FIA Seeks Instant and Direct Access of Mobile Phone Records

fia_logoFederal Investigation Agency has requested the home ministry to give the agency the direct access to mobile phone records of over 125 million subscribers.

If granted, FIA will be able to track the call-records, location of cell phone users and other similar details that are held with telecom operators of the country.

Currently only 2 agencies have direct access to these records, while other law enforcement agencies, such as Police and FIA requests the approved agencies for any information required regarding mobile phone subscribers.

FIA said that crime rate in the country is all time high and it is imperative for the agency to have direct and instant access of mobile phone records of the alleged criminals for quick and timely investigation.

FIA said that most of the criminals are easily tracked through their mobile phone records. Access to the records also make is easy for them to track the network of criminals who use mobile phones as their primary communication medium. FIA said that agency registered over 15,000 cases in last two years.

Police had made similar requests in the past but it were not entertained.

It is likely that FIA might not get the required approvals and they will keep following in-practice protocol for getting mobile record details of the users.