United Mobile Re-launches Voice Mobile, Announces High-End Phones



Local support and interest is one of the most primary requirements when it comes to the brewing and upbringing of any market in a region.

So far in our smartphone market, quite a few successful names have popped up including some which have are already dominating a large portion of the national industry. Voice is one of the few successful ones too but so far, its efforts were rather obscured or diminished behind those by others.

Now however, the company has restarted itself. It’s a new awakening and under its parent company United Mobile, which brings with it loads of valuable insight, is now seeking to capture some serious marketshare. It has also announced some new smartphones.

The Devices

The initial line-up of this rekindling comprises:

  • Smartphones:
    • Voice V70 quad-core (Price: 20,500/-)
    • V60 quad-core (Price: 19,000/-)
    • V30 dual-core (Price: 11,500/-)
  • Featurephones:
    • V140 (Price: 2,250/-)
    • V150
    • and V160 (Price: 2,750/-)

The last three of these are Featurephones. As for the former three, the V70 is undoubtedly the flagship with the V60 held back only by a smaller screen. The rest of the package is virtually the same.

Both of the phones come with quad-core Cortex A7 processors (of unknown chipset, most possibly MediaTek) clocked at 1.2Ghz, 12 megapixel cameras, 1 GB of RAM and 2000+ mAh batteries and cost 20,500 and 19,000 PKR respectively.

As for the V30, it comes with a 4 inch display, a dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. The price is almost half as those of its brethren at Rs.11,500. Android Jelly Bean is installed on all of the phones. Meanwhile the remaining three devices are all pretty ordinary stuff with nothing outstanding except for the price.


Overall, the three smartphones look quite promising and more or less the same package as those of its nemesis.

Again, as is the case with companies like these, the three smartphones come in really attractive prices. The specs are also quite reminiscent to the ones of its QMobile counterparts. But still, when all said and done, the question remains: will Voice Mobile deprive QMobile of its undisputed number 1 spot in our local industry?

With revenues of 761 million PKR last year, QMobile sits comfortably there as the Samsung of the Pakistani market but then again, 2 years ago, was the market situation even closer to what it is right now? We’ll have to give them some time for that but the road to success surely won’t be easy.

The company’s goal is clear: get amongst the top 10 companies of the region by 2015. With a huge company looking after them with 14 years of experience in the market, the goal might not be totally off the picture. The markets of this region are also rather in their infancy than being properly developed.

What will it look like in 2 years time? Who is there that can predict this with utter perfection? Only time will tell that.


  • Stupid move i’d say, who will buy these craps when branded phones are available with warranty in this price range ?

      • well i would rather buy lumia 520 instead of this cheap chinese crap oh and FYI qualcom dual core pro will perform better than mediatek cough*quadcore*cough more core doesn’t mean better performance better core mean better performance

        • The Quadcore MediaTek chip 6589 at its peak gives about 75 – 80% performance of Tegra 3 by Nvidia, with less than half the price.
          It may not be par with the Qualcomm chips but I think the price here is what matters the most.

          With 13MP sensor they are definitely going to shaken the customers of Qmobile that are offering the package(s) with same price but a lower 8MP shooter.

  • I bought Voice v400i few days ago:

    -Urdu keyboard is like that Urdu keyboard of xp (hard to learn)
    -Urdu translations incomplete in the phone
    -SMS sometimes show weird characters and boxes
    -English grammar mistakes in phone
    -Phone features several internet things such as facebook yahoo etc, but whenever I -click them it says not available (application not installed)
    -Phone screen have problem, half yellowish. I am using bright coloured theme to overcome this problem. Yes shopkeeper showed me all other v400i models had same screen issue.
    -Camera quality is like of china phones.
    -Internet browser is zero. Very unstable. Crashes/slow. Takes few minutes to load a page WITHOUT IMAGES.
    -Phone have a Push email feature in website listing. But I couldn’t find any email feature in the phone. Phone came with a email button which does nothing.
    -Few sides are not fit properly in the phone. They show inside of the phone which means dust will also reach easily to the main board. Fitting is this way by the company.

    However this v400i voice phone priced at 3200Rs have several other good features:
    qwerty phone
    SMS templates
    SMS scheduling
    Phone’s built in voicemail/voicemail listeing by calling this phone from any other phone
    dual sim, dual standby
    memory card support
    dual camera (front and back)
    PC webcam support
    call sms blocking (upto 20 numbers)
    Automatic call recording
    Call background sounds
    Group SMS messaging (upto 19 numbers at a time)
    Automatic FM recording schedule function
    Loud ringtones
    Contents privacy locking
    Prayer timings/alarms
    Battery timing 3 days with excess use

    No I am not comparing this v400i phone with the above android models.
    however, I hope voice mobile android phones don’t have problems like v400i have.

    • You know they have a very strong customer support program. If you email them at: [email protected], they reply very quickly and then there service centers are super fast at addressing their issues. You should go there.

  • One Question to Why don’t you analyze any local company handsets and even smartphones??

    You analyze simple feature phone from Nokia and yet to attention to local Samsung ??

    • V series are nothing but false advertisements. Poor quality phones. Accepted that their price is less but claiming false specs such as a “8mp camera” is a blunt lie. I bout V30 even before it’s advertisements was aired and it has such a poor quality. Don’t waster your hard earned money

  • I am sorry to say that Voice is not reliable at all.

    They have defrauded customers many times and closed company. Now again we see the same company. Sadly many people will again be defrauded.

    The company does not know how to run the mobile business.

    • i hope they are not the sister company of well known old MEGAGATE which they launched their touch phone in earlies 2010

    • I actually see that as an upgrade. Now under United Mobile’s Warranty means more reliability and better customer service. United Mobile has brought some of the best mobile phone companies to their position in Pakistan. I think the future could be looking good for Voice.

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