our police department and all regarding those sort of activity obtainers in the lenient society as well many criminal minds will get intouch with them and get data un-necceserily and people will be able to trape more easily or you can say peoples will become stumbled mre easily comparitively before.
    Keep safe and cheers up

  • zain

    ISI already has this facility but they are not sharing it with any other agency or police inspite of their repeated requests .
    reason simply because it will affect their MONOPOLY
    yeah .yeah yeah.this is happening
    when the country is in state of war some are only worried about their monopoly

    • Its NOT about MONOPOLY, its about MISUSE, I know misuse is possible by ISI officials (but maybe rare) but the misuse will increase many folds once the police or FIA is given direct access.

      • mikefox

        ISI guys are not nobles :) They also come from the same corrupt society as police and FIA.. its a national trait we all got.. we impress and oppress others by using our authority.. we simply cant get rid of it!

        Look at FIA’s logo.. Sadaaqat-o-Amanat.. and look at the way they act when they openly demand bribes.. no wonder this nation suffers!

  • balu

    i think FIA should be granted this access .even in india police can get records and real time tracking details.

    • Gaurav Sobti

      Ya, but not all 900 million records.

      This sounds ludicrous – “Uh, just put all 120 million of ’em on a disk and have it sent over to us.”

      But, anyway, leaving India aside, and the logistics of it all aside as well, what I, as an upright citizen, should worry about is marketing SMS spammers. And, that’s that. Nothing else. And I expect the regulator to put in place safeguards against illegal tele-marketers.

      What is this privacy concern that we all make so much of?!

      I think, like in my country, you are also mostly ‘chors’.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I believe it not a bad thing, but in country like Pakistan things happen like this. A person gets call/sms, he calls his/her friend in telecom companies or police or FIA, ohh, data is leaked immidiately.

    There should be some laws preventing people and monitoring people that they are unable to run single private query and if it happens, they record is maintained with timestamps and they are asked why they have ran such and such query on the system.

    Officials here in PK don’t care about anyone’s privacy and it makes things deadly.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      In your dreams :|

      There should be some laws preventing people and monitoring people that
      they are unable to run single private query and if it happens, they
      record is maintained with timestamps and they are asked why they have
      ran such and such query on the system.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Yeah, this is unfortunately truly impossible in this country at this time.

  • shan

    kch nhe hoga is se, fake cals or sms to aaty rehty hen mene bht martba complnt ki h PTA walo ko mgr un ko complnt krna aisa h j se bhens k agy been bajana, kch nhe hoga srf paise kamane ka treka h bs