KFC Pakistan Website Gets Suspended Again for Exceeding Bandwidth Limits

KFC_thumbThe official website of KFC Pakistan, a fast-food chain with 68 outlets in 19 cities throughout Pakistan, today got suspended after it exceeded its bandwidth limit for the ongoing month.

Users opening KFCPakistan.com are greeted with a system message saying that server can’t show you website because the website owner has exceeded his/her bandwidth limit.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

KFC Pakistan

Its a shame that multinational companies like KFC go for a shared hosting plans with such limited resources just to save few bucks. And this is how such greed ends up with a suspended website just for exceeding bandwidth limit.

This is not the first time that KFC website was taken offline by its service provider. Previously, in July 2012 the website was taken down for similar reasons. It appears that fried chicken experts didn’t learn the lesson or probably they don’t care much for their online audience, despite the fact that they spend millions in online advertisements.

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  • Loosers
    (KFC Pak) go for cloud hosting…. it will be cheaper than dedicated
    server option… You will be charged as per bandwidth used :)

    This way you will save some of your bucks and also will not face that kind of shame again :)

    • What did they let loose?

      But yes, a multi-billion dollar chain like KFC could go for dedicated or cloud hosting. Losers.

  • Thanks for information. “KFC Pakistan Website Gets Suspended Again for Exceeding Bandwidth Limits” is this news related to Pakistan Telecom or IT?? Am i reading it correct “ProPakistani – Pakistani Telecom and IT News”??

    • “KFC Pakistan Website Gets Suspended Again for Exceeding Bandwidth Limits”

      “Website, Exceeding Bandwidth Limits”

      I see IT written all over it.

  • aray bhai Mujay Bas Aik Family Deal Bhaj daina weekly aur website meray server per chala looo

  • Haha why can’t organization of this magnitude could get a dedicated hosting service. Nice @ ( It appears that fried chicken experts didn’t learn the lesson or probably they don’t care much for their online audience ) , I believe they must hire some IT experts too.

    • Have you tried their food lately? It’s not fit enough for dogs, yet their response to any complaints is a “shrug” at most. Any local option is way better than their items and they’re just selling because of their international name.

      Shitty hosting is the least of their problems.

  • The same happened to Mc Donalds website 2-3 days ago. It too had the “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message.

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